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Cultural Economic History

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A Foreign Ship, ca. 1854, unknown Japanese artist, woodblock print, Ryosenji Treasure Museum © Nagasaki Prefecture.
A Foreign Ship, ca. 1854, unknown Japanese artist, woodblock print, Ryosenji Treasure Museum © Nagasaki Prefecture.

Cultural Economic History is an innovative area of historical inquiry blending traditions of economic and business history with the insights of modern cultural studies by also considering the social science discourse on economic development, the cultural economy, and globalization. An analysis of the transcultural flow of ideas, people, and goods is central to this kind of historical research at Heidelberg, which is often comparative and seeks to go beyond the more nationally or regionally confined Eurocentric studies of classical economic history. Culture, often treated as a residual or irrelevant factor in standard economic interpretations, will be given due concern through the exploration of the cultural dimensions of economic behaviour in the past. Cultural Economic History asks following basic overarching questions:

  • What is the relationship between culture and the economy?
  • What are the cultural bases of economic development?
  • What is the economic background to cultural formations?


In the coming years concrete projects ranging from the medieval to the contemporary period in Asia and Europe will be examining major issues such as corporate capitalism and consumer culture, comparative early modern political economy, the economy and religion, transnational commerce and multicultural seaports.


Upcoming Events

May 19, 2017 - May 20, 2017

Korea in Global History

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  • Beschäftigte/r im Verwaltungsdienst (Fremdsprachensekretär/in - halbtags)

    Der Exzellenzcluster der Universität Heidelberg „Asia and Europe in a Global Context“ sucht zum 01.04.2017eine/n Beschäftigte/n im Verwaltungsdienst (Fremdsprachensekretär/in - halbtags) zur Unterstützung des Professors für „Cultural Economic History“.Aufgabenschwerpunkte:  Unterstützung...

  • Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft (60h/Monat)

    Der Lehrstuhl Cultural Economic History am Exzellenzcluster „Asien und Europa im globalen Kontext“ der Universität Heidelberg sucht zum 01.01.2014 eine wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft (60h/Monat) für folgende Aufgaben: Literaturrecherche und -beschaffung Digitalisierung von Fachliteratur (Scan,...