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Encyclopaedia from China & Japan (19th & 20th Century)

This is a chronological list of Chinese and Japanese encyclopaedic works from the late 19th to the early 20th century.

Rudolf G. Wagner. Chinese Encyclopedic Works 1840-1937, their Japanese and Western Models and Sources. Continuously updated Metadata for the Database HEIDENC.

Date of last change: Feb 17, 2012

History of List

Secondary literature 

Primary Sources


Liu Shuangsong 劉雙松 ( Ziming子明) ed. , Xin ban zengbu tianxia bianyong wenlin miaojin Wanbao quanshu, 新板增補天下便用文林妙錦 萬寳全書,Shulin Anzhengtang 書林安正堂. 1612. 9 v.

Continuously reprinted and updated encyclopedia for everyday use from the Ming. Reprint in Wu Huifang 吳蕙芳, Wanbao quanshu: Ming Qing shiqi de minjian shenghuo shilu, 萬寳全書: 明清時期的民間生活實錄, T'ai-pei : Kuo-li Cheng-chih ta-hsüeh li-shih-hsüeh hsi, 民國 90 [2001].


Rees, Abraham (1743-1825), The cyclopædia, or, universal dictionary of arts, sciences, and literature, London : Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown, 1819-1820., 45 v. : ill. ; 27 cm. : Vols. [40-43] plates A-W; v. [44]. Referred to by Lin Zexu 1839 in his Yangshi zalu 洋事雑錄, section 16, p. 30, as „西果羅彼釐亞“.


Chen Jiru 陳継儒 (1558=-1639), Zeng bu wan bao quan shu [Mao Huanwen 毛煥文,zeng bu] , Suzhou: Jinchang jing yi tang 金閶經義堂 [20 juan], 1823.


Hugh Murray ed., An encyclopedia of geography : comprising a complete description of the earth, exhibiting its relation to the heavenly bodies, its physical structure, the natural history of each country, and the industry, commerce, political institutions, and civil and social state of all nations, London : Longman, 1834 (second edition: 1840). 3 vols. The first American edition came out in Philadelphia: Carey, Lea and Blanchard, 1837. It was given to Lin Zexu, and his own world geography as well as that by Wei Yuan are largely based on translations from it, see under Lin Zexu 1839.

1837 following:

William and Robert Chambers, Chamber’s Educational Course. Edinburgh, 1837 following. A set of about 100 small volumes each introducing one field of knowledge, this was another attempt by the Chambers group to popularize new knowledge beyond their encyclopedia. At least one of the volumes was translated into Chinese, namely Fryer’s 1885 translation of the 1852 volume Political economy, for use in schools, and for private instruction by “Economy” (in fact it was written by John Hill Burton), in this series as Zuozhi chuyan 佐治芻言. See Xixue fuqiang congshu 1896 in this bibliography. For the translation of this volume, see the Trescott article in the bibliography at the end.
“Economy” (John Hill Burton), Political economy for use in schools and for private instruction, Edinburgh: Chambers 1852. Reprint in Hiroshi Mizuta ed., Western economics in Japan: the early years, Bristol, UK : Thoemmes Press ; Tokyo : Kyokuto Shoten, 1999. vol. 3.


Lin Zexu 林則徐, Sizhou zhi 四洲志, 1839/1840。Selection reprinted in Wang Xiqi 王錫祺, Xiaofanghuzhai yudi congchao zai bupian 小方壺齋輿地叢鈔再補編, Shanghai: Zhuyitang 著易堂, 1897. Based on translations from Hugh Murray eds., An encyclopedia of geography : comprising a complete description of the earth, exhibiting its relation to the heavenly bodies, its physical structure, the natural history of each country, and the industry, commerce, political institutions, and civil and social state of all nations, London : Longman, 1834 (second edition: 1840). A copy of the first edition was seemingly given to Lin Zexu by the missionary Samuel Robbins Brown (1810-1880). Much of it is included into Wei Yuan’s Haiguo tuzhi.


Lin Zexu 林則徐, Yangshi zalu 洋事雑錄,1846. Unpubl. Manuscript in Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. Transscribed in simplified characters in:
陈德培; 林永俣; 孟彭兴, “林则徐《洋事杂录》“, in 中山大学学报(社会科学版) , 编辑部邮箱 1986年 03期, 14-34. Contains a short description of the Rees encyclopedia. Abraham Rees (1743-1825), The cyclopædia; or, Universal dictionary of arts, sciences, and literature. With the assistance of eminent professional gentlemen. ; Illustrated with numerous engravings, by the most distinguished artists. ; In forty-one volumes. Vol. I[-XLI]. Edition: First American edition, revised, corrected, enlarged, and adapted to this country, by several literary and scientific characters. Published: Philadelphia: : Published by Samuel F. Bradford, and Murray, Fairman and Co. Peter A. Mesier, New-York; etc., The forty-one volumes were first issued in 87 parts, in printed boards, from 1805 to 1825. Title pages and half-titles to the 41 vols. were issued in the 87th part (Vol. XLI, Part III).
Cover title: Dr. Rees's new cyclopædia. (This encyclopedia is accessible on-line via Gale.)


Liang Tingnan 梁廷枏, Haiguo sishuo 海國四說, 1848. Reprint: 北京 : 中華書局, 1993. Contained in this collection the first description of the US from a Chinese author, 合省國說 (On the United States).

Xu Zhiyu 徐繼畬 (1795-1873), Yinghuan zhilüe 瀛寰誌略, 1848, reprint Shanghai: Shanghai shudian 2002.


D.J. MacGowan. Philosophical Almanac in Chinese. Bowu tongshu 博物通書. Ningbo, 1851.Introduction to the telegraph with broad technical background information and English intro.


Xia Xie 夏燮 (1799-1875), Zhong xi jishi 中西紀事, n.p., 1865. First preface Daoguang 30 (1850), second preface Xianfeng 9 (1859)


Nishi, Amane 西 周 (1829-1897): “Hyakugaku renkan 百學連環 Encyclopedia,” (明治 3, 1869) in Nishi Amane zenshū 西周全集, Ōkubo Toshiaki 大久保利 ed., Tōkyō : Nihon Hyōronsha 日本評論社, 1945, 11-37

Nishi, Amane 西 周(1829-1897): “Hyakugaku renkan bunsho” 百學連環聞書 Encyclopedia, (明治3, 1869) in Nishi Amane zenshū 西周全集, Ōkubo Toshiaki 大久保利 ed., Tōkyō : Nihon Hyōronsha 日本評論社, 1945, 41-6


Chen, Jiru 陳繼儒 (1558-1639), Zeng bu Wanbao quanshu 增補萬寶全書: Mao Huanwen 毛煥文增補, Jiqingtang 積慶堂, 1871.


Bankoku hyakumonogatari, 万国百物語, Baitei Kinga 梅亭金鵞 (1821-1893) Uryū Masayasu 瓜生政和 [Batei Kinga] 編集 hen shū, 4 vols. Illustrated by 石塚寧斎 Tokyo: 保永堂1872 ?. Subject: Geography. Japanese.


Xiguo jinshi huibian 西國近事彙編,Shanghai, Shanghai Arsenal 上海機器造局, 1873. 4 j., 4 vols. (American) Jinkaili (美)金楷理 (Carl Traugott Kreyer 1839-1914) dictated, Yao Fen 姚棻 noted down. Translations from contemporary Western papers in chronological order about the year Tongzhi 癸酉 (1873). The dating on the cover says 光緒癸酉, which is an inexisting date. It must mean that it is a work published probably in the first years of the Guangxu reign in 1875, but deals with the international events in 1873. The Shanghai Arsenal published this as a series each year until 1897.
The later issues were put together by other authors such as 蔡錫齡 Cai Xiling.

Bankoku tsūshō ōrai, 萬國通商往來, Tokyo: Yoshikawa Hanshichi, 吉川半七 Meiji 6 [1873], 4, 60 leaves : ill. ; 23 cm. Japanese.


Siyi biannian biao 四裔編年表,translation of Blair, John. Blair’s chronological tables revised and enlarged. Comprehending the chronology and history of the world, from the earliest times to the Russian treaty of peace, April, 1856. By J. Willoughby Roses. London 1856. Translation by Young Allen and Yan Liangxun, written version by Li Fengbao, Shanghai: Jiangnan zhizaoju, 1874. 4 vols.

Haidao tushuo 海道圖説 (orig. by John William King, according to handwritten note on this book in University of Michigan Library) orally translated by John Fryer (1839-1928), noted down by Wang Dejun 王德均, Shanghai : Jiangnan zhizaoju 江南 製造局, 1874. 9 vols., No illustrations. Probably translation of The China Pilot, comprising the coasts of China, Korea, and Manchuria; the sea of Japan, the gulfs of Tartary and Amur, and the sea of Okhotsk. Compiled from various sources by staff commander John W. King. (4. ed. Published:London, Printed for the Hydrographic Office, Admiralty, 1864. )

Hyakka zensho 百科全書 Translation of Chambers, William (1800-1883), Chambers, Robert (1802-1871) eds., Chambers’ Information for the People: Being a series of treatises on those branches of human knowledge in which the greater part of the community are most interested, and designed to serve the chief uses of an encyclopedia at a price beyond example moderate, edited by William and Robert Chambers. London: Orr and Smith, 4th edition, 1857 for the later parts of the translation, the fifth edition was used, which came out in 1874-75. For the editions used, see Fukukama, Tatsuo, Meiji shoki hyakka zensho no kenkyū, Tokyo: Kazama Shobō, 1968, pp. 53-58, 59-60. Originally this was published in numbered installments by the same name. The items were eventually bound together or reprinted as a set. Many individual items are available second hand.
The Japanese translation appeared in selected items sponsored by the Mombusho 文部省, 1875-1885. Many local reprints. Not all of the individual titles have been included into this bibliography. Japanese.


Hyakka zensho 百科全書 Chambers, William (1800-1883), Chambers, Robert (1802-1871), 養生篇, Tokyo: 小林新兵衛, 1875. 2 冊 (上48, 下45)23 cm. Japanese.


Li Gui 李圭, (1842-1903),Huanyou diqiu xin lu 環游地球新錄, 1876. Translation: A Journey to the East: Li Gui's a New Account of a Trip Around the Globe, Desnoyers, Charles A.; Li, Gui, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2004.


Gongfa bianlan 《公法便覽》:6卷。Ding Weiliang (=W.A.P. Martin) [1827-1916] trsl. 丁韙良編譯。original author 美國吳 爾璽 .光緒3 年(1877)。 北京同文舘出版. Peking: Tongwenguan. 1877. Translation of Woolsey, Theodore Dwight (1801-1889), (USA) Introduction to the Study of International Law, New York: Scribner and Sons, 1874, 3rd. edition.
The Japanese translation came out a year later:
日本在明治11年 (1878) 出版訓點本。

Jiwen leibian 記聞類編, Cai Erkang pref. 蔡爾康, 上海印書局, 1877,

Classified collection of newspaper articles from the Shenbao newspaper from the years 1872 and 1873. Reprinted in in Zhongguo jindai shiliao congkan, 3rd series, vols. 172-174. Taipei, Wenhai 1972.contains.

Hyakka zensho 百科全書 Chambers, William (1800-1883), Chambers, Robert (1802-1871) , Tokyo: 水野慶次郎, 6冊;23cm. , 1877,文 部省蔵版. Japanese.
Content: 内容:化学篇(小林義直訳) 漁猟篇(錦織精之進訳) 家事倹約訓(永田健助訳)

Hyakka zensho 百科全書 , Chambers, William (1800-1883), Chambers, Robert (1802-1871) , Tokyo: 山中市兵衛, 1877, 5冊;23cm. 文部省蔵版. Japanese.
Content: 内容:地文学(関藤成緒訳) 経済論(堀越愛国訳) 教導説(箕作麟祥訳)

Ōshū kakkoku kenpō 欧洲各国憲法, comp. by 元老院, 東京:稲 田佐兵衛等, 1877, Japanese.

Cai Mei’an 蔡梅庵 comp. Cexue dacheng 策學大成, 1877.
Source: mentioned in Liu Changling 劉昌齡 preface to Cefu tongzong (1889)


Tokumei zenken taishi Beiô kairan jikki 特命全権大使米欧回覧実記, by 久米邦武 Kume Kunitake (1839-1931). 東京:博聞社, 1878, 5冊(100巻). Japanese.
内容:第1篇 米利堅合衆国ノ部 第2篇 英吉利国ノ部 第3篇 欧羅巴大洲ノ部 上 第4篇 欧羅巴大洲ノ部 中 第5篇 欧羅巴大洲ノ部 下

Murakami, Eiko 村上瑛子, Dōbutsu jii 動物字彙, Tokyo: 東京: Yūrindō 有隣堂, 1878. Preface in Chinese by the author. It contains Japanese reading marks to help children read it. Used as terminological base for terminology in the Bianyi putong jiaoyu baike quanshu (1903), see the Fanli 凡例 for this book.


Wanguo shiji 萬國史記, Okamoto Kansuke (1839-1904) 岡本監輔, 20 j., Shanghai: Shenbaoguan 1879. Preface Meiji 12 by 鳥尾水彌太. Original written in Chinese. Title: Bankoku shiki. Edited by Nakamura Keiu 中村敬宇. Tokyo : Naigai Heiji Shinbunkyoku, Meiji 12 [1879]. Copy of this edition in Harvard Yenching. Starts with Japan, moves to Syria and Turkey etc. claims in the fanli to consist of excerpts from other books.
Reprint 1900.


Fuguo ce 富國策, translated by Wang Fengcao 王鳳藻, preface by Yang Chongli 陽崇禮,with a user’s guide, fanli, by W. A. P. Martin (Ding Weiliang 丁韙良). Peking: Tongwenguan, 1880, 光緒 6, juzhenban metal font print. Many Chinese reprints by different publishers. This is a translation of Henry Fawcett (1833-1884), Manual of Political Economy, London: Macmillan, 1863, many reprints with revisions and enlargements into the early 20th century.


Guochao rouyuan ji 國朝柔遠記, Wang Zhichun, b, 1842, 王之春,, orig. 1881, chronology of relations between Qing and foreign countries between founding of dynasty and 1874. Reprint in Jindai Zhongguo shiliao congkan 148, Taibei: Wenhai 1987.
Reprint in 1895 unter title Geguo tongshang shimo ji.


Wanguo tongjian 萬國通鑑. 4 j., 1 juan maps. 北通州公理會刊本 (清)光緖壬午8 (1882)] Beitongzhou: Gong li hui, 1882. Shanghai: Prebyterian Mission Press, 1882. Zhao Ruguang 趙如光 tr. Of book by Sheffield, Devello Zelotos 謝衛樓, (1841-1913).; Baldwin, Caleb-cook. Reprints in Fuzhou dialect in 1892, 1902.
Modern reprint in Congshu jicheng xubian 244.

Before 1884:

Yangwu jiyao 洋務輯要, Shen Chun沈純. Before 1884. Mentioned in preface to his Xishi leibian.

Geguo shiwu leibian 各國時務類編, Shen Chun comp. 沈純, 18 j. in 4 ce., Shanghai. Extracts from travelogues, grouped into categories. Source: Xixue shumu dawen 西學書目答問, 18a.


Yangwu congchao 洋務叢鈔 Zhang Shusheng 張樹聲 (1824-1884), or Dunhuaitang Yangwu congchao 敦懷堂洋務叢鈔. Shanghai, Dunhuaitang 敦懷堂 1884, 2 boxes, 16 vols. Illustrated, traditional non-technical designs. Contents:v. 01-04. 柔遠新書 : 四卷 / 朱克敬撰 -- v. 05. 海防要覽 : 二卷 / 丁日昌, 李鴻章撰 -- v. 06-08. 萬國總說 : 三卷 / 岡本監輔撰 -- v. 09. 俄羅斯國紀要 : 一卷 / 林則徐輯. 俄羅斯方域 : 一卷 / 姚瑩撰. 記英俄二夷[gou]兵 : 一卷 / 姚瑩撰 -- v. 10. 操勝要覽 : 一卷 / 王韜撰 -- v. 11-12. 華洋戰書初編 : 一卷 / 張藎臣輯 -- v. 13-15. 火攻備要 : 三卷 / 諸葛亮撰 -- v. 16. 七注陰符經 : 一卷 / 姜尚等注. 孫子九地問對 : 一卷 / 孫武撰 .
All authors (with the exception of Okamoto, who wrote in Chinese) are Chinese, not all writings are contemporary.
Ding Richang, Li Hongzhang: Haifang yaolan 海防要覽
Jiang Shang, Qi zhu Yinfu jing七注陰符經
Lin Zexu, Eluosi guo jiyao 俄羅斯國紀要
Sunzi, Sunzi jiudi wendui 孫子九地問對
Okamoto, Kansuke, Wanguo zongshuo 萬國總說
Wang Tao, Caosheng yaolan 操勝要覽
Yao Ying, Ji Ying E eryi goubing 記英俄二夷[gou]兵
Yao Ying, Eluosi fangyu 俄羅斯方域
Zhang Jinchen, Huayang zhanshu chubian 華洋戰書初編
Zhu Kejing, Rouyuan xinshu 柔遠新書
Zhuge Liang, Huogong beiyao 火攻備要

Wanguo zongshuo 萬國總說, Okamoto, Kansuke 岡本監輔, (1839-1904), in Yangwu congchao, 1884. Later also in Xixue fuqiang congshu.

