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Buddhist Studies - To prospective students

Beginning in winter term 2011, Buddhism can be chosen as a focus within the Cluster’s Master of Arts in Transcultural Studies, and within the Master of Arts in South Asian Studies at the South Asia Institute.
Courses on Buddhism and the relevant regional languages Sanskrit, Pāli, Sinhalese and Tibetan (both classical and colloquial) can also be taken within the Bachelor in South Asian Studies at the South Asia Institute. We also advise and support students with a focus on Buddhism within other majors (e.g. Religious Studies, Philosophy). Please contact Dr. Chen Ruixuan (, the student advisor in Buddhist Studies, to discuss curricular options and meaningful courses of study.

With the creation of the Chair of Buddhist Studies, the Cluster also introduced Tibetan language teaching at Heidelberg University. Both Classical and Colloquial Tibetan are offered (see news release).

Click here for a list of courses related to Buddhism and to Tibetan culture currently taught by the Buddhist Studies team at the HCTS and lecturers of several other institutions of the University of Heidelberg.