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Subprojects D7

„The conception of foreignness in the so-called Oriental cults“

Researcher: Darius Frackowiak (Seminar for Ancient History and Epigraphy)  

Darius Frackowiak is working on his dissertation with the working title „The conception of foreignness in the so-called Oriental cults“, which focuses on the questions of the Cluster concerning cultural flows between East and West. The dissertation is based on the results of his thesis, a detailed case study on the so-called Oriental deities such as Mithras, Jupiter Dolichenus, Magna Mater/Cybele and Isis in the Roman province of Upper Germany (Germania superior). In this context, a relatively large collection of data and images was accumulated that is currently being developed into an image database under the superstructure of HeidICON.

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‘The Expansion of the Cult of Isis in the Roman Empire’

Researcher: Svenja Nagel (Institute of Egyptology)

Svenja Nagel   is working on a Ph.D. thesis entitled ‘The Expansion of the Cult of Isis in the Roman Empire’ (working title), in which the transfer, adaptation and transformation of a so-called ‚oriental deity’ on the way from East to West shall be analyzed.
Among all the Egyptian deities it is Isis whose cult spread most extensively outside the borders of her homeland. Because of her significance within the Greek-Hellenistic and, later on, even more within the Roman cultural space, the goddess soon attracted the interest of historians and archaeologists. However, the numerous studies mostly focused on her Hellenistic and Roman appearance, that is firstly on Greek and Latin texts as well as archaeological evidence outside Egypt, while excluding earlier and especially contemporary material from her country of origin itself. This resulted in a somewhat one-sided picture, although in the last years important groundwork by the Egyptological side, such as the edition and translation of demotic textual sources, has increased considerably.  

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