Taisei seiji ruiten 泰西政事類典 (Encyclopaedia of political affairs in the West) by 石川暎作 Ishikawa Eisaku (1885-1886), 東京:経済雑誌社, 1884-86. 5冊(別冊共)J apanese. According to Kang Youwei, several reprints. Ishikawa seems to have cooperated with others. This is a translation of Political Cyclopedia published by Henry G. Bohn. The book in question is The Standard Library Cyclopedia of Political, Constitutional, Statistical and Forensic Knowledge, Forming a Work of Universal Reference on subjects of Civil Administration, Political Economy, Finance, Commerce, Laws and Social Relations, London: Henry G. Bohn, 1860, 4 vols. This is an exact reprint of a 1848-1849 edition. This edition in turn is an exact reprint of Political dictionary : forming a work of universal reference, both constitutional and legal : and embracing the terms of civil administration, of political economy and social relations, and of all the more important statistical departments of finance and commerce. London: C. Knight and Co., 1845-1846. This in turn is mostly drawing on G. Long ed., The Penny Cyclopaedia of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful knoweldge, London: Charles Knight, 1833-1843. According to the preface in the Standard Library Cyclopedia, many articles there have been taken unaltered from the Penny Cyclopedia.
The sequence of the terms in Taisei seiji ruiten follows the Latin alphabet. It consists of translated items. Japanese.

The Standard Library Cyclopedia of Political,… and later reprint.

The Penny Cyclopaedia: see under this entry.

Yuan Zuzhi 袁祖志, Tan ying lu 談瀛錄, Shanghai: Tongwen shuju 同文書局, 1884.

Matsumura Jinzō 松村,任三 (1856)-1928), Nihon shokubutsu meii 日本植物名彙, English title: or nomenclature of Japanese plants in Latin, Japanese and Chinese, Tokyo: Maruya 丸善 1884. Source for plant terminology in Bianyi putong jiaoyu baike quanshu (1903), according to its bibliography.


Xixue qimeng shiliu zhong/ 《西學啓蒙十六種》:16卷16 冊。Trsl. By Joseph Edkins (1823-1905) from England, 英國人 艾約瑟 譯編,光緒 乙酉(1885)原版. Contents:西 學 略述 10 卷. -- 格致 總學 啟蒙 3 卷. -- 地志 啟蒙 4 卷. -- 地理 質 學 啟蒙 7 卷. -- 地 學 啟蒙 8 卷. -- 格致 質 學 啟蒙 1 卷. -- 身理 啟蒙 1 卷. -- 動物學 啟蒙 8 卷. -- 化學 啟蒙 1 卷. -- 植物學 啟蒙 1 卷. -- 天文 啟蒙 7 卷. -- 富國 養民策 1 卷. -- 辨學 啟蒙 1 卷. -- 希臘 志略 7 卷. -- 羅馬 志略 13 卷. -- 歐洲 史略 13 卷

Reprints 1896, 1898.

Hyakka zensho 百科全書 Chambers, William (1800-1883), Chambers, Robert (1802-1871), Mombusho. 4 vols., Tokyo: 丸善, 1885. Japanese.
Content: 上巻 天文学,地質学,気中現象学,地文学,植物生理学,植物綱目,動物及人身生理,動物綱目,物理学,重学,動静水学,光学及音学,電気及磁石,時学及 時刻学,化学篇,百工応用化学篇,陶磁工,織工篇,有要金石編,金類及錬金術,蒸気篇,土工術,陸運,水運,温室通風点光,給水浴澡掘渠,菜園,花園,果 園篇,養樹篇  中巻 馬,牛及採乳方,豚兎食用鳥籠鳥篇,蜜蜂篇,犬及狩猟,釣魚,漁猟,養生,食物篇,食物製方,医学,衣服及服式,人種篇,交際篇, 法律沿革事体,太古史,希臘史,羅馬史,中古史,英国史,英国制度国資,海陸軍制,欧羅巴地誌,英倫及威爾斯地誌,蘇格蘭地誌,愛倫地誌,亜細亜地誌,東 印度地誌,亜弗利加地誌,大洋洲地誌,北亜米利加地誌,南亜米利加地誌,西印度地誌  下巻 人心論,骨相学,論理学,自然神教及道徳学,洋教宗派,回教 及印度教仏教,北欧鬼神誌,歳時記,修身論,接物論,経済論,貿易及貨幣銀行,人口救窮及保険,百工倹約訓,国民統計学,教育論,算術及代数,画学及彫 像,戸内遊戯方,体操及戸外遊戯,古物学,修辞及華文,印刷術及石版術,彫刻及捉影術,家事倹約訓 経典史,造家法,牧羊篇,農学,幾何学

Bankoku keisei sōran 万国形勢総覧 by 岡田好成,内村邦蔵訳,有賀長雄閲 (1860-1921), 東京:弘道書院, 1885, 616 pp. Japanese.


Wanguo yaofang/ 《萬國葯方》:8 v. (in case) : ill. ; 25 cm. 英國 思快爾 Sikuaier (Peter Wyatt Squire, 1847-1919) 原著,美國醫士洪士提翻 譯 translated by American doctor Hung Shiti (Stephen Hunter (1815-),Shanghai: Mei Hua shuguan 上海美華書館, 光緒12年(1886)一版. Many later editions (records for 1890, 1898, 1911, 1917)

Notes:Running title. With a preface by H. E. Li Hung chang. Special collection from London Missionary Society. On double leaves, oriental style, in case.
manual of therapeutics and pharmacy in the chinese language, being in the main, a translation of Peter Wyatt Squire’s companion to the British pharmacopoeias, with additions from United Staes, Indian and Chinese pharmacopoeias, and from other sources. This is a note attached to the entry for a copy of the 1890 edition in the Stanford Library.

Nomura Ryōtarō 野村龍太郎 and Shoyama Hidehisa 下山秀久, Kōgaku jii 工學字彙, Tokyo: 工學恊會, 1886. Third ed. 1894. Handbook for translators arranged alphabetically according to the terms in the original language. Used for terminological reference in Bianyi putong jiaoyu baike quanshu (1903) according to its bibliography.

Wanguo yutu 萬國輿圖, Chen Zhaotong 陳兆桐 drafted. Shanghai Shanghai : Tongwen shu ju, Guangxu 12 [1886] 上海 : 同文書局, 光緖12 [1886]: chiefly maps ; 41 cm.

Dai Nihon jinmei jishō 大日本人名辞書, 4 vols., Saga Shōsaku 嵯峨,正作 (1853-1890), Tokyo: Keizai zasshisha 東京:経済雑誌社. Biographical dictionary including the genealogical tables of the imperial family and many big clans. Many revised reprints into the 1920s.


Yangwu jueyao 洋務抉要, Qiyousheng 杞憂生 , 2 juan,Place??, Guankeshou zhai 管可壽齋, Guangxu 13 (1887) , 4 v. (double leaves) in case ; 17 cm.

Xishi leibian 西事類編, Shen Chun (Cuisheng), 沈純 (粹生)
2 vols., 16 juan. Shanghai: Shenbaoguan 申 報館, 丁亥年 [1887] . Preface: Guangxu 10 (1884) by Cheng Xianchao 程咸焯. Excerpts from the diaries of early Chinese ambassadors, Chinese world descriptions and travelogues, and some document collections, organized according to topics, with often lengthy systematic summaries by the editor. 程紀, 交涉,聘問,禮制,國用, 政治,形勢,武俻,文藝,民俗,宫室,善举,器具,商蕒,教会,物産 A list of the seventeen works consulted is given in the beginning together with detailed information about their authors and contents. Reprint 1919.

Xixue ji cun liu zhong 西學輯存六種 Wang Tao 王韜, (1828-1897) , Shanghai 1889. Songyin lu 淞隱廬. Contents 1. Xiguo tianxue yuanliu 西國天學源流,1 j. Weilieyali (Wylie), orally translated, Wang Tao noted down, 偉烈亞力口譯,王韜撰. 2. Zhongxue qianshuo 重學淺說, 1 j., Weilieyali (Wylie), orally translated, Wang Tao noted down, 偉烈亞力口譯,王韜撰. 3. Xixue tu shuo 西學圖説, Wang Tao 王韜comp. 1 j. 4. Xixue yuanshi kao 西學原始考,王韜 Wang Tao comp. 1 j. 5. Taixi zhushu kao 泰西著述考, Wang Tao 王韜 comp. 1 j. 6. Hua Ying tongshang shilue 華英通商史略,Weilieyali (Wylie), 1 j. orally translated, Wang Tao noted down, 偉烈亞力口譯,王韜撰。


Xixue dacheng 西學大成, Wang Xiqing 王西清, Lu Tiqing 盧梯青, 十二編 12 sections, 28 冊, Shanghai: Datong shuju, Lithography. 1888, source: Amelung paper, Heidelberg.

Book with the same title but different author in 1895

Reprint: 1895. 上海 : 醉六堂書坊 Shanghai : Zuiliutang shufang. There given with a different author by the 中国政法大学图书馆, which also holds the item, namely Sun Tinghan 孙廷翰. The Kanseki database,, gives Lu Yunpeng 盧雲鵬 and Wang Fengqi 王鳳祺 as editors. And has a content list:
子編 算學
句股弦一卷 明 徐光啓 撰
圜容較義一卷 明西洋 利瑪竇 授 明 李之藻 演
平三角法擧要五卷 淸 梅文鼎 撰 淸 楊作枚 訂補
堆垛求積術一卷 淸 董祐誠 撰
少廣縋鑿一卷 淸 夏鸞翔 撰
代數幾何一卷 英國 傅蘭雅 口譯 淸 華蘅芳 筆述
借根方句股細草一卷 淸 李錫蕃 撰
周羃知裁一卷 美國 布倫 編 英國 傅蘭雅 口譯 淸 徐壽 筆述
造各表簡法一卷 淸 徐有壬 撰
數學拾遺一卷 淸 丁取忠 撰
丑編 天學
經天該一卷 明西洋 利瑪竇 撰
揆日候星紀要一卷 淸 梅文鼎 撰 淸 楊作枚 訂補
弧三角擧隅一卷 淸 江臨泰 撰
斜弧三角補術一卷 淸 董祐誠 撰
橢圜正術一卷 淸 徐有壬 撰
測圜密率三卷 淸 徐有壬 撰
橢圜求周術一卷 淸 董祐誠 撰
天學啓蒙一卷 英國 駱克優 編 美國 林樂知 譯 淸 鄭昌棪 譯
寅編 地學
地理全志五卷 英國 慕維廉 撰
地學擧要一卷 英國 慕維嶸 口譯
繪地法原一卷 美國 金楷理 口譯 淸 王德均 筆述
航海簡法二卷 英國 那麗 撰 美國 金楷理 口譯 淸 王德均 筆述
西使紀程一卷 淸 郭嵩燾 撰
鐵路紀略附中國創設鐵路利弊論一卷 英國 傅蘭雅 譯
卯編 史學
英國史八卷 英國 慕維廉 譯
聯邦志略一卷 美國 畢體遮邑裨治文馬邦 撰
列國歲計政要十二卷 英國 麥丁富得力 編 美國 林樂知 口譯 淸 鄭昌棪 筆述
列國海戰記一卷 淸 李鳳苞 譯
萬國公法四卷 美國 惠頓 撰 美國 丁韙良 譯
星軺指掌五卷 布國 馬爾頓 撰 歐州 葛福根 註 淸 聯芳 譯 淸 慶常 譯
辰編 兵學
陸操新義四卷 德國 康貝 撰
火器略說一卷 淸 黄達權 口譯 淸 王韜 著
海戰指要一卷 美國 金楷理 口譯 淸 趙元益 筆述
艇雷紀要一卷 淸 李鳳苞 輯譯
爆藥紀要六卷 淸 舒高第 口譯 淸 趙元益 筆述
營壘圖說一卷 比利時國 伯里牙芒 撰 美國 金楷理 口譯 淸 李鳳苞 筆述
巳編 化學
化學啓蒙一卷 美國 羅師古 編 美國 林樂知 譯 淸 鄭昌棪 譯
化學初階二卷 美國 嘉約翰 口譯 淸 何瞭然 筆述
化學分原八卷 英國 蒲陸山 撰 英國 傅蘭雅 口譯 淸 徐建寅 筆述
化學鑑原續編 四卷 英國 蒲陸山 撰 英國 傅蘭雅 口譯 淸 徐壽 筆述
午編 礦學
井礦工程三卷 英國 白爾捺 編 英國 傅蘭雅 口譯 淸 趙元益 筆受
開煤要法二卷 英國 士密德 編 英國 傅蘭雅 口譯 淸 王德均 筆述
未編 重學
重學圖說一卷 英國 傅蘭雅 撰
重學入門一卷 美國 丁韙良 撰
重學彙編一卷 英國 傅蘭雅 輯傅
申編 汽學
汽機入門一卷 美國 丁韙良 譯
汽機新制八卷 美國 白爾格 撰 英國 傅蘭雅 口譯 淸 徐建寅 筆述
汽機發軔八卷 英國 美以納 撰 英國 白勢那 撰 英國 偉烈 口譯 淸 徐壽 筆述
酉編 電學
電學源流一卷 英國 瑙挨德 撰 英國 傅蘭雅 口譯 淸 徐建寅 筆述
電學綱目一卷 英國 田大里 編 英國 傅蘭雅 口譯 淸 周郇 筆述
電學入門一卷 美國 丁韙良 撰
電學問答一卷 淸 天津水雷局 譯
戌編 光學
光學二卷 英國 田大里 輯 布國 金楷理 口譯 淸 趙元益 筆述
量光力器圖說一卷 英國 傅蘭雅 譯
亥編 聲學
聲學八卷 英國 田大里 撰 英國 傅蘭雅 口譯 淸 徐建寅 筆述

Bankoku genkô kenpô hikaku 万国現行憲法比較, by 辰巳小二郎 Toshimi Kojirō , 東京:哲学書院, 1888, 230p;19cm. Japanese.

Yueqinshi zhuren 月琴室主人 comp.Zeng guang shiwu xince huibian 增光時務新策彙編. 1888,. Lithograph.
Source :


Cefu tongzong/ 《策府統宗》 65卷 24冊, Cai Mei’an 蔡梅庵c omp. 光緒 15年(1889), Shanghai: Hongwen shuju, 上海鴻文書局 lithography. Preface by Liu Changling 劉昌齡 1888, second preface by publisher. Claim, that it is “newly compiled”. Enlarged reprint: 1895.

Bankoku rekishi zensho 万国歴史全書,Naitō Chisō 内藤恥叟 (1826-1902) ed. 東京:博文館, 1889-1890. This series contains a history of Imperial China, a History of Japan, and a History of India. Japanese. 12 volumes.

6. 日本帝国史 / 松井広吉著,博文館, 明22.8. - (万国歴史全書 ; 第1篇)
3. 支那帝国史 / 北村三郎著,博文館, 1890. - (万国歴史全書 ; 第2,3編)
1. 印度史 / 北村三郎著,博文館, 明22.12. - (万国歴史全書 ; 第4篇)
5. 土耳機史 / 北村三郎著,博文館, 明23.1. - (万国歴史全書 ; 第5編)
8. 仏蘭西史 / 坪谷善四郎著,博文館, 明23.3. - (万国歴史全書 ; 第7編)
2. 英国史 / 須永金三郎著,博文館, 明23.5. - (万国歴史全書 ; 第8編)
10. 魯国史 / 北村三郎著,博文館, 明23.6. - (万国歴史全書 ; 第9編)
9. 米国史 / 川島純幹著,博文館, 明23.10. - (万国歴史全書 ; 第12編)
The complete list in this series will be found in:
7. 博文館発行図書いろは別目録,博文館, 〔  〕

Xixue jicun liuzhong 西學輯存六種, Wang Tao 王韜 comp., Shanghai: Songyin lu 淞隱盧, 1889, metal fonts. Reprint 1890. Content: Taixi zhushu kao 泰西著述考 : 1卷; Xixue tushuo 西學圖說 : 1卷 / Hua Ying tongshang shilüe 華英通商事略 : 1卷 / 偉烈亞力口譯 (Alexander Wylie) ; Xixue yuanshi kao 西學原始考 : 1卷 /; Zhongxue qianshuo 重學淺說 : 1卷 / 偉烈亞力口譯 (Alexander Wylie); Xiguo tianxue yuanliu 西國天學源流 : 1卷 / 偉烈亞力口譯 (Alexander Wylie);


Jiang Biao 江標 (1860-1899), Gezhi jinghua lu- houfu: Deguo yiyuan zhangcheng, hemeng jishe benmo 格致精華錄 ,後附:德國議院章程;德國合盟紀事本末(Record of the Quintessence of Science, Appendix: Statutes of the German parliament; Record of Germany forming an federal state ), (Shanghai?) 1890, 4 juan. Preface by Zhang Zhidong 張之洞. Organized in 33 bu 部. Documents that all Western science has been there first in China.

Kotō Bunjirō 小藤,文次郎 (1856−1935)Kōbutsu jii 鉱(礦)物字彙, English title: Vocabulary of Mineralogic Terms. The Three Languages English, German and JapaneseTokyo: 丸善, 1890. Used as source for mining terminology in Bianyi putong jiaoyu baike quanshu (1903), according to its fanli凡例. Obviously meant for translators as the entries are organized in the alphabet according to the terms in the original language.

Fukoku zensho 富国全書, Tokyo 東京: 嵩山堂, 1890-1895. at least 16 volumes, dealing with practical industrial and agricultural matters. Japanese
1. 鉱山学 / 松本駒次郎訳他,嵩山堂, 明25.5. - (富国全書)
2. 鉱物学教科書 / コリンス著他,嵩山堂, 明23.12. - (富国全書)
3. 実地製造化学 / 上田貞治郎著,嵩山堂, 明24-27. - (富国全書)
4. 実地製造化学. 第1編 / 上田貞治郎著. - 訂正増補第2版,嵩山堂, 明治27. - (富国全書)
5. 実地染色新法 / 青木恒三郎著,嵩山堂, 明28.12. - (富国全書)
6. 実地染色法 / 青木恒三郎編,嵩山堂, 明23.4. - (富国全書)
7. 実地染色法 / 青木恒三郎纂訳. - 訂2版,嵩山堂, 明25.11. - (富国全書)
8. 実地農学 / 中城恒三郎著他,青木嵩山堂, 明25.4. - (富国全書)
9. 実用養鶏法 / エル・ライト著他,青木嵩山堂, 明26.5. - (富国全書)
10. 蔬菜園芸法 / 森内富司著,青木嵩山堂, 明27.4. - (富国全書)
11. 電気学 / 波木居芳太郎著,青木嵩山堂, 明25.8. - (富国全書)
12. 電力之応用 / 波木居芳太郎著,青木嵩山堂, 明28.8. - (富国全書)
13. 馬鈴薯新書 / 中城恒三郎著,青木嵩山堂, 明28.7. - (富国全書)
14. 葡萄新書 / 中城恒三郎著,青木嵩山堂, 明27.7. - (富国全書)
15. 蜜蜂飼養法 / 花房柳条著,青木嵩山堂, 明26.4. - (富国全書)
16. 養鶏新書 / 中城恒三郎著,嵩山堂, 明23.11. - (富国全書)

First example in Meiji database:
実地染色法 by 青木恒三郎, 東京:嵩山堂, 1890. 142 pp.
Last example:
実地染色新法 by the same author, 1895, 113 pp.

Shinsen hyakka zensho 新撰百科全書, 東京:博文館, 1890-1891. Altogether about 20 volumes. Japanese
The list:

46. 世界列国史・伝記 / 坪谷善四郎(水哉)著,博文館, 〔明22?〕. - (新撰百科全書)
72. 法律要論 / 園田賚四郎著,博文館, 〔明23〕. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第1-15編)
73. 理学入門 / 杉浦重剛訳他,博文館, 〔明23〕. - (新撰百科全書)
74. 倫理学 / 須永金三郎著,博文館, 明23. - (新撰百科全書)
75. 論理通説 / 福守恒三郎著,博文館, 〔明23〕. - (新撰百科全書)
55. 哲学大意 / 伴山三郎著,博文館, 明23.7. - (新撰百科全書)
56. 天文要説 / 山本彰訳編,博文館, 〔明23〕. - (新撰百科全書)
21. 金石学 / 酒井時四郎編,博文館, 〔明23〕. - (新撰百科全書)
57. 伝記 / 博文館編,博文館, 〔明23〕. - (新撰百科全書)
58. 統計学要論 / 坪谷善四郎著,博文館, 〔明23〕. - (新撰百科全書)
65. 農業新論 / 服部徹著,博文館, 〔明23〕. - (新撰百科全書)
61. 動物学 / 関元次郎著,博文館, 〔明23〕. - (新撰百科全書)
42. 政治論綱 / 松永道一著,博文館, 〔明23〕. - (新撰百科全書)
41. 人身生理書 / 園田賚四郎著,博文館, 〔明23〕. - (新撰百科全書)
35. 植物学 / 中西準吉郎編,博文館, 〔明23〕. - (新撰百科全書)
36. 心理学 / 宮川鉄次郎著,博文館, 明23. - (新撰百科全書)
22. 行政法論綱 / 坪谷善四郎著,博文館, 〔明22〕. - (新撰百科全書)
23. 経済汎論 / 宮川鉄次郎著,博文館, 〔明23〕. - (新撰百科全書)
20. 近世万国地誌 / 伴山三郎著,博文館, 明22. - (新撰百科全書)
49. 地文学 / 園田賚四郎訳編,博文館, 〔明23〕. - (新撰百科全書)
32. 財政学 / 須永金三郎著,博文館, 〔明23〕. - (新撰百科全書)
13. 化学 / 中西準吉郎著,博文館, 〔明22〕. - (新撰百科全書)
18. 教育学 / 日下部三之介他,博文館, 〔明23〕. - (新撰百科全書)
The numbers in this list are those from the website, which, however, does not make a difference between this edition and a later set of the same title. The numbers therefore are random. The database sometimes gives a wrong entry as 使用教育新撰百科全书. The length of these works is uneven, ranging from some 120 to over 400 pages.

Tsûzoku kyôiku zensho 通俗教育全書, 東京:博文館,1- 100, 1890-1894. Japanese

Yōchien 幼稚園, by Taniguchi Masanori 谷口,政徳, in Tsûzoku kyôiku zensho 通俗教育全書, 東京:博文館,1890, Japanese

Reprint of: Wanguo yaofang/ 《萬國葯方》(1886).


Xishi lice 西事蠡測, Shen Chun 沈純, Short selection of random pieces that have to do with West. No order visible. No sources given. Some explanatory matter in small print added. Contains info up to 1882, probably published 1883..
Printed in Wang Xiqi 王錫祺(1855-1913) comp., Xiaofanghu zhai yudi congchao 小方壺齋輿地叢鈔 vol. 15,18 pp. Shanghai Shuyi tang [1891] , reprint Hangzhou 1985.

Wuzhou fangyu kao 五洲方域考, Gong Chai 龔柴, ed.,
in Wang Xiji 王錫輯 (1855-1913) comp., Xiaofanghuzhai yudi congchao (1891)

Ōtsuki Fumihiko (1847−1928) 大槻文彦 Nihon jisho Genkai日本辞書 言海 Tokyo: Ōtsuki Fumihiko 大槻文彦, 1891 4 vols. Terminological dictionary with explanations.

Nihon shakai jii 日本社会事彙, Tokyo: Keizai zasshi sha 1891, 2 vols.

Futsūgaku zensho 普通学全書, Tokyo Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編. 1891-1894, 25 vols. Many volumes reprinted several times. Keep apart from later series of same title by same publisher, starting in 1902. Japanese

Shinrigaku shinshū 心理学新書, in Futsûgaku zensho 普通学全書, Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編 no. 3. Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1891, 170 pp. Japanese.

Seirigaku shinshū 生理学新書, in Futsûgaku zensho 普通学全書, Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編 no. 4. Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1891, 211 pp. Japanese.

Bankoku shi rekishi 万国新歴史, in Futsûgaku zensho 普通学全書, Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編 no. 5. Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1891, 270 pp. Japanese.

Kagaku shinshū 化学新書, Futsûgaku zensho 普通学全書, Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編 no. 6. Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1891, 125 pp. Japanese.

Shotō kikagaku shinshū 初等幾何学新書, Futsûgaku zensho 普通学全書, Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編 no. 7. Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1891, 196 pp. Japanese.

Sangaku shoho 算学初歩, in Futsûgaku zensho 普通学全書, Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編 no. 9. Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1891, 196 pp. Japanese.

Bijutsu shisho 美術新書, Futsûgaku zensho 普通学全書, Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編 no. 10. Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1891, 163 pp. Japanese.

Nihon hsin bunten 日本新文典, Futsûgaku zensho 普通学全書, Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編 no. 11. Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1891, 129 pp. Japanese.

Shokubutsugaku shinsho 植物学新書, Futsûgaku zensho 普通学全書, Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編 no. 12. Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1891, 133 pp. Japanese.

Shotō daisūgaku shinsho 初等代数学新書, Futsûgaku zensho 普通学全書, Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編 no. 14. Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1891, 148 pp. Japanese.

Ninhon shin rekishi 日本新歴史, Futsûgaku zensho 普通学全書, Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編 no. 15. Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1891, 2冊(上192,下240 pp. Japanese.

Kōbutsukagu shinsho 礦物学新書, , Futsûgaku zensho 普通学全書, Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編 no. 17. Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1891, 140 pp. Japanese.

Rinrigaku shinsho 倫理学新書, trsl of Lotze, Rudolf Hermann,(1817-1881), Grundzuege der Logik und Enzyklopaedie der Philosophie, 1891. Futsûgaku zensho 普通学全書, Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編 no. 18. Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1891, 192 pp. Japanese.

(Nichiyō hyakka) Kokumin no takara (日用百科) 国民之宝, Sawada Masatake 沢田,誠武 ed. Osaka: 嵩山堂, 1891. 6 vols. Content: 万国形勢総覧  2 日本形勢総覧  3 現今条例規則-附・諸願届証書文例  4 学芸編 上  5 学芸編 中  6 学芸編 下


Nihon shakai jii (Encyclopaedia of Japanese Society) 日本社会事彙 (2 vols.; 1890-92), Tokyo 東京:経済雑誌社.

Bankoku chiri shinsho 万国地理新書, Futsûgaku zensho 普通学全書, Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編 no. 20. Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1892, 299 pp. Japanese.

Sunchin hyakushu 寸珍百種, 東京:博文館, 1892-1894, vols. 1-51. Series on a wide range of topics from practical English writing to health care to writers’ biographies. Japanese.

Jogaku zensho 女学全書, 東京:博文館, 1892-1893. About 15 volumes. On topics ranging from Women in the West, in China, to household embellishment and hygiene. Available titles:
1. 歌学捷径 / 井口隆太郎著,博文館, 明25.3. - (女学全書 ; 第3編) Japanese.
2. 家政整理法 / 坪谷善四郎著,博文館, 明25.7. - (女学全書 ; 第6編)
3. 画法大意 / 久保田米僊著,博文館, 明25.10. - (女学全書 ; 第7編)
4. 書法大意 / 小野鵞堂著,博文館, 明25.4. - (女学全書 ; 第4編)
5. 泰西婦女亀鑑 / 渋江保編,博文館, 明25.12. - (女学全書 ; 第9編)
6. 通俗看病法 / 高橋金一郎著,博文館, 明26.9. - (女学全書 ; 第12編) 7. 日本室内粧飾法 / 山田美妙著,博文館, 明25.6. - (女学全書 ; 第5編) 8. 日本小文典 / 大宮宗司他,博文館, 1892. - (女学全書 ; 第1編)
9. 博文館発行図書いろは別目録,博文館, 〔  〕
10. 婦女手芸法 / 須永金三郎著,博文館, 明26.2. - (女学全書 ; 第10編) 11. 和漢婦女亀鑑 / 岸上操著,博文館, 明26.2. - (女学全書 ; 第11編)

See also:
Rendering of: Wanguo tongjian in Fuzhou dialect by Ling Muk Ket 林穆吉, reviewed by Caleb-cook Baldwin, Fuzhou: American Presbyterian Press.


Shōzoku hyakka zensho 通俗百科全書, Tokyo, Hakubunkan 1893-1902, 24 volumes.
1. 通俗日本歴史 / 足立栗園著,博文館, 明31.1. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第1編)
2. 通俗世界歴史 / 長谷川誠也著,博文館, 明31.2. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第2編)
3. 通俗明治歴史 / 坪谷善四郎著,博文館, 明31.4. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第3編)
4. 通俗徳川十五代史 / 岸上操著,博文館, 明31.5. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第4編)
5. 通俗文学汎論 / 奥村信太郎著,博文館, 1898. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第5編)
6. 通俗倫理学 / 足立栗園著,博文館, 明31.9. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第6編)
7. 通俗法学汎論 / 桐生政次著,博文館, 明31.11. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第7編)
8. 通俗商業簿記 / 高橋邦次郎著,博文館, 明31.11. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第8編)
9. 通俗政治汎論 / 鳥谷部銑太郎(春汀)著,博文館, 明31.12. - (通俗百科全書 第9編)
10. 通俗英語案内 / 石川辰之助編,博文館, 明31.12. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第10編)
11. 通俗言語学 / 宮田修著,博文館, 明32.3. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第11編)
12. 通俗銀行簿記 / 窪川真澄著,博文館, 明32.5. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第12編)
13. 通俗経済汎論 / 春山育次郎著,博文館, 明32.7. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第13編)
14. 通俗会社簿記 / 高橋邦次郎著,博文館, 明32.8. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第14編)
15. 通俗工業官庁簿記 / 馬詰次男著,博文館, 明32.11. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第15編)
16. 通俗理化一斑 / 藤野修吉等編,博文館, 明33.5. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第16編)
17. 通俗日本地理 / 大和田建樹著,博文館, 明33.6. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第17編)
18. 通俗文章学 / 宮川鉄次郎編,博文館, 明33.8. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第18編)
19. 通俗世界地理 / 渋江保著,博文館, 明34.1. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第19編)
20. 通俗動物学 / 川村守義著,博文館, 明34.4. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第20編)
21. 通俗教育学 / 永持徳一著,博文館, 明34.8. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第21編)
22. 通俗独逸歴史 / 河上清著,博文館, 明34.9. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第22編)
23. 通俗学校管理法 / 安田清忠編,博文館, 明34.11. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第23編)
24. 通俗昆虫学 / 永島長五郎著,博文館, 明35.1. - (通俗百科全書 ; 第24編)


Denki sekai 電気世界, orig. Brackett,Cyrus Fogg(1833-1915), in Tsûzoku kyôiku zensho 通俗教育全書 no. 100, 東京:博文館, 1894. Japanese

Futsūgaku mondō zensho 普通学問答全書 (Complete anthology of answers to questions on general sciences), Tokyo: Fuzanbō, 1894 –1903. 30 vols.
日本地理問答 / 富山房編,富山房, 明27.12. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第1篇)
世界地理問答 / 富山房編輯所編,富山房, 明27.12. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第2編)
日本歴史問答 / 富山房編,富山房, 明27.12. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第3編)
支那歴史問答 / 富山房編,富山房, 明27.12. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第4編)
世界歴史問答 / 富山房編,富山房, 明27.12. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第5編)
国語問答 / 富山房編輯所編,富山房, 明28.7. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第6篇)
教育学問答 / 富山房編,富山房, 明28.7. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第7編)
学校管理法問答 / 富山房編輯所編,富山房, 明28.7. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第8篇)
教授法問答 / 富山房編,富山房, 明28.7. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第9編)
地文学問答 / 富山房編,富山房, 明28.7. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第10篇)
動物学問答,富山房, 明29.1. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第11編)
植物学問答 / 富山房編輯所編,富山房, 明29.1. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第12篇)
物理学問答 / 富山房編,富山房, 明29.1. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第13篇)
化学問答 / 富山房編輯所編,富山房, 明29.1. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第14篇)
数理問答 / 富山房編輯所編,富山房, 明29.1. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第15篇)
生理学問答 / 富山房編輯所編,富山房, 明29.9. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第16篇)
英文典問答 / 富山房編輯所編,富山房, 明29.12. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第17篇)
論理学問答 / 富山房編,富山房, 明29.12. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第18篇)
鉱物学問答 / 富山房編,富山房, 明31.9. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第19篇)
地質学問答 / 富山房編,富山房, 明31.9. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第20篇)
音楽図画問答 / 普通学講習会編,田中宋栄堂, 明36.12. - (普通学問答全書) Osaka: 田中宋榮堂 (reprint?) (1903)
西洋歴史問答 / 普通学講習会編,田中宋栄堂, 明36.12. - (普通学問答全書) Osaka: 田中宋榮堂 (1903)
代数学問答 / 普通学講習会編,田中宋栄堂, 明36.12. - (普通学問答全書) Osaka: 田中宋榮堂 (1903)


Bankoku senshi, 万国戦史, Tokyo, 東京:博文館 Hakubunkan, 1894- 1896. 24 vols. Japanese.

1. 鴉片戦史 / 松井広吉著,博文館, 明27.11. - (万国戦史 ; 第2編)
2. 歴山大王一統戦史 / 渋江保著,博文館, 明29.8. - (万国戦史 ; 第23編)
3. 伊太利独立戦史 / 松井広吉著,博文館, 明28.11. - (万国戦史 ; 第14編)
4. 印度蚕食戦史 / 渋江保著,博文館, 明28.9. - (万国戦史 ; 12編)
5. 英国革命戦史 / 渋江保著,博文館, 明29.2. - (万国戦史 ; 第17編)
6. 英仏聯合征清戦史 / 松井広吉著,博文館, 明28.1. - (万国戦史 ; 4編)
7. 英米海戦史 / エドワ-ド・シッペン著他,博文館, 明28.10. - (万国戦史 ; 第13編)
8. 希臘独立戦史 / 柳井絅斎(碌太郎)著,博文館, 明29.1. - (万国戦史 ; 第16編)
9. 希臘波斯戦史 / 渋江保著,博文館, 明29.9. - (万国戦史 ; 第24編)
10. クリミヤ戦史 / 松井広吉著,博文館, 明28.8. - (万国戦史 ; 第11編)
11. 三十年戦史 / 国府犀東著,博文館, 明29.4. - (万国戦史 ; 第19編)
12. 七年戦史 / 渋江保著,博文館, 明29.5. - (万国戦史 ; 第20編)
13. トラファルガ-海戦史 / エドワ-ド・シッペン著他,博文館, 明28.1. - (万国戦史 ; 第5編)
14. 独仏戦史 / 川崎紫山著,博文館, 明27.9. - (万国戦史 ; 第1編)
15. ナイル海戦史 / エドワ-ド・シッペン著他,博文館, 明28.6. - (万国戦史 ; 第9編)
16. 拿破侖戦史 / 野々村金五郎著,博文館, 明27.12. - (万国戦史 ; 第3編)
18. ピユニック戦史 / 渋江保著,博文館, 明29.7. - (万国戦史 ; 第22編)
19. 普墺戦史 / 渋江保著,博文館, 明28.5. - (万国戦史 ; 第8編)
20. 仏国革命戦史 / 渋江保著,博文館, 明29.3. - (万国戦史 ; 第18編)
21. 米国独立戦史 / 渋江保著,博文館, 明28.12. - (万国戦史 ; 第15編)
22. 米国南北戦史 / 松井広吉著,博文館, 明28.3. - (万国戦史 ; 第7編)
23. 波蘭衰亡戦史 / 渋江保著,博文館, 明28.7. - (万国戦史 ; 第10編)
24. 露土戦史 / 松井広吉著,博文館, 明28.2. - (万国戦史 ; 第6編)
25. 羅馬戦史 / 岸上操編訳,博文館, 明29.6. - (万国戦史 ; 第21編)

Man’guk yaksa 萬國略史, Hakpu P’yonyipkuk 學部編輯局 Sin’gan 新刊, :[Korea], Kaeguk 504 [1895] Physical Details:2 v. in 1 (double leaves) ; 29 cm. Korean.

Song, Yuren 宋育仁. Caifeng ji 采風記 4 juan;Jicheng yingshi shi 紀程感事詩 1 juan; Shiwu lun 時務論, 1 juan (Shanghai?): Xiuhai shanfang 袖海山房海 1895. Lithograph. Repr. Chengdu 1897. Source:

Chen Yaoqing 陳燿卿,Shishi xinbian chu ji 時事新編初集. 1895, metal fonts.

Yu Kiljun, Sŏyu Kyŏnmun (A Record of Personal Experiences in the West), Tokyo: Korean. (1895) A modern translation by Hŏ Kyŏnjin, Seoul: Sŏhao Munjip, 2005. Description of the West in segments dealing with geography, political injstitutions etc. A work of an encyclopaedic character with ample borrowing from Fukuzawa Yukichi.

Nichiyō hyakka zensho 日用百科全書, 東京:博文館, 1895-1900. About 50 Volumes ranging from an introduction to the world’s religions to basic knowledge for setting up a school. Japanese.
Unsorted list of titles:
1. 謡と能 / 大和田建樹編,博文館, 明33.8. - (日用百科全書 ; 第45編)
2. 易占及骨相法 / 大橋新太郎編,博文館, 明33.1. - (日用百科全書 ; 第41編)
3. 果樹と蔬菜 / 安藤謙吉編,博文館, 明33.12. - (日用百科全書 ; 第49編)
4. 家政案内 / 大橋又太郎編,博文館, 明28.8. - (日用百科全書 ; 第4編)
5. 官公私立諸学校改訂就学案内 / 上村貞子編,博文館, 明37.7. - (日用百科全書 ; 第37編)
6. 官私立諸学校就学案内 / 内山正如編,博文館, 明32.4. - (日用百科全書 ; 第37編)
7. 外国貿易案内 / 佐藤適編,博文館, 明32.1. - (日用百科全書 ; 第35編)
8. 画法自在 / 野口勝一著,博文館, 明31.3. - (日用百科全書 ; 第27編)
9. 記事論説文範 / 上村左川(貞子)編,博文館, 明31.11. - (日用百科全書 ; 第34編)
10. 勤学と処世,博文館, 明29.2. - (日用百科全書 ; 第9編)
11. 化粧品製造法 / 大橋又太郎編,博文館, 明30.7. - (日用百科全書 ; 第22編)
12. 国民必読海軍一斑 / 長尾耕作編,博文館, 明33.3. - (日用百科全書 ; 第42編)
13. 裁法と編物 / 大橋又太郎編,博文館, 明28.12. - (日用百科全書 ; 第7編)
14. 写真及幻燈 / 金沢巌編,博文館, 明32.6. - (日用百科全書 ; 第38編)
15. 狩猟と養鶏 / 田村昌新著,博文館, 明33.11. - (日用百科全書 ; 第48編)
16. 商業大意 / 大橋又太郎編,博文館, 明30.3. - (日用百科全書 ; 第19編)
17. 実用料理法 / 大橋又太郎編,博文館, 明28.7. - (日用百科全書 ; 第3編)
18. 声曲自在,博文館, 明29.10. - (日用百科全書 ; 第16編)
19. 世界宗教一斑 / 内山正如(幻堂)他,博文館, 明33.10. - (日用百科全書 ; 第47編)
20. 造家と築庭 / 竹貫直次編,博文館, 明33.10. - (日用百科全書 ; 第46編)
21. 通俗書簡文 / 樋口一葉(夏子)編,博文館, 明29.5. - (日用百科全書 ; 第12編)
22. 内外遊戯法 / 大橋又太郎編,博文館, 明31.6. - (日用百科全書 ; 第30編)
23. 内地雑居改正条約案内 / 鳥谷部銑太郎編,博文館, 明32.7. - (日用百科全書 ; 第39編)
26. 農業大意 / 大橋又太郎編,博文館, 明31.5. - (日用百科全書 ; 第29編)
27. 俳諧独学 / 大橋又太郎編,博文館, 明29.4. - (日用百科全書 ; 第11編)
29. 秘術伝法 / 大橋又太郎編,博文館, 明30.11. - (日用百科全書 ; 第24編)
30. 養蚕と製糸 / 横山源之助編,博文館, 明33.6. - (日用百科全書 ; 第44編) 29. 秘術伝法 / 大橋又太郎編,博文館, 明30.11. - (日用百科全書 ; 第24編)
31. 陸海軍人書翰文 / 三宅青軒(彦弥)編,博文館, 明31.9. - (日用百科全書 ; 第32編)
32. 旅行案内 / 大橋又太郎編,博文館, 明29.7. - (日用百科全書 ; 第14編)
33. 和洋礼式 / 大橋又太郎編,博文館, 明28.5. - (日用百科全書 ; 第1編)
A full list of the titles in the book catalogues of the publisher.

Komano Masakazu 駒野,政和, Ei Wa sūgaku jii 英和数学字彙 附・簿記学用語, Tokyo 六合館, 1895. Used for terminological reference for mathematics and statistics in the Bianyi putong jiaoyu baike quanshu (1903), according to its bibliography.

See also:
Reprint of Cefu tongzong 策府統宗 under title of “New and greatly enlarged” Xin zeng guangguang cefu tongzong 新增廣廣策府統宗,24 ce. 上海:鴻文書局

Geguo tongshang shimo ji 各國通商始末記, 20j., 6 vols., 王之春 Wang Zhichun, b. 1842 Published : [China] : Bao shan shu ju, Guangxu 21 [1895] [China] : 寶善書局, 光緖21 [1895]
Reprint with different title of Guochao rouyuan ji 1881.

Reprint of: Xixue dacheng 西學大成 (1888).

Reprint: 1895. 上海 : 醉六堂書坊 Shanghai : Zuiliutang shufang.


Wanguo jinzheng kaolüe 《萬國近政攷略》: 16卷。 1895 , 光緒22年(1896)and other eds. Zou Tao ed., 鄒韜 (1850-1931), Printed by San Lu jie lu 三魯借盧藏版。 According to 1898 edition, “book has been written before 1887, thus there might be some difference with the present-day situation.” Fanli also gives details about compilation process over some 20 years. On Zou Tao see Li Hsiao-t’i, Jianli xin shiye, 28-40. Alternative title: 泰西各國新政考 Taixi ge guo xinzheng kao. Supplement at the end a historical chronology of: Lieguo biannian jiyao 列國編年紀要
Chapter headings: 天文,地輿,沿革,風俗,軍政, 教派,雜

Later editions: 1897, 1898, 1901, 1902

Xinyi haidao tushuo 《新譯海道圖說》:16 卷8冊。 光緒丙申年(1896 )。上海書局石印。

Xixue fuqiang congshu 西學富強叢書 Zhang Yinhuan 張蔭桓 (1837-1900) comp., 48 vols. Title calligraphy in first vol. written by Yu Yue 俞樾,but already from cover of vol. 2 on writing on ouside cover by Quyuan 曲園. Preface by Li Hongzhang, Shanghai: Hongwen shuju 鴻文書局 (set 1), 1896。Printed by Xiaochuang shanfang 小創山房 (set 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8, 9, 10,) . Also names of entries in later volumes changed (esp. sec. 9). Illustrated, many very fine technical drawings, some technical glossaries (for example bilingual English-Chinese glossary of mineralogical terms). Other editions: 1899, 1902.
1. Suanxue (Mathematics), 12 titles
2. Dianxue (Electricity), 12 titles
3. Huaxue (Chemistry), 2 titles
4. Tianxue (Astronomy), 2 titles (In section itself called Tianwen xue)
5. Dixue : 1 title (In section itself called Dili xue)
6. Shixue (History): 4 titles: 萬國總說,列國歲計政要,俄史輯譯,西紀年
7. Faxue (Law): 5 titles (In section called Gongfa xue)
Contains in vol. 20: Gongfa zonglun 公法總論, a translation of the article „International Law“ by Robertson, Edmund, Baron Loches of Cowrie, Luobocun 羅伯村 in the Encyclopedia Britannica 9th edition. Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1881, pp. 190-197 Translation by John Fryer and Wang Zhensheng 汪振聲.. This item is also contained in the Xizheng congshu 西政叢書, v. 7.
Contains in vol. 25: .Zuozhi chuyan 佐治芻言, a translation of Anonymous (Robert Hill Burns) Political Economy, for Use in Schools, and for Private Instruction, a part of Chambers’s Educational Course, Edinburgh: William Chambers and Robert Chambers, 1852. This work has been wrongly identified as being the translation of „Homely words to aid governance“ from Chamber’s Educational Course, but no work of this name is on record. The correct identification has been made by Liang Taigen 梁台根 in his dissertation Liang Qichao daode sixiang yanjiu, 梁启超道德主義思想研究, 国立中山大学中國文學係,2005 p. 84, online available via . A Japanese translation by Fukuzawa Yukichi 福澤諭結 (1895-1901) of the Political Economy, for Use in Schools… as Seiyō jijō gaihen 西洋事情外邊 was done in 1868 and circulated widely.
8. Kuangxue (Mining): 5 titles
9. Gongxue (Engineering): 18 titles (In section renamed: Qiji xue 汽機學)
10. Bingxue (Military affairs): 18 titles (In section itself called Bingzheng xue)

List of set 10:
Chuanwu lunlue, Faguo shuishi kao, Haijun diaodu yaoyan, Huitehuode gangpao, Kelubo pao biao, Kelubo pao caofa, Kelubo pai zhunxin fa, Lieguo lujun zhi, Linzhen guanzhen , Lunchuan bo zhen, Meiguo shuishi kao, Binchuan pao fa, Nanbei hua qi zhanji, Qian di xu zhi, Yingcheng jieyao, Yingguo shuishi kao, Zhi huoyao fa.
Full catalogue entries in Harvard Hollis catalogue

Lieguo suiji zhengyao 列國歲計政要, (W. A. P. Martin), Fu Deli 富得力, compiled, Lin Lezhi (Young Allen) orally translated, Zheng Changyan 鄭昌棪 written down, Zhang Yinhuan 張蔭桓 (1837-1900) edited. Preface by Zheng Changyan, in 光緒紀元 (1875). The edition in Xixue fuqiang congshu. 西學富强叢書, section 史學,vol. 16 end, is dated 1896. Based on a record of data and events annually compiled by foreign embassies in Peking. Original date unclear. Might be an annual affair that was started in 1875 (Preface) and was continued and updated. Liang Qichao claims in his preface to the Xuyi lieguo suiji zhengyao 續譯列國歲計政要, Yinbingshi he ji, wenji, 2, p. 59, that it started in 癸酉1873.
Reprint in: Congshu jicheng xubian 51, 217-464.

Nihon daijiten 日本大辞典, Ôwage Tateki 大和田,建樹 (1857-1911)comp. Tokyo: Hakubun, 1896.

See also:
Reprint of Xixue qimeng shiliu zhong/ 《西學啓蒙十六種》(1885) second edition. At 光緒22年 (1896)再版,上海著易書局活版印刷。


Shiwu tongkao 《時務通考》 31卷 24册 , Qi Lu zhuren 杞盧主人, 上海:點石齋出版, 光緒2 3 年 (1897). Preface by editor, Guangxu 23, 4th month. While the imprint is from 1897, the book carries a copyright protection from the Susong Daotai’s office dated fourth month Guangxu 24 (1898) and another one from the Shanghai xian with the sixth month of the same year. This might mean that the available copy is already a reprint.

Copy of this edition in Xuxiu siku quanshu 1254,p. 227-1259.

Note: There is a sequel Shiwu tongkao xubian.

Shiwu tong lun, 時務通論, He Shuling, 河樹齡, [n.p.], [1897?], 29 j. double | 21 cm. Preface Guangxu 23 (1897), by Chen Ronggun 陳榮袞, Preface Guangxu 22 (1896) by He Shuling. Entire set interpunctuated.

Gu Qiyi, Wu Wenzao 顧其義 , 吳文藻 (eds.). Xifa cexue huiyuan 西法策學匯源 (Digest of Western methods useful for policy questions), Shanghai: Hongbao shuju, 1898. Info based on Amelung paper.

Xixue shiwu zongzuan dacheng 西學時務總纂大成, Qiushizhai zhuren 求志斋主人 comp., Shanghai: Hungwen 鴻文書局, 1897, 24 ce.

Wanguo fengsu kaolüe 萬國風俗考略, Zou Tao 鄒韜ed.,
in Wang Xiqi 王錫祺ed. Xiaofang huzhai yudi congchao zaibu bian10 小方壺齋輿地叢鈔再補編. Shanghai 1897. Preface dated 1897.

Reprint: Taibei 1964.

Wanguo fenlei shiwu dacheng 《萬國分類時務大成》:40 卷28 冊。Qian Feng 錢豊(頤仙)選輯。 光緒23 年 (1897)。 上海:袖海山房 石印。Has an official printing permit from Jiangnan, Guangxu 24. preface by 張韞玉 Zhang Yunyu.

Wanguo shiwu cexue daquan 《萬國時務策學大全》:48 卷20冊。光緒丁酉年 (1897)Shushishanguan zhuren ed. 漱石山館主人, Printed on order by Jishan Bookstore 極山書局代印。 Lithograph.

Xixue ershizhong cuiqing/ 《西學二十种萃箐》: 20卷8冊,Zhang Zhipin 張之品著,光緒 23年(1897),Shanghai: Hongwen shuju 鴻文書局石印。Lithography.

Zhongxi suanxue dacheng 《中西算學大成》:100 卷20冊。Chen Weiqi, ed., 陳維祺編。光緒丁酉年(1897)。Shanghai, Shanghai bowen shuju, lithograph, 上海博文書書局石印。

Qiushizhai zhuren 求志寨主人comp., Zhong Xi shiwu cexue daquan 《中西時務策學大全》:19卷
24冊1897年。Shanghai: Hongwen shuju 上海宏文书局刻印 Lithography. Information based on Zhong Shaohua and

西政叢書 Xizheng congshu, Qiuziqiangzhai zhuren 求自強齋主人 comp. , Shanghai: 愼記書莊, 1897. Lithograph.
Xila zhilüe 希臘志略, 1 vol., #1
Luoma zhilüe 羅馬志略, 2 vols, #2-3
Deguo hemeng jishi benmo 德國合盟紀事本末, Xu Jianyin trsl. 1 vol. #3
Deguo yiyuan zhangcheng 德國議院章程, Xu Jianzin trsl., 1 vol. #4
Spencer=Shi Benshou 史本守, Yiye yaolan 肄業要覽, Gu Yongjing trsl., 1 vol., #4
Ernst Faber = Hua Zhi’an 花之安 (German) comp., Xiguo xuexiao 西國學校, 1 vol., #5
Xixue kecheng huibian 西學課程彙編, Yiyang yiye 西洋肄業trsl, 1 vol. #5
Zuo zhi yi yan 佐治易言, John Fryer and Ying Zuxi trsl., 1 vol., #6
Luo Bocun 羅伯村(Robertson?), Gongfa zonglun 公法總論, 1 vol., #7
陸地戰例新選 Ludi zhanli xi xuan, 1 vol, #7
Nongxue xinfa 農學新法, 1 vol, #7
W. A. P. Martin = Ding Weiliang 丁韙良, Zhongguo gushi gongfa 中國古世公法, John Fryer, Wang Zhensheng trsl., 1 vol, #7
Fangzhi jiqi tushuo 紡織機器圖説, #8
Canwu tushuo 蠶務圖説, 1 v, #8
Nongshi lunlue 農事論略, 1 v., #8
Ma Tisheng 馬體生(Mathiessen?),Gongcheng shi fu 工程致富, John Fryer, Zhong Tianwei trsl., 3 vols, #9-11
Ma Tisheng 馬體生(Mathiessen?), Kaogong jiyao 考工紀要, John Fryer, Zhong Tianwei trsl., 5 vols., #12-16
Zhe Fensi 哲分斯 (Stephens),Fuguo yangmin ce 富國養民策, 1 vol., #17
Bulaide 布來德,Baofu shuyao 保富述要, John Fryer, Xi Jiabao trsl. 1 vol., #18
Timothy Richard, Shengli fenli zhi bie 生利分利之別, Cai Erkang 蔡爾康trsl, 1 vol, #18
Qiuzaiwozhe 求在我者, Faguo haijun zhi yao 法國海軍職要, 1 vol., #19,
Ziqiangjun yangcao kecheng 自強軍洋操課程, 4 vols, #20-23
Ying Fa zhenggai 英法政概, Liu Qitong trsl., 1 vol, #24
Huang Zunxian 黃遵憲, Riben zashi shi 日本雜事詩, 1 vol., #25.
Gu Houkun 顧厚熴, Riben xinzheng kao 日本新政考 2 vols, #25-26
Ma Jianzhong 馬建忠 (1844-1900), Shikezhai jiyan 適可齋記言, 1 vol, #27
Kang Youwei 康有爲, Nanhai xiansheng si shangshu ji 南海先生四上書記, 1 vol., #28
Song Yuren 宋育人, Yongyan 庸言, 1 vol., #29
Fuguo ce (xu) 富國策(續), 2 vols., #30-31
Qian Xuejia 錢學嘉, Zhong wai jiaoshe leihe biao 中外交涉類覈表, 1 vol., #31
Qian Xuejia 錢學嘉, Guangxu tongshang zonghe biao 光緒通商綜覈表, 1 vol, #32

Zhixue hui 質學會 (Wuchang) comp., Zhixue congshu chuji 質學叢書初集, Wuchang: Zhixuehui, 1897.

Aiyuese. Xixue lueshu, 10 j.
Beideli. Nongxue xin fa, 1 j.
Bian, Changsheng. Deguo shuishi yi, 1 j.
Fulanya. Yingguo shuqian shuolue, 1 j.
Fulanya. Biguo kaocha zuifan huiji lue, 1 j.
Fulanya. Zuo zhi chuyan, 3 j.
Fushida. Zhengdun Zhongguo tiaoyi, 1 j.
Huazhi’an. Deguo xuexiao lunlue, 2 j., fulu 1 j.
Ishii, Tadatoshi. Zhanfa xue, 2 j.
Jinkaili. Haizhan zhiyao, 1 j.
Kang, Fada. Canwu shuolue, 1 j.
Liang, Qichao, 1873-1929. Xixue shumu biao, 4 juan, f: Du xixue shufa, 1 juan.
Litimotai (Timoth Richard, 1845-1919). Xin zheng ce, 1 j.,
Ma, Jianzhong, 1844-1900. Faguo haijun zhiyao, 2j.
Qian, Xun. Zhong E jieyue jiaozhu, 6 j., fu: Pami’er fen sie si yi jie xian jianming shuo ge, 1 j.
Raishun, Sekitai. Jie zhu chou fang lunlue, 1j., fu: Pai gai qianshup, 1 j.
Richard, Timothy, 1845-1919. Shengli fenli zhi bielun, 1 j.
Ruinai’er. Guanpao facheng, 4 j.,
Ruinai’er., Ni qing Zhongguo yanzheng wubei shuo, 1 j.
Shibenshou. Yiye yaolan, 1 j.
Song, Yuren 宋育仁. Caifeng ji, 5 j 采風記
Tang, Zhen. Wie yan, 4 j.,
Upton, Emory, 1839-1881. Lieguo lujun zhi, 9 j
Wang, Renjun, 1866-1913.Gezhi guwei, 5 j., biao: 1 j.
Wang, Xiqi. Zhong E jiaojie ji, 1j.
Xu, Jianyin, 1845-1901. Deguo hemeng benmo, 1 j.
Xu, Jianyin, 1845-1901. Deguo yiyuan zhengcheng, 1 j.
Yao, Xiguang.Changjiang paotai chuyi, 1j., fu: Paotai bianmu, 1j.
Ye, Han. Dixue gelue, 1j.,
Ye, Lan. Tianwen gelue, 1j.

Diqiu fangyu kaolüe 地球方域考略. Zou Tao 鄒韜, Shanghai, Zhuyi tang 著易堂 1897. in Wang Xiqi 王錫祺ed., Xiaofanghu zhai yudi zongchao zaibu pian, 1897.

Reprint: Taipei 1964.

Li Fengyi 李風儀 comp. Shiwu fenlei yu guoce 時務分類與國策, Shanghai: Shanghai shuju, 1897. Lithograph. Source

Diyu zongshuo 地域總說, Zou Tao 鄒韜, in Wang Xiqi 王錫祺 ed., Xiaofanghu zhang yudi congchao zaibu bian, Shanghai: Zhuyi tang 著易堂 1897.

Reprint, Taipei 1964.

Xuyi lieguo suiji zhengyao 續譯列國歲計政要,Zhixin bao guan 知新報館, 1897. Translation of a Western chronology of the events of 1896. Published serialized as an appendix to the Zhixin bao 知新報 from issue # 30 (Guangxu 23, 11th month, 8th day) to #42, Guangxu 23, 12th month, 11th day under the title Dingyou lieguo suiji zhengyao 丁酉列國歲計政要. Liang Qichao, the editor of the Zhixin bao, wrote a preface for it,Yinbingshi he ji, wenji, 2, p. 59. There is no record of this title having been published separately.

Shiwu xinshu ba zhong 時務新書八種, Siming?ji?yousheng 四明 si 忧生 ed., printed Wugangjing she 梧岡精舍, Lithography, Xinshu huibian 新書彙編 1897。

Source: Quoted in Sun Qing 孫青, Yindu xinzhi de teshu jinliang – Qing mo shece xinxue xuanben chutan 引渡新知的特殊津梁 – 清末射策新學選本初探, unpubl. 2007, p. 6

Zhong Xi shiwu cexue zuanyao 中西時務策學纂要, Zhang Yuanlu ed. 張元臚, Huanwen shuju 煥文書局 lithography. 1897. Examples of examination essays from Gezhi shuyuan.
Source: Quoted in Sun Qing 孫青, Yindu xinzhi de teshu jinliang – Qing mo shece xinxue xuanben chutan 引渡新知的特殊津梁 – 清末射策新學選本初探, unpubl. 2007, p. 6.

Sun Jia’nai 孫家鼐 ed. Xu xixue dacheng 續西學大成 (Sequel to the Great compilation of Western knowledge), Shanghai: Feihongge shulin 飛鴻閣書林, 1897. 8 ce. Preface by compiler Sun Jia’nai. Lithography.
Sections: 算學;測繪學;天學;地學;史學;政學;兵學;農學;文學;格致學;

Wang Renjun 王仁俊 comp. Zhong Xi zhengxue wendui 中西政學問對, 1897, lithography. Source:


Xixue tongkao 《西學通攷》: 36 卷12冊。光緒丁酉(1897)。光緒戊戌 年(1898)。 First preface by 江標 Jiang Biao Guangxu 23, 1897, second preface by Hu Zhaoluan 胡兆鸞, Guangxu 23, 1897, lithograph.
Divided into two big sections, xuelei 學類 and zhenglei 政類 . A third section, jiaolei 教類 was to follow later. It is announced in the table of contents.

1901 edition Shanghai shuju 上海書局 is reprint of 1898 edition.

Wuzhou tukao 五洲圖考, Gong Chai 龔柴, Xu Bin 許彬trsl. / ,譯, Shanghai : Xujiahui yinshu guan, Guangxu 24 [1898] 上海 : 徐家滙印書館, 光緖24 [1898], 4 vols. Preface 1 by Wang Kangnian 汪康年, preface 2 by Li Duo 李杕, writing in the Huibaoguan 匯報館 in Shanghai, preface 3 by Gong Chai 龔柴, preface 4 by Xu Bin 許彬. All of them seemingly involved with the catholic newspaper Yiwen lu 益聞錄. No further editions listed.

Wu Guangkuo 吳廣闊 (-1919) ed., Jiushi yaoce wanyan shu 救時要策萬言書, Zhaoyitang 着易堂, 1898. Metal fonts. 2 juan. Finished 1895./ Source:

Chen Xiutang 陳修堂, Bowu xinbian tushuo 博物新編圖說 , Preface by Jiang Biao 江標, Shanghai: Cang jing shi guan 藏經史館, 1898. 2 vols, Lithograph print. Illustrated.

Tang Zhen 湯震, Wei yan 危言 = Zhong Xi shiwu Wei yan 中西時務危言 / Tang Zhen 山陰湯震蟄仙. Preface bu author dated 1890. 2 threadbound vols., 10.4 x 17.2 cm, in a paper package.
Shanghai: Shanghai Shuju 上海書局校印, 1898.

Additional entries: 2 threadbound vols., 10.4 17.2 cm, in a paper package.
label on each vol.: 中西時務危言
t.p.: 危言
reverse t.p.: 光緒二十四年上海書局校印
[date is 1898]
at end of preface: 大清光緒十有六年六月山陰湯震
[date is 1890]
at head of text: 山陰湯震蟄仙

Zhong Xi shiwu gezhi xinbian/ 《中西時務格致新編》:24 卷。光緒24年 ( 1898)。Lushan laoren ed., 廬山老人編 Shanghai, Shanghai shuju, lithograph 上海書局石印。 Preface 1898 by Zhang Baoxian 張寶賢. Some drawings in geometry section. Xx Sun Qing says that editor is 宴君文盛堂主人, who should be Qing Hailan 清海瀾 from 南昌宴志xx, who also compiled 西學三通

Lieguo zhengyao bijiao biao 列國正要比較表, Kang Youwei 康有爲 comp. 1897. Preface by Kang Youwei 1897. unpubl. MS in 故宮博物館, listed in Gugong dianben shuku xiancun mu 故宮殿本書庫現存目(1933). Written for the information of the Guangxu Emperor.
Contents: 各洲諸國名號表, 各國比較地數表,各國比較民數表,各國比較每英萬里人數表,各國比較學校生徒人數表,各國比較商務表, 各國比較鐵路勻算萬里表, 各國比較電線勻算表, 各國比較出洋輪船來板裝載頓數表, 各國比較郵政進款表, 各國比較國債錢糧並以錢糧抵還國債數表,各國比較教民表,各國比較鐵甲快船表。
Source: Ma Honglin 馬洪林, Kang Youwei dazhuan 康有爲大專, Shenyang: Liaoning renmin chbsh, 1988, 308-9.

Huang Qingcheng 黃慶澄 (1863-1904) (Huang Yuchu 黃愚初), Zhong Xi putong shumu biao 中西普通書目表 , n.p. 1898, 1 vol. Preface by Sun Yirang 孫詒讓, his teacher. For information, on him, see

Zhong Xi shiwu leikao 《中西事務類攷》, 九卷, 1898 石印 lithography
Record: 東京大學東洋文化研究所 (source from: 東京大學東洋文化研究所漢籍分 類目錄) see also no. 16, But 24 j.

Yangwu jingji tongkao 《洋務經濟通攷》: 16卷 12 冊。光緒戊戌年 (1898)Shao Youlian 邵友濂 (=邵筱邨). 上海:鴻寳齋石印。Title on cover only 經濟通攷, but in the first volume table of contents with full title. One preface, 1898 by the Hongbaozhai zhuren, which is Ying Zuxi 應祖錫.

Riben shumu zhi 日本書目志, Kang Youwei 康有爲 (1858-1927), 15 j., 8 冊 Shanghai : Datong yishu ju, 大通譯書局, No date. Date spring 1898 given by editor of Kang Youwei quanji 康有爲全集, vol. 3, p. 1 on the basis of Shenbao advertising GX 24, 3d month, 30th day. Containing among many other things entries on Japanese encyclopedias seen by Kang Youwei. Apparently based on the classified section of 東京書籍出版営業者組合員書籍総目録 Tokyō Shoseki Shuppan Eigyōsha Kumiaiin shoseki sō mokuroku. Tokyo: 東京書籍出版営業者組合 Tokyō Shoseki Shuppan Eigyōsha Kumiai, 1893-1898. Included in Kang Youwei quanji 康有爲全集, vol. 3, Shanghai: Shanghai guji, 1992, pp. 583-1219.

Literature: Takeuchi Horiyuki: 竹内弘行,康有為『日本書目志』の一考察A Study on Kang Youwei's 康有為 Bibliography of Japanese Books (Ri-ben Shu-mu-zhi 日本書目志), 名古屋大學文學部研究論文集。哲學, The Journal of the Faculty of Literature, Nagoya University. Philosophy. 49 (2003) 77-95.

Teikoku hyakka zensho 帝国百科全書, 東京:Hakubunkan 博文館,1898-1908, about 200 volumes ranging from 肥料学 (no. 4) to 政治学史 (no. 125) and 社会進化論 (no. 189) length around 300 pp. Japanese.
At the Meiji website 184 volumes are listed.

Yang Yu 楊毓 comp., Yangwu fuqiang celun 洋務富強策論, Shanghai: Shanghai shuju 1898. Lithograph. Source:

Fan Zengze 范曾澤 comp., Shiwu ce facheng 時務策法程, Guangdong: Guangdong Jufengfang 廣東聚丰坊, 1898.

See also:

Reprint of Wanguo jinzheng kao (1896)

Reprint of: Wanguo yaofang/ 《萬國葯方》(1886) . Third revised edition, with an Index added. Shanghai: Meihua shuguan, 1898.上海美 華書館托杜柄記石印書局代印. Lithography.

Reprint of: Xixue qimeng shiliu zhong/ 《西學啓蒙十六種》(1885), at 上海圖書集成印書局.

Shanghai Mengxuebao 上海蒙學報 comp., Geguo zhengzhi yixue ce 各國政治藝學策; Geguo yixue ce 各國藝學策 , Shanghai: Shanghai mengxuebaoguan, Guangxu n.y. (1898). Lithograph. The date is inferred from the Mengxue bao, which appeared in 1898. Source:

Ge Ziyuan 葛自源, Yangwu shishi huibian 洋務時事彙編 , Shanghai: Shanghai shuju, 1898. Lithograph.


Wuzhou shishi huibao 五洲時事匯報, Qian yin ben. Chu ban zhou qi bu xiang. Irregular periodical.
Reproduction: Microfilm./ 1899./ [Beijing] :/ Zhonghua quan guo tu shu guan wen xian suo wei zhong xin,/ 1993./ 2 microfilm reels ; 16 cm.

See also:

Xixue fuqiang congshu , (1896) Shanghai: 小倉山房. Other title Fuqiang congshu 富強叢書


Xinyi Zhongguo jianghai xianyao tuzhi 《新譯中國江海險要圖志》 (Newly Translated Atlas of Strategic Locations of Rivers and Seas of China): 22 卷15冊。 英國海軍海圖官局原本。(内有1894年原敍)光緒庚子年(1900)。經世文社本. Translation of the third volume of Charles Henry Clarke Langdon ed., The China Sea Directory, COMPRISING THE COASTS OF CHINA FROM HONG KONG TO THE KOREA; NORTH COAST OF LUZON, FORMOSA ISLAND AND STRAIT; THE BABUYAN, BASHEE, AND MEIACO SIMA GROUPS.YELLOW SEA, GULFS OF PE-CHILI AND LIAU-TUNG. ALSO THE RIVERS CANTON, WEST, MIN, YUNG, YANGTSE, YELLOW, PEI HO, AND LIAU HO ; AND PRATAS ISLAND.Third edition, London: Hydrographic Office, 1894-96. Chen Shoupeng trsl. 陳 壽彭 (1855-) Prefaces: Yang Minzeng 楊敏曾,Huang Changzhi 黃裳治,Chen Jitong 陳季同 (the brother of the translator), translation of the original preface of the 1894 edition.。On Chen Shoupeng see Li Xiaoti, Jianli xin shiye, 14-21.
Reprint of Xinyi Zhongguo jianghai xianyao tuzhi : Beijing Shi :Xiamen Shi : Jiu zhou chu ban she ; Xiamen da xue chu ban she, 2004. [Di 1 ban.]
北京市 :廈門市 : 九州出版社 ; 廈門大學出版社, 2004.

Wan guo tong shi, qian bian. 萬國通史前編 , Rees, John Lambert, 1862- 李思倫白約翰 comp. and trsl. Cai Erkang, Cao Zenghan 蔡爾康, 曹曾涵 written down. English title: History of ancient and moderen nations. part 1. Ancient history. 10 juan / Shanghai : Guang xue hui, 1900. 10 v. : ill., folded maps ; 31 cm.

Xu Weize 徐維則。Dong Xi xue shulu 東西學書錄. 1899. 2 juan.

See also:
Reprint of: Wanguo shiji 萬國史記 (1879)


Wuzhou geguo zhengzhi kao 《五洲各国政治攷 》: 8卷6冊 。1901年 。 Lithograph. Shanghai??. Qian Xun 錢恂(錢念劬 Qian Nianqu) ed., 編 . Title on cover: Geguo zhengzhi kao. Preface by Chen Shuzhu 陳洙珠 from Jiangpu, Guangxu 27, 8th month. See also sequel in same year Wuzhou geguo zhengzhi kao xubian.

other title but same and volume/chapter number and same author:
Wudazhou geguo zhengzhi tongkao 《五大洲各國政治通攷》: 8卷6 冊. Qian Xun, ed., 錢恂編. 光緒壬寅年 (1902).古餘書局石印. Title most likely identical with Wuzhou geguo zhengzhi kao 《五洲各国政治攷 》 1901, same author, same length.

Geguo zhengzhi yixue fenlei quanshu 各國政治藝學分類全書, Shen Weiwen沈蔚文, (1876-1958) 東山書局, 1901.
一,總目 學校 Z2/5
二,政治 德國議院章程, 日本新政攷 Z2/5-2
三,政治 日本新政攷, 英政概, 法政概 Z2/5-3
四,英潘政概 , 財賦, 各國錢幣攷, 各國國債攷, 兵制, 德國軍制述要 Z2/5-4
五,兵制 英國水師攷 Z2/5-5
六,兵制 法國水師攷 ,美國水師攷 Z2/5-6
七,兵制, 列國陸軍制 Z2/5-7
八,兵制, 陸地戰志, 商務, 富國策 Z2/5-8
九-十,續富囯策 Z2/5-9-10
十一,保庶光要, 生利分利之別, 公法總論 Z2/5-11
十二,萬國公法 Z2/5-12
十三-十四,西側便覽 Z2/5-13-14
十五,代數須知, 天文須知, 地學須知, 聲學揭要 Z2/5-15
十六,光學揭要, 電學須知, 化學啓蒙 Z2/5-16
十七-十九,考工記要 Z2/5-17-19
二十,克伯砲彈造法, 葯餅造法, 製火藥法 Z2/5-20
二十一,礦學須知, 繪圖礦學攷, 新譯煤礦圖記 Z2/5-21
二十二,各國電政攷 Z2/5-22
二十三,鐵路紀要, 英國鐵路章程, 各國郵政攷, 泰西農學新法
二十四,繪圖農事論畧, 器務圖説, 紡織機器圖説, 儒門醫學 Z2/5-24
二十五,儒門醫學下, 泰西内科新說 Z2/5-25
二十六-二十七,大英國志 Z2/5-26-27
二十八-二十九,俄使輯譯 Z2/5-28-29
三十-三十一,法國新志 Z2/5-30-31
三十二,美利堅志 Z2/5-32

Li Timotai 李提摩太 (=Timothy Richard). Fenlei jingji shiwu celun 分類經濟時務策論 (Classified compendium of policy questions on statecraft and current affairs), Shanghai: Jieji shuju 介記書局, 1901. Lithograph.

In their edition together with Guochao yangwu xinlun 國朝洋務新論. Erlangen has a Yangwu xinlun 洋務新論in 6 ce. (Sign vw1002/2) and a 1902 edition of this work from the same bookstore under the title Fenlei yangwu jingji celun (zeng yangwu shisan pian xinzhengce) 分類洋務經濟策論(增洋務十三篇新政策)

Wanguo xinshi dashi kao 萬國新史大事考, Zhang Zhidong 張之洞 [1837-1909] jianding 鑑定, 18 j., 16 vols. Shanghai: Hanlan lou 漢藍樓, 1901. Lithograph.

Xixue tanyuan 西學談源, Okamoto, Kansuke 岡本監輔, (1839-1904), Shanghai: Shangwu yinshuguan, 1901, 2 vols. Simultaneous publication date Meiji 34. Original preface by 布衣河瀨長定, Japanese author. Foreign person and place Names in text marked with lines on side. Systematical introduction of Western studies, chapter headings: 學習,教育,倫理,藝業,省克,宏毅,仁儉,廉信,報國,講武,經濟,法律,言論,政事,君道,外交。

Wuzhou geguo zhengzhi kao xubian 《五洲各国政治攷续编》24 卷12冊: 1901年。Qian Xun ed., 錢恂 (1853-1927, ambassador to various European states) 編, Lithography. Preface by author 1901.

Guangxue leibian 廣學類編, by Tang Lanmeng 唐蘭孟, 李提摩太 eds., Ren Tingxu transl. 任廷旭,., Shanghai: Guangxuehui 廣學會,1901. 12 j. in 6 ce. English title at inside page: Handy cyclopedia, edited by Timothy Richard, D.D. Content organized in 12 categories (史事,地理,文學,格致,算學,商務,醫藥,權度, 婚禮,家務,營造,游獵). Intro in simple form of Western knowledge.

Reprints: Shanghai Guangxuehui, printing done by Commercial Press, 1903 in 2000 copies.

Wudazhou zhengzhi tongkao 《五大洲政治通攷》: 48卷12 冊。光緒 27 年(1901)。急 先務齋石印。

Zhong wai zhengyi cefu tongzong 中外政藝策府統宗, Chen Wenzhu 陳文洙
Shanghai: Zhongxi yishu hui 上海中西譯書會, 1901. 28 juan.

Xi shi gangmu. 西史綱目,Zhou Weihan 周維翰, 20 j. 10 vols. 1901. Lithograph. preface Guangxu 26 (1900), by a friend of the author. Richly illustrated with maps and examples of different writing systems. Modelled on Tongjian gangmu.

Reprinted in 1902-3, Shanghai: Jing shi wen she, [上海] : 經世文社, probably greatly expanded, has 35 juan and 18 volumes, set 1 with shanggu shi, history of antiquity, second set with zhonggu shi, history of middle ages.

Shiwu tongkao xubian/ 《時務通攷續編》: 31 卷 16 冊,光緒27 年 (1901) 。Qi Lu zhuren 杞盧主人(?), 上海: Dianshizhai 點石齋出版 , Preface 1 , 1898, by Wu Dacheng 吳大澂, preface 2 by Tang Shouqian 湯壽潛 Feb. 1901. Lithography. Tang Shouqian says in preface that the work has been compiled by the 點石齋主人, Qi Lu zhuren not mentioned. Ascription might be due to the fact that this author compiled the Shiwu tongkao, 1897.

Shiwu tongkao 《時務通攷》: 82 卷28 冊。Chen Xiang 陳驤編。 光緒27 年 (1901) . 求賢講舍刊, 上海?

Yang Yuhui 楊毓煇. Gezhi zhiping tongyi 格致治平通議 (General discussion of the sciences and good rulership), Shanghai: Hongbao shuju, 1902.

Taixi yixue tongkao 《泰西藝學通攷》(A Comprehensive Compendium of Western Technical Learning):16 卷24冊。He Liangdong ed., 何良 棟編。Xu Yuzhu徐毓洙 corrected, 光緒 辛丑年 (1901) 。Shanghai, Hongbao shuju, lithograph 上海鴻寳書局石印。 Preface by publisher, 1901. Preface by Xu Yuzhu 徐毓洙 (xiaoxian 嘯僊). Technical equipment, science and technologies. No political institutions.

See also:
Reprint of Wanguo jinzheng kao (1896), 萬國近政攷, 16卷, 4 冊, (1901) Publisher: 三借盧 (Shanghai??) 元和 江建霞萍鄉 黃愛棠 先生鑒定 / Jiang Jianshuang 江建霞, Huang Ai-tang 黃愛棠 corrected jianding, 16j. 4 冊 Published:s.l. : 後學鮑廷兊書局. Houxue Baotingdui shuju .., 光緒辛丑年 [1901] 。 Printed by: 三借盧 Sanjie lu. Preface by Sun Naide 孫乃德 Guangxu 21 (1895), Preface by Xie Fucheng. New preface by Sun Naide 孫乃德 (蔚卿), Guangxu 21 (1895), followed by preface by Xue Fucheng.

Xixue shumu dawen 西學書目答問 Zhao Weixi 趙惟熙,Guangxu 27, 1901, Guiyang, Guiyang xueshu, 貴陽學署.

Wuzhou jiao’an jilue 五洲教案紀略,Richard, Timothy (1845-1919) 李,提摩太 outlined 命意, Lin Chaoqi 林朝圻 recorded 達旨. Shanghai Guangxuehui jiaokan 1901. 上海 廣學會校刊 1901. Physical Details: 3, 3, 24 double ℓ. 24 cm.

Zou Tao 鄒弢 (1850-1931), Wanguo jinzheng kaolüe 萬國近政考略 [An Investigation of the Recent Policies of All Nations] Shanghai: San Lu jielu, 1901. Source: Mentioned in Li Hsiao-t’I, Late Qing Encyclopaedias: Establishing a New Enterprise.

Guangyishi zhuren 廣益室主人 comp., Huangchao xinxue leizuan 皇朝新學類纂, Shanghai: Shanghai guangyi shushi, 1901, Lithography. Chapter Headings: 计分十类:天文、地学、道学、政学、文学、武学、农学、工学、商学、杂学。Claim:” 凡有关于世事而为今日之急务者,无不删繁而节取之,厘然井肰,有条不紊” and “是书之出虽无补于经济之学,而有志揣摩者未必不因是书裨益也。” Quotations from:

Zhao Kuan 趙寬 comp., Shiwu tiaochen 時務條陳, Shanghai: Jichengbao guan, 1901. Metal fonts. Source:

Putongxue wenda 普通學問答, 1901, Lithography. Source:

Is probably identical with:

Putongxue wenda quanshu 普通學問答全書, Shao Xi 邵羲 (Zhendong 振東) tr.Shanghai: Commercial Press, 1901 ff.
No. 1: Zhongguo lishi wenda 中國歷史問答 (1904). This is probably a translation of 支那歴史問答 from the Fuzanbo series of the same name 1895.
No 5: Xuexiao guanlifa wenda 学校管理法问答(十一章)(1902)This is probably a translation of the Japanese work by the same title from the congshu by the same title from the Fuzanbo Publishers, 1895. The Bianyi putong jiaoyu baike quanshu (1903) also includes a book by this title that might be the same.
No. 6: Diwenxue wenda 地文學問答 (1906) This is probably a translation of the book by the same title from the Fuzanbo congshu by the same name, 1895. The Bianyi putong jiaoyu baike quanshu (1903) also includes a book by this title that might be the same.

Xinji fenlei shiwu jinghua 新輯分類時務精華, Duan Zhaoyong 段兆鏞 comp. 1901. Lithography. Source:

See also:
Reprint of Yangwu jingji tongkao (1898)

Reprint of Xixue tongkao (1898)

Reprint of Zhongxi suanxue dacheng (1897)

Reprint of Xinyi Zhongguo jianghai xianyao tuzhi (1900)


Wuzhou zheng yi cuoyao 《五洲政藝撮要》 (Extracts of Government and Technical Learning of the Five Continents ):26卷6 冊。Xiao Deji ed., 肖德驥 編。 光緒28年 (1902)。 夢孔山房佼印。 Information source: Zhong Shaohua .

Fenlei shiwu tongzuan/ 《分類時務通纂》:300卷 3函 24 冊。Chen Changshen 陳昌紳 編。Preface 1 by Yue Tangzhen, 越湯震, 光緒28 年( 1902) Preface 2 by author Guangxu 24, (1898) written at the 龍門書院。 上海: 文瀾書局石印。Preface by author might indicate that there was an 1898 edition,possibly published by the 龍門書院 in Shanghai.
v. 1-2. Nei zheng lei -- v. 3-4. Nei zheng lei, wai jiao lei -- v. 5. Li cai lei -- v. 6-7. Li cai lei, jing wu lei -- v. 8. Jing wu lei, ge wu lei -- v.9-10. Ge wu lei, kao gong lei. Contents:v. 1-2. 内政類 -- v. 3-4. 内政類, 外交類 -- v. 5.理財類 -- v. 6-7. 理財類, 經武類 -- v. 8. 經武類, 格物類 -- v.9-10. 格物類, 考工類.
Reprint, Beijing tushuguan 2005.

Qin Rongguang 秦榮光 comp., Zhong xi jingji celun tongkao 中西經濟策論通考. Shanghai: Shenliu dushutang 深柳讀書堂1902.

Lieguo zhengzhi tongkao 《列國政治統攷》:18卷 12 冊。Jian Zhai ed., 漸 齋編。光緒28年 (1902)。 天津開文書局石印。

Wanguo zhengzhi yixue quanshu/ 《萬國政治藝學全書》:380 卷 54 冊。 Zhu Dawen朱大文, Ling Gengyang, eds. 淩賡颺合編。 光緒20-28年( 1894-1902)。 上海:鴻文書局石印。

Xixue santong / 《西學三通》 Zhang Jian 張謇 (1853-1926) writes character on cover. Xie Ruochao 謝若潮jian ding 鑒定,conceptualized, Yuan Zonglian 袁宗濂 Yan Zhiqing 晏志清 bian ji, compiled. Preface Guangxu 28 (1902) by Xie Ruochao. , Shanghai 萃新書館藏珍, printed by Shanghai 文盛堂 with lithography. Section 1: v. 1-40》 西政通典 Xizheng tongdian--[—Section 2: [v. 41-72] 西史通志 Xi shi tongzhi —Section 3: [v. 73-130] 西藝通考. Xi yi tong kao. Preface in section 1: Tao Jun 陶鈞。 Same in section 2 and 3.

Yixue tongzuan 《藝學通纂》,(Compendium of Technical Learning): 14 類 88卷12冊。 Ma Jianzhong ed., 馬建忠 。 光緒壬寅年(1902)。Preface by Luo Zhenyu 羅振玉 Shanghai, Shanghai Wenlin, lithograph, 上海文林石印。Summary in paper by Li Xiaoti, Jianli xi shiye, pp. 3-7.

Wuzhou zhengyi congbian / 《五洲政藝丛编》:160 卷54冊。 1902年。 Shanghai: Hongbao shuju上 海宏宝书局 Lithography. Preface 1902 by Lu Maoxun 陸懋勳 (a jinshi of 1898)

Huangchao zhanggu huibian / 《皇朝掌故彙編》 100 j. Zhang Shouyong comp. 張壽鏞 (b. 1876) , 1902, 求實書社 60 冊 6 函 1902 , pref by Sun Rongzhi 孫榮枝 . Contains detailed info on jiaqing, daoguang, tongzhi and guangxu reigns up to xinzheng new policies of early 1900s. in old Yenching tushuguan Peking, R 9301/1348. Table of contents in Teng Ssu-yu, Yenching tushuguan, p. 86. reprint in Jin dai Zhongguo shi liao cong kan 3 bian 近代中國史料叢刊三編: di 13 ji ; 121-130 近代中國史料叢刊三編: 第十三輯; 121-130 Notes : Reprint. Originally published: Huang chao zhang gu hui bian. Nei bian. 1902. Subject : LinkChina -- History -- Qing dynasty, 1644-1912 -- Sources. Jin dai Zhongguo shi liao cong kan 3 bian ; 121-130. Entire wai part deals with relations with West and new institutions.

Wuzhou shulüe 五洲述略, Xiao Yingchun 蕭應椿,:[China] : Zitengguan, Guangxu 28 [1902] [China] : 紫藤館, 光緖 28 [1902] printed with metal fonts. 4 j. in 6 v. Preface by Li Xi 李熙. Compilation had been started in 1898 summer. Has index of reference materials used in the beginning after fanli. No other works by this author in Worldcat. Among reference list one finds Osaka paper, the 知新報, 中外日報,萬國公報, 英國日報,東京日日報.

Zhouli zhengyao 周禮政要, Sun Yirang 孫詒讓 (1848-1908), Rui’an: Putong xuetang, 1902,2 j.
Systematic comparison of Zhouli Institutions with those from the West by author of most important Zhouli commentary. Many reprints, such as
Pingdian Zhouli zhengyao 評點周禮政要,上海: 日新圖書局, 1902

Xinxue beizuan 新學備纂, Jianzhai zhuren 漸齋主人, Tianjin: Kaiwen shuju, 開文書局 1902. Lithograph print. Preface by Jianzhai zhuren. 26 juan. Grouped in big segments, 天學, 地質學, 地文學,地誌學, 全體學,心靈學, 動物學,植物學,微生物學,光學,聲學,重學, 熱學,汽機學, 電學,化學,算學,圖學,農學,工學, 牧學,商學,礦學,醫學,兵學,Literature: Amelung paper at Heidelberg workshop.

Watanabe Tarō 渡部,太郎, Nōgyō hyakka 農業百科, Osaka 大阪:鍾美堂, 1902.

Huangchao jingshi wenbian wu ji 皇朝經世文編五集, compiled by Qiushizhai 求是齋. Preface Hongxuezhai zhu 鴻雪齋主 Guangxu 28, 1902, Liyan 例言 by Qiushizhai zhuren 求是齋主人, Guangxu 28, 7th month. Lithography printed by 上海宜今室 in Shanghai. 32 j. 6 冊.
Internal title: Shiwu fenlei wenbian 時務分類文編. The chapter headings give for each of the 32 chapters the number under this title. A large collection of Chinese writings on Western institutions for reference in the Xinzheng policies that started in this year.

Gan Han 甘韓, Huangchao jingshiwen xinbian xuji 《皇朝經世文新編續集》, lithography reproduction, no publ., 1902, 21 j, 18 vols. Contains, among others things, useful list of different transcriptions of foreign place names.

Gembun ichi futsûgaku zensho 言文一致普通学全書 , Fuzanbō editorial Dept. 富山房編輯部編,
Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1902-1903. At least 15 volumes. Japanese.

Hōsei taii 法制大意, in Gembun ichi futsûgaku zensho 言文一致普通学全書 , Fuzanbō editorial Dept. 富山房編輯部編 no. 7. Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1902, 155 pp. Japanese.

Futsûgaku zensho 普通学全書, Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編, vol. 1-16 (1902-1906). The titles of the earlier series by this publisher tended to end with 新書,the new titles mostly start with 新. Japanese.

Nihon chiri, 日本地理, in Futsûgaku zensho 普通学全書 no. 1, Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編,明35.10 (1902) comp. By Fuzanbō Editorial Department. Japanese.

Xu Weize 徐維則 comp. Gu Xieguang 顧爕光 enlarged. Zengban Dong Xi xue shulu 增版東西學書錄, 4 juan, supplement 2 juan. N.p. 1902.

Li Timotai 李提摩太(=Timothy Richard). Fenlei yangwu jingji celun (zeng yangwu shisan pian, xinzheng ce) 分類洋務經濟策論(增洋務十三篇新政策), Shanghai: Jieji shuju 介記書局, 1902. Lithograph. Enlarged edition of 1901 from same publisher,which is one of the Shanghai branches set up by the Dianshizhai. The individual contributions by Richard included here are dated.
The table of contents of this edition is entitled Shishi xinlun zongmu 時事新論總目. In the margins of the pages, the chapters are numbered according to 時事 1,2,3,4,5,6. The juan breaks, however, do not correspond to the table of contents. The table of contents signals 3 juan, the book has 6. However, the individual pieces in there correspond to the table of contents. The breaks: juan 1 and two in the places indicated in table of content. Juan 3: starts in the middle of ToC 2 with 築路. Juan 4: starts where ToC starts juan 3. Juan 5: starts in the middle of ToC 3 with 利源. Juan 6: starts with ToC juan 4. Nothuing is to be seen of the two items mentioned as additional items on cover page 增洋務十三篇, 新政策 either in ToC or in the edition at hand.

See also:

Reprint of Wuzhou geguo zhengzhi kao (1901)

Reprint of Yangwu jingji tongkao (1898, 1901)

Reprint of: Wuzhou tongkao 五洲圖考 (1898) .

Reprint of: Wanguo tongjian (1882) in Xixue fuqiang congshu
Enlarged reprint of: Xixue fuqiang congshu 西學富強叢書, Shanghai: Rixin she日新社. New parts: Ying cheng jie yao 營城掲要, 2卷 附圖, 2 juan fu tu,
傅蘭雅口譯 徐壽筆述. 徐壽, ed. John Fryer orally translated; Xu Shou noted down.

Reprint of: Xi shi gangmu (1901)
Anon. Shishi caixin huixuan 時事采新彚選, np. No publisher, 1902. 20 vols. Metal fonts. Annual publication of news clippings, 1902-1907.
"Shou lu 1902 zhi 1907 nian Qing Guangxu chao ting de zheng shi dong tai, yu zhi, zou zhe he si shi yu jia Zhong wai bao kan fa biao de xin wen, zheng lun deng jin 7,000 pian wen zhang"--Chu ban shuo ming.
Reprint. Each page represents two leaves of the original.
20 v. ; 27 cm.

Liu Shouzeng 劉壽曾 comp., Jingshi shiwu celun caixin 經史時務策論菜新, 1902, Lithograph. Source:


Xinyi lieguo zhengzhi tongkao/ 新譯列國政治統攷: Yang Shijun 楊士鈞 24 v. 光緒 29 年 (1903). Shanghai: 蜚英書局 lithograph. Preface Guangxu 28 (1902) by Wen Tingshi 文廷式 (1856-1904), author of a History of the Sino-Japanese war, and a Zhongxing zheng yao 中興政要 (1894)– Two boxes, 24 vols, 220 j. According to the preface, the book had been finished in Guangxu 21 (1895). Specifically to offer scholars who need this knowledge for modern times a solid base. Organization under 11 headings, men 門, each with a number of subheadings, ze 則, which again contain many items, often country by country : 學校 (24),軍制(30), 管制(16), 刑律(12), 禮俗(24),商務(46),稅則(8),國用(44), 邦交(4), 郵電(4), 宗教(8)。No illustrations.

Quandi wu da zhou nü su tongkao 全地五大洲女俗通考第1集, Lin Lezhi 林樂知 (Allen, Young John) (1836-1907), and Ren Baoluo 任保羅 trsl. : Shanghai : Huamei shuju, 1903 上海 : 華美書局, 1903 2 v. : ill., maps ; 29 cm. Distributed by the 上海廣學會編行. Translation of Amand Freiherr von Schweiger-Lerchenfeld (1846-1910), Woman in all lands, which is an English translation of Das Frauenleben der Erde. Wien: Hartleben 1881.

Putong baike quanshu 普通百科全書, prefaces by Tang Shouqian 湯壽潛 and Zheng Shaolian 鄭紹濂, Shanghai: Huiwenshe 會文社, 1903. Alternative title for Bianyi putong jiaoyu baike quanshu. See information under this entry.

Wanguo xin dizhi/ 《萬國新地誌》: 1本,英國 雷文斯頓著于 1902年, Published by the Englishman Livingston 雷文斯頓 (?) in 1902, He Yujie trsl. 何育傑譯,光緒29年 (1903) 10月,上海通社出版。

(A work of the same title by Takagi Yogorō 高城與五郎, Tokyo, 四書, 堂1894 (a revised edition) is listed in NACSIS, but it is not marked as a translation.)

Zhong wai cewen daguan 中外策問大觀, Lei Jin 雷縉, Lu Runyang 陸潤庠 [鳳石] [1841-1914]
28 j., 10 vols. Shanghai (?): Yangengshan zhuang 硯耕山莊, 1903, Lithography.

Zhong wai shiwu cewen leibian dacheng 中外時務策問類編大成, Qiushizhai 求實齋, Lithograph, 32 chapters, 12 vols., 1903. Preface 1903 by Ling Lianghan 淩良翰. Consists of questions plus authored answers.

Wanguo lishi huibian 萬國歷史彙編,Jiang Ziyun 江子雲 deng zuan: [100 juan] ,Shanghai : Guan shu ju 官書局, (Qing) Guangxu 29 [1903] 16 v. (double leaves) in case. 20 cm.

Wuzhou shilei huibiao 五洲事類匯表, Zhao Shiyuan 趙士元, Kong Zhaofu 孔昭紱 eds., ; Wang Houchang 汪厚昌參訂 Zhang Tingyan corr. 張廷彥校勘, Shanghai : Renji shuju, Guangxu gui mao [1903] 上海 : 仁記書局, 光緖癸卯 [1903] 20 v. (double leaves) in case ; 21 cm. 1903. 48 j. 20 v. (double leaves) in 2 cases. ; 21 cm.

Taixi shiwu congkao 泰西事物叢考 8 j. 比國 (Belgian) 赫師慎 comp. Zhu Fei 朱飛 and others trsl. Wu Bangsheng ed. 吳邦升,1903 Shanghai: Hongbaozhai 鴻寶齋 lithogr. Guangxu 29, second month. Preface 1 by Wu Bangsheng 吳邦升, preface 2 by 比國 (Belgian) 赫師慎 1902.. At the beginning of ch. 1 where the actual text starts, it says translated by the jiaoshi from the Xuhuibao guan 徐匯報館教師譯. This must be the paper edited in Xujiahui in Shanghai by Catholic missionaries.

Waiguo diming renming cidian/ 《外國地名人名辭典》: 1 部精裝, Sakamoto Kenichi 阪本健一 (1874-) ed., 日本文學士 阪本健一 編, 新學會社譯編發行,comp. and trsl. 寧波 新學會社, publ. Shanghai, 新學會社支點, printed 日本東京并木活版所 印刷, 光緒30年(1903) Feb一版. Preface by Jiang Qipeng 江起鵬 . In preface two translators mentioned Yuan Junzhi 苑均之, and Wu Lielun 鄔烈倫, both worked with friends who were studying in Japan. They seemed to have formed the Ningbo xinxue huishe. Original title: Gaikoku chimei jinmei jiten. Of this I find an enlarged edition, Tokyo: Hobunkan 寳文館 1903 at LOC and Keio University. This edition has been reprinted in Tokyo: Ozorasha, 1996 under the title Zōtei gaikoku chimei jinmei jiten. Organized according to Western alphabet. 526 pp text, 160 pp. Indexes. (Has entry on Darwin 4 lines). Reprints, 1904, 1906, 1914.

Xin erya 《新爾雅》 1冊, Wang Rongbao (1878-1933), Ye Lan, comp. 王榮寶,葉瀾。 1903年,上海, Guoxue she 國學社. Ye Lan data in Li Xiaoti, Jianli xin shiye, 21-25. Distributed by the Mingquan she 明權社 。Photoreprint of this edition in Shinjiga to sono go-i : kenkyû, sakuin, eiinbon fu 新爾雅とその語彙 : 研究,索引,影印本付 / Shin Kokui hencho 沈國威 編著, Tôkyô : Hakuteisha 白帝社, 1995. Later editions: 1906.

Xinxue da congshu/ 《新學大叢書》: 120卷32 冊. 光緒29年 (1903),Shanghai: Jishan qiaoji shuju 上海積山喬記書局石印 Lithography。 Preface by Yu Yue 俞樾 Guangxu 29 (1903). No author given. Liang Qichao? Contains full texts of Chinese and (translated) Japanese essays of relevance for contemporary state administration. Classification in ten topical groups, gang 綱, namely 政法,理財,兵學,文學,哲學,格致,教育,商業,農學,工藝, under which the specific articles deal with particular countries.

Liang Qichao 梁啟超, Chong ding fenlei yinbingshi wenji quanbian 重訂飲冰室文集 全編, Shanghai: Guangyi shuju 廣益書局, 1903. This is most likely the basis for the Yinbingshi wenji leibian 飲冰室文集類編, Tokyo: Shimokōbe Hangorō, 1904.

Bianyi putong jiaoyu baike quanshu/ 《編譯普通教育百科全書》, Alternative title: Putong baike quanshu 普通百科全書, Fan Diji 范廸吉 (Zhenshi 枕石) directing the translation; editors: Huang Chaojian 黃朝鋻, Li Sishen 李思慎, Zhang Zhensheng 張振聲, Gu Fujia 顧福嘉editors; :100卷 100 冊,光緒29年(1903),上海會文學社出版. Translation: 東華譯書社 Japanese Chinese Translation Publishers. Shanghai: Huiwenshe 會文社, 1903

Prefatory matter: Prefaces by Tang Shouqian 湯壽潛 (Tang Zhen 湯震) (1856-1917 )(1902), who gives yet another title to the work through the title of his preface, which is 新譯日本普通百科全書敍 ; Li Sishen 李思慎 , Zheng Shaolian 鄭紹濂, and one by Zhe Chenyong 哲臣用in seal script. A statement “General purpose of the work,” 本書之宗旨, a statement on the “Content of the work” 本書之内容, a statement “On the reasons of the Dong Hua yishe compiling and translating this work, 東華譯社編譯本書之原因, a fanli 凡例 for the book, the general table of contents, ending with a list of the 38 reference works used in compiling the encyclopaedia. An illustrative index 簡明目錄 with short characterizations of the works that have been included in translation. The publishing house was set up in 1903 by Tang Shouqian 湯壽潛 and Shen Lin 沈霖 (Shen Yulin 沈玉林). The name of the Shanghai company publishing the Chinese edition suggests that it was done with Japanese financial support. The material is structured in three segments: “Questions and Answers” 17 groups; “General knowledge” 普通學 12 groups; and “sciences” 科學in 62 groups. The entire work has some 3 million characters (Introductions, p. 6a). The material is selected and translated from the volumes of the Japanese Imperial Encyclopedia Teikoku hyakka zensho 帝国百科全書, 東京:博文館, 1898-1908 that had appeared up to 1903, as well as the study material collection Futsūgaku mondō zensho 普通学問答全書 (Complete anthology of answers to questions on general sciences) that had been published by Fuzanbō 富山房 publishers, one of the main publishing houses of translations and original works for popular education. Some quotations from the prefaces in the article by Zou Zhenhuan.

Fan Diji also translated educational works from Japanese, such as Fujimato Ri 藤本理, Wuji huaxue jiangyi 無機化學講義 (1908), and a work on Swedish style gymnastics, Ruidian shi ti cao jiaokeshu 瑞典式體操教科書 (1906)

In the Beginner’s Section 初級學 most of the titles are taken from the Questions and Answers series of Fuzanbō.
2. Riben lishi wenda 日本歴史問答 based on work with the same title, which is 普通学問答全書 第3編 of Fuzanbō publisher, Tokyo 1894.
3. Shijie lishi wenda 世界歴史問答, based on work with the same title, which is 普通学問答全書 第5編 of Fuzanbō publisher, Tokyo , 1894.
4. Riben dili wenda 日本地理問答, based on work with the same title, which is 普通学問答全書 第1編 of Fuzanbō publisher, Tokyo , 1894.

Some examples from the Putongxue section: 普通學
2.Wanguo xin lishi 萬國新歷史 based on 万国新歴史, which is 第5編 of 普通学全書 series of Fuzanbō publisher, Tokyo , 1891.

Vol. 1: Prefaces, fanli, table of contents.

Chapter 11. Lunlixue wenda 論理学問答 (Questions and answers on Logic) .
This is a translation of Fuzanbō ed., 富山房編, Ronrigaku mondō 論理学問答, Tokyo: 富山房, 明29.12. - (普通学問答全書 ; 第18篇), 1896.

Chapter 20: Qi zhong xianxiang xue 気中現象学, which is a section from the Japanese translation of Chambers’ Information for the People (1885)

Chapter 24: Takebi Shin no Suke 田辺,新之助 (1862-1944)Wanguo dili xinshu 万国地理新書, which is from Futsūgaku zensho 普通学全書 20, Tokyo, Fuzanbō 富山房. 1892.

Chapter 27: Hatta Sarō 八田,三郎(1865−1935); Ishikawa Chometsu 石川,千代松 (1860−1935) Dongwuxue xinshu 動物学新書, which is from Futsūgaku zensho 普通学全書 24, Tokyo, Fuzanbō 富山房. 1892.

Chapter 32: Fuzanbō 富山房 comp., Meishu xinshu 美術新書, which is from Futsūgaku zensho 普通学全書 10, Tokyo, Fuzanbō 富山房. 1891.

Chapter 43: Ikebukuro Hidetarō 池袋秀太郎, Jingji fanlun 經濟汎輪
This is a translation of Ikebukuro Hidetarō 池袋秀太郎, Keizai hanron 経済汎論, Tokyo, Hakubunkan 1901, which is vol. 70 in the Teikoku hyakka zensho 帝国百科全書, 東京:博文館,1898-1908.. Japanese.

chapter 44 Shangye jingji 商業經濟, Author 法學士 清水泰吉 Shimizu Taikichi
This is a translation of Shimizu Taikichi 清水泰吉, Shōgyō keizaigaku 商業経済学 ,Tokyo: Hakubunsha 1899, which is vol. 38 in the Teikoku hyakka zensho 帝国百科全書, 東京:博文館, which is.

chapter 48 Hōjō Motoatsu北條元篤 and Kumagai Naota雄谷直太 eds. trsl., Guoji gongfa 國際公法.
This is a translation of Kokusai kōhō 国際公法, which is vol. 23 in the Teikoku hyakka zensho 帝国百科全書, 東京:博文館,1899, Japanese. The original work is Hall, William Edward (1836-1894), International Law (Oxford: Clarendon, 1880).

chapter 49 Nakamura Tarō 中村太郎,Guoji sifa 國際私法
This is a translation of Nakamura Tarō 中村太郎, Kokusai Shihō 国際私法 , Tokyo Hakubunkan, 1898, which is vol. 22 in the Teikoku hyakka zensho帝国百科全書, 東京:博文館, 1898-1908.

