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Project in the first funding period

D1 Historicizing Violence (project completed)

Coordination: Susanne Enderwitz, Melanie Trede, Stefan Weinfurter

Historicizing the Experience of Violence without Frontiers. Influence and Importance of Shifting Asymmetries. The Example of the Mongolian Invasion in the Thirteenth Century

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D2 Materiality and Practice (project completed)

Coordination: Markus Hilgert, Joseph Maran, Peter A. Miglus, Diamantis Panagiotopoulos

Materiality and Practice: Cultural Entanglements of 2nd millennium BC East Mediterranean Societies

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D3 Images of Alterity (project completed)

Coordination: Lieselotte E. Saurma, Anja Eisenbeiss

Images of Alterity in East and West

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D4 Aspects of Authenticity (project completed)

Coordination: Niels Gutschow, Lothar Ledderose

Aspects of Authenticity in Architectural Heritage Conservation

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D5 Encyclopaedias (project completed)

Coordination: Barbara Mittler, Madeleine Herren-Oesch

Hidden Grammars of Transculturality – Migrations of Encyclopaedic Knowledge and Power (Pilot Project)

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D6 Antithesis EAST - WEST (project completed)

Coordination: Kai Trampedach, Jonas Grethlein, Tonio Hölscher, Reinhard Stupperich

The Origins of the Antithesis EAST - WEST Before and After Alexander the Great

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D7 Oriental Cults (project completed)

Coordination: Joachim Friedrich Quack, Christian Witschel

From the Orient to Rome and back again. Religious flows and the expansion of oriental cults in the Roman Empire

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D8 Cultural Transfer (restructured as A9)

Coordination: Antje Flüchter

Cultural Transfer as a Factor of State Building

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D9 Translations (project completed)

Coordination: Judit Árokay, Jadranka Gvozdanovic

Language and Cultural Translation: Asymmetries in the Emergence of Modern Written Languages

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D10 Environmental Activism (restructured as C13)

Coordination: Madeleine Herren-Oesch

Environmental Activism: An Ontology of its Actors and their Politics

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D11 Hidden Grammars (project completed)

Coordination: Barbara Mittler, Madeleine Herren-Oesch

Hidden Grammars of Transculturality – Migrations of Encyclopaedic Knowledge and Power

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D12 Heritage as a Transcultural Concept (project completed)

Coordination: Monica Juneja, Michael Falser

Heritage as a Transcultural Concept - Angkor Wat from an Object of Colonial Archaeology to a Contemporary Global Icon

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D13 Multi-Centred Modernisms (project completed)

Coordination: Monica Juneja, Franziska Koch

Multi-Centred Modernisms – Reconfiguring Asian Art of the Twentieth and Twenty First Centuries

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D14 Language Flows (project completed)

Coordination: Rudolf G. Wagner, Nicolae Cristian Statu

Language Flows in Pre-Modern East-Asia: Literary Chinese

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D15 Making Powerful Arguments (project completed)

Coordination: Martin Hofmann, Joachim Kurtz

Making Powerful Arguments in Late Imperial China: Shifting Standards of Validity in Transcultural Perspective

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D16 Reasoning in South Asian and Tibetan Buddhism (project completed)

Coordination: Markus Viehbeck, Birgit Kellner

Reasoning in South Asian and Tibetan Buddhism - intellectual practices across the Indo-Tibetan transcultural sphere

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D17 Images of Disasters (project completed)

Coordination: Gerrit Jasper Schenk, Monica Juneja

Images of Disasters

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