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Recent News


11-12.1.2019 Christiane Brosius will present a talk at the international conference "Epicentre to Aftermath. Political, Social and Cultural Impacts of Earthquakes in South Asia" at SOAS, London. Her talk is titled: "Art as participation, gift and resource: Nepalese artist’s engagement in post-earthquake Kathmandu Valley".


In the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, local artists were at the forefront to develop diverse strategies of coping as well as helping others in need. The paper seeks to zoom into some of the ways of coming to terms with the catastrophe through two initiatives: there is artist Sanjeev Maharjan’s photographic, diary-like engagement with the urban landscape surrounding his home in Kathmandu in the weeks after the earthquake and the development of this work into an installation made up of oral histories and individual portraits at what is the second case-study of this paper: 12 Baisakh: Camp Hub in Thulo Byasi, Bhaktapur. This was an artist—driven community-based initiative in one of the worst affected neighbourhoods in the Kathmandu Valley.  The research I conducted on the earthquake’s aftermath – mostly from a long-distance, with some short fieldvisits, tried to tend to these questions: How does one respond to a catastrophe from an art-driven perspective without simply aestheticizing tragedy? How does the artist-as-activist ensure a space for critical reflection and/or intervention in a dramatically changing reality? 

Nepal Heritage Documentation Project

Professor Christiane Brosius has been awarded a grant of €775,000 by the charitable fund Arcadia for the documentation of endangered historical sites in Nepal. The Nepal Heritage Documentation Project, a collaboration between research and conservation institutions in Heidelberg and Nepal, will catalogue buildings that have been destroyed or damaged by earthquakes and emphasise the need for their preservation or reconstruction, as well as compiling an online database which will be freely accessible to all.

More information can be found here.