Chapter 50: Tanaka Jirō 田中次郎(1873-1931), Riben diguo xianfa lun 日本帝國憲法論 by.
This is a translation of Tanaka Jirō 田中次郎, Nihon teikoku kempō ron, Tokyo: Hakubunkan, 1899, which is vol. 33 of the Teikoku hyakka zensho 帝国百科全書, 東京:博文館,1898-1908.

Chapter 60: Julius Herrmann von Kirchmann (1802-1884), Zhexue fanlun 哲學汎論, Translation from the Japanese Tetsugaku hanron 哲學汎論, Fujii Kenjiro 藤井健治郎(1872-1931) tr. , Tokyo: Hakubunkan, 1899. This is the introduction to Kirchmann’s Katechismus der Philosophie, Leipzig, 1877, p. 2-25.This is Teikoku hyakka zenshu no. 35. In table of contents of Chinese edition, German author not mentioned. But “age of global culture” 近日宇宙文化達開明之極點。

Chapter 61: Kanie Yishimaru 蟹江義丸 (1872-1904), Xiyang zhexue shi 西洋哲學史 (History of Western Philosophy)
This is a translation of Kanie Yishimaru 蟹江義丸, Seiyō tetsugaku shi 西洋哲學史, Tokyo: Hakubunkan, 1899, which is Teikoku hyakka zensho vol 32.

Chapter 62: Eduard v. Hartmann (1842-1906), Zongjiao zhexue 宗教哲學 (Philosophy of religion)
This is a retranslation of Eduard v. Hartmann, Shūkyō Tetsugaku 宗教哲學, tr. By Anezaki Masaharu 姉崎,正治(1873-1949), Tokyo : Hakubunkan, 1898, which is vol. 5 of Teikoku hyakka zensho. Refers to Eduard von Hartmann, Das Religiöse Bewusstsein der Menschheit im Stufengang seiner Entwicklung. Berlin 1882.

Chapter 64: Kimura Takatarō 木村鷹太郎 (1870-1931)Dongyang xiyang lilunxue shi 東洋西洋倫理學史 (History of Eastern and Western Ethics)
This is a translation of Kimura Takatarō, Tōyō seiyō rinrigaku shi 東洋西洋倫理學史, Tokyo: Hakubunkan, 1898, which is vol. 3 of Teikoku hyakka zensho .

Wanguo lishi huibian 萬國歷史彙編, Jiang Ziyun 江子雲 deng zuan: [100 juan, ]Shanghai : Guan shu ju 官書局, (Qing) Guangxu 29 [1903] 16 v. (double leaves) in case. 20 cm

Shehui tongquan 社會通詮 / [英] 甄克思 著 ; 嚴復 譯 / [Ying] Chenkesi, author; Yan Fu, tr., Guangxu 29 (1903) 北京 : 商務印書館, (translates Edward Jenks, A History of Politics, Temple Primers, London, 1900.) . Reprint of Chinese edition Beijing: Shangwu 1981 Description:x, 160 p. Series: 嚴譯名著叢刊 ; 3
The Temple Primers are an encyclopedia in the form of a series of relatively short books on given topics. They interact with the Goeschen Series in Germany, which has a similar format and of which they translate quite a few titles.

Huangchao zhengdian leizuan / 《皇朝政典類纂》 , 500 j. , 119 冊22函 ,1903, Shanghai, 圖書集成書局, Xi Yufu 席裕福 et al. comp. Pref. By author and by Lü Haihuan 呂海寰 。Description : 50 v. ; 22 cm. Reprinted in series : Jin dai Zhongguo shi liao cong kan xu bian : di 88-92 ji ; 871-920 近代中國史料叢刊續編: 第88-92 輯 ; 871-920. Notes : Bbibliography: v. 1, p. 11-24. Shen, Shixu沈師徐 . Table of contents in teng ssu-yu, p. 86 f.

Xi shi gangmu chu han, er han 西史綱目初函二函, 35 j., 18 vols. (v. 1-10 chu han Shanggu shi 上古史, v. 11-18, er han Zhonggu shi 中古史). Maps. Shanghai, 經世文社, 1903, Xi shi gangmu. 西史綱目,Zhou Weihan 周維翰, 20 j. 10 vols. 1901. Lithograph. preface Guangxu 26 (1900), by a friend of the author. Richly illustrated with maps and examples of different writing systems. Modelled on Tongjian gangmu. The first part is a reprint of Xi shi gangmu (1901)

Xinji zengtu shiwu huitong/ 《新輯增圖時務匯通》: 180卷 32冊。Li Zuodong李作棟 編。 光緒29 年(1903)。 上海:崇新書局石印。 Alternative inside title: Xinji shiwu huitong 新輯時務匯通. Autobiographical preface by Li Zuodong, Guangxu 29 (1903). Preface by Liu Yutai 劉宇泰 also 1903. It is organized in twelve men 門, namely 天文, 地理, 政治, 工藝, 學教, 外交, 武備,理財, 商務,宗教, 鑛務,農學.

Taixi renwu yunbian/ 《泰西人物韻編》: 5 卷, Wang Gengsheng, ed., 汪更生 編. 1903 , Shanghai, Shanghai shuju, lithograph, 上海書局石印.

Taixi geguo mingren yanxinglu/ 《泰西各國名人言行錄》: 16卷4冊, 聖教會藏本printed on inside of cover. Zhang Zhaorong, ed., 張兆蓉 preface, dated 1903. , probably the compiler of the Chinese edition. in the 中西學堂. Second preface by a Japanese, Ishigawa Toshiyuki 石川利之 written in Meiji 26 (1893) in Chinese. This might be a Chinese edition of a Japanese work. The original might have been written in Chinese. No translator is given. Lithography. A list of sources is given, divided into “Books written by Chinese” such as Wei Yuan’s Haiguo tuzhi or Wang Tao’s Faguo zhilue 法國志略; “books already translated Japanese books,” 已譯東文書, such as 世界商業史or 經國美談 (Orig.: Keikoku bidan); “already translated Western books” such as the Old and New Testaments, 博物新編,羅馬志略, 民約論; “still untranslated Western books” such as 希臘古史and “still untranslated Japanese books.”such as 萬國史要. Many of these books appeared in translation or were written after the date of the Japanese preface. This list seems to signal that book was compiled in China. Maps of foreign countries of low quality. Includes a map of the US.

Other editions:
State Library Berlin, has different edition in 6 冊. No date, place or publisher. Preface by Zhang Zhaorong, 張兆蓉, 1903. Japanese preface not in here. Maps completely redrawn and of a much higher quality that in the above-mentioned edition. Selection different. In this edition on India, Russia, and maps of European states. No map of the US. The text body of the two editions, however is the same in layout and content. One is the photolithography copy of the other.

Edition in 2 冊 publ. by Jinghong shuju, 精宏書局排印。 光緒29 年(1903)and 張兆蓉 編.

Kyōiku gaku 教育学, in Gembun ichi futsûgaku zensho 言文一致普通学全書 , Fuzanbō editorial Dept. 富山房編輯部編 no. 9, Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1903, 141 pp. Japanese.

Eiseigaku 衛生学, in Gembun ichi futsûgaku zensho 言文一致普通学全書 , Fuzanbō editorial Dept. 富山房編輯部編 no. 10, 137 pp. , Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1903, 141 pp. Japanese

Shōgyō itsuban 商業一班, Gembun ichi futsûgaku zensho言文一致普通学全書 , Fuzanbō editorial Dept. 富山房編輯部編 no. 11, Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1903, 180 pp. Japanese

Nōgyō itsuban 農業一斑, Gembun ichi futsûgaku zensho 言文一致普通学全書 , Fuzanbō editorial Dept. 富山房編輯部編 no. 14, Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1903, 156pp. Japanese

Bokigaku 簿記学, Gembun ichi futsûgaku zensho 言文一致普通学全書 , Fuzanbō editorial Dept. 富山房編輯部編 no. 15, Tokyo: Fuzanbō 1903, 174 pp. Japanese

Shanghai Zhong Xi yishu hui 上海中西譯書會 comp., Fenlei geguo yixue ce 分類各國藝學策, Shanghai: Shanghai Zhong Xi yishu hui, 1903. Information:

Xu Yuzhu 徐毓洙 comp., Shiwu cefu tongzong 時務策府統宗, Shanghai: Shanghai shuji 1903, Lithography. Source:

Taixi shiwu congkao 泰西事務叢考, Shanghai Xu Huibaoguan jiaoshi 上海徐匯報館教士 tr. (Harvard: 朱飛. 赫師慎口授 Heshishen oral translation; Zhu Fei tr. 朱飛譯 ; Wu Bangsheng ed. 吳邦升. Shanghai: Hongbaozhai, 1903, 8 juan, Lithography. Preface 1 by Wu Bangsheng 吳邦升, preface 2 by 比國 (Belgian) 赫師慎 1902. The Huibao with the French title Revue pour Tous was edited in Xujia hui in Shanghai. It appeared twice weekly.

Huang Qing zhengzhixue wenda chu bian 皇清政治學問答初編, which is Putong jiaoke wenda quanshu 普通教育問答全書1, Shanghai: Shanghai wenming yinshuju, 1903.

Huang Qing zhengzhixue wenda er bian 皇清政治學問答二編, which is Putong jiaoke wenda quanshu 普通教育問答全書2。 Shanghai: Shanghai wenming yinshuju, 1903.

See also:
Reprint of: Guangxue leibian 《廣學類編》 (1901)

Yu Baoxuan 于寶軒 ed., Huangchao xu’ai wenbian 皇朝蓄艾文編, Shanghai: Guanshu ju官書局, 1903, 80 juan.Preface: Zhang Zhidong 張之洞, Preface Song Yuren 宋育仁 and Yu Baoxuan 于寶軒.

Wu Zuoqing 吳佐清, comp. Haiguo shangyou lu 海國尚友錄. Eight juan in 6 ce. Shanghai: Kuizhang shuju, 1903.


Wanguo tongshi xubian, 萬國通史续編, 10 j., Rees, John Lambert, 1862- 李思倫白約翰 comp. Trsl. Cai Erkang 蔡爾康, Cao Zenghan 曹曾涵 written up, Shanghai: Guangxue hui, 1904. 上海 : 廣學會, 1904. English title: History of ancient and moderen nations. part 2. Modern nations.

Reprint: Rees, J. Lambert, Wanguo tong shi : qian bian, xu bian, san bian / Lisi Lunbai Yuehan ji yi ; Cai Erkang, Cao Zenghan ji shu. 萬國通史 : 前編, 續編, 三編 / 李思倫白約翰輯譯 ; 蔡爾康, 曹曾涵紀述. Taibei : Tai lie guo feng chu ban she, Min guo 60 [1971]

Liang Qichao 梁啓超, Yinbingshi wenji leibian 飲冰室文集類編, Tokyo, Shimokōbe Hangorō 下河辺半五郎, 1904. 2 vols. (804 and 928 pp.) Probably based on Liang Qichao 梁啟超, Chong ding fenlei yinbingshi wenji quanbian 重訂飲冰室文集 全編, Shanghai: Guangyi shuju 廣益書局, 1903. Content: Vol 1 通論,政治,時局,宗教,教育. Vol. 2: 学術,歴史,伝記,地理,雑文,游記,談叢,韻文,小説.

Vol. 1






























































































































































































































Vol. 2:


[第2冊]編下 学術,歴史,伝記,地理,雑文,游記,談叢,韻文,小説



























 法理学大家孟徳斯鳩之学説 157

 楽利主義泰斗辺沁之学説 170









































































































































































































































Preface: By Liang Qichao in his calligraphy, dated 壬寅10月. Fanli explaining the arrangement. Autobiography at 30 三十自述prefixed to text.

Shen Chaowei 沈兆煒Xixue shumu tiyao 新学书目提要 要 Shanghai: Tongyazhai 通雅齋 1904.

See also:
Reprint of Waiguo diming renming cidian/ 《外國地名人名辭典》(1903) (second edition)


Wanguo tongshi sanbian 萬國通史三編 ; 10 卷, Rees, John Lambert, 1862- 李思倫白約翰 comp. Trsl. Cai Erkang 蔡爾康, Cao Zenghan 曹曾涵 written up, Shanghai: Guangxue hui 1905. v. 1-5. Rierman zhi -- v. 6-10. Eluosi zhi. v. 1-5. 日耳曼志 -- v. 6-10. 俄羅斯志. Published together with the two earlier sets in a 30 j. set.

Reprints: Taibei 1971.

Lieguo zhengyao 列國政要, Duanfang 端方 [1861-1911] Dai Hongci 戴鴻慈[1853-1910] eds., , 133 j. Peking: Zongli Yamen, 1905, Record of the official Qing investigation delegation.

Reprints 1907, in 1911 a sequel is published.

Han yi xin falü cidian 漢譯 《新法律詞典》 (A Chinese Translation of A New Dictionary of Legal Terms), (1905). Xu Yongxi 徐永錫 tr, Zhang Jiguang 張輯光 ed. Shanghai: Jingshi yixue guan, 1905. Based on Dai Nihon shin hōten kōshūkai 日本新法典講習會 comp. Shin hōritsu jiten 新法律字典. Tokyo: Dai Nihon shin hōten kōshūkai, 1901.

Seikin butsurigaku jiten 最近物理学辞典, Rika kenkyūkai 理科研究会 comp., Tokyo: 参文舎 (also came out in Osaka, 積文社), 1905. On the first 100 pages, this encyclopaedic dictionary of hysics gives short definitions of the key terms of physics such as movement or liquid. In the rest it gives short encyclopaedic entries for specific terms in physics (such as inclination), arranged according to the Japanese pronunciation.


Lie guo zhengzhi yitong kao 列國政治異同考, Li Jiabai 李佳白 (Reid, Gilbert, (1857-1927)), trsl. Orig. Title on cover: Comparative Governments. Shanghai: Commercial Press, 1906. Reprint 1907 (Stanford)

Bankoku saikinshi 萬國最近史, Matsumura, Kaiseki 松村介石 (1859-1939), Tokyo: Keiseisha Shoten, Meiji 38-39 [1905-1906] 東京 : 警醒社書店, 明治38-39 [1905-1906] 3 vols. 19 cm. Japanese.

Shin Daishō 新代数, in Futsûgaku zensho 普通学全書, Fuzanbō ed.. 富山房編, no. 16, 1906. Japanese.

Reprint of: Xin erya/ 《新爾雅》(1903).

Reprint of: Waiguo diming renming cidian/ 《外國地名人名辭典》 (1903) Third edition.


Riben fagui jiezi/ 《日本法規解字》: 1冊。 Qian Xun 錢恂,Dong Hongyi, ed., 董鴻禕編。 光緒33 年(1907) 一版,Shanghai: Commercial Press 上海商務印書館印行。 有 標點. Title on cover and in beginning of book is 日本法規解字, but in impressum at the end it gives a title 日本法規大全解字 Riben fagui daquan jiezi . This means the two are the same.

Falü jingji cijie/ 《法律經濟辭解》, Kishimoto Tatsuo (日本) 岸本辰雄 編 (1852-1912),Chen Yanbin /et al/trsl., 陳彥彬等譯,光緒33 年(1907)6月東 京并木活版所 鉛印。 Original Title: Hōritsu keizai jikai 法律経済辞解. Tokyo: Meiji daigaku shuppansha, no date. Copy in Keio University. This entry in Worldcat listing mentions Kishimoto Tatsuo as the proof reader or corrector. Later prints of this Japanese edition: 1914 and 1919.

Falü jingji cidian, 法律經濟辭典, Shimizu Chō 清水澄, (1868-1947),,Zhang Chuntao 張春濤 (1881-1919), Guo Kaiwen 郭開文 (1877-1936) trsl. Shanghai : Qunyi shushe, [1907] 上海 : 羣益書社, other printings in 1909 and 1914.

Bowu dacidian/ 《博物大辭典》 1冊精裝本。 Zeng Pu 曾朴 (1872-1935),Xu Nianci 徐 念慈(1875-1908) joint eds.,合編。 光緒33年 (1907),上海, Hongwen guan 宏文館鉛印. Work of compilation actually done by 許毅,包公毅 (包天笑)and others. Cover page with title as 詞典 written by Volume 2 missing with section containing characters with 6-9 strokes. Zeng Pu signs the 例言 awith his seal. Xu Nianci not mentioned at all. Zeng Pu mentioned in edict on securing copyright for this work at the end of last volume as responsible person for the Hongwen guan publishing house. Zeng and Xu started the Xiaoshuo lin journal in 1903. Xu did much of the translations from Japanese.

Wuli dacidian 物理大辭典, 上海, 宏文館, 1907. Translated from the Japanese 最近物理学辞典 by Yang Zhiting 杨芝亭 and Wang Yizhi 汪怡芝
Source: Advertisement at the end of Bowu dacidian.

Falü dacidian 法律大辭典, 上海: 宏文館 together with Xiaoshuo lin, 1904.

Source: Advertisement at the end of Bowu