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Indian Encyclopaedias

This is a list of Indian encyclopaedic works of the 20th century, provided by Dr. Jatindra Kumar Nayak from the Department of English at Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India.

This following list contains information about eleven encyclopaedic works from India. All the encyclopaedias described here were created in the 20th century, and none of them is available online. So far, only scarce information is provided for each work, but more will be added later. The information given for each work consists of the name of the author or compiler (beginning with the last name), the title of the work and a translation of the title in English in brackets. After this, basic bibliographic information is given about each of these encyclopaedic works.

The list was kindly provided by Dr. Jatindra Kumar Nayak from the Department of English at Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India.

1. Chakravorty, Akshay Kumar - . Bibidha Sara Sangraha (Information Collected from Various Sources), Cuttack: Cuttack Trading Company, 1951.

2. Kanungo, Binod - . Sishu Jnanamandal (The Children's Circle of Knowledge), 2 volumes, Cuttack: Jnanamandal Foundation, 1988.

3. Kanungo, Binod - . Jnanamandal (The Circle of Knowledge), 40 volumes,  Cuttack: Jnanamandal Foundation, 1960-1988.

4. Kar, Balakrushna - . Shushu Sankhali (A Treasure for Children), 3 volumes, Cuttack: Saraswata Sahitya Mandir, 1941-1957.

5. Lala, Madhabalal - . Bibidha Sangraha (Information Collected from Various Sources), Cuttack:Satyabadi Press, 1923.

6. Mahapatra, Bhagirathi - . Ratnakosha ba Bruhat Bibidha Sangtaha (A Bag of Gems or A Larger Collection of Information from Diverse Sources), Currack: Arunodaya Press, 1935

7. Manasingh, Mayadhar - . Sankshipta Odia Janakosha (Encyclopaedia in Oriya), 4 volumes, Bhubaneswar: Utkal University, 1963.

8. Mansingh, Mayadhar - . Odia Jnanakosh (Encyclopaedia Utkalensis), Cuttack: New Students Store1955.

9. Nanda, Ramakrushna - . Viswa Parichay (An Introduction to the World), Cuttack; Cuttack Publishing House, 1962.

10. Ray, Lala Nagendra Kumar - . Bibidha Ratna Sangraha Kimba Sankshipta Utkal Directory (A Collection of Gems of Various Kinds or Utkal Directory), Cuttack; Manamohan Pustakalay, 1936.

11. Sadangi, Udaynath - . Bruhat Bibidha Sara Sangraha ba Jnana Bhandar (Enlarged Digest of Information from Various Sources or A Treasure-House of Knowledge), Cuttack: Dasarathi Pustakalay, 1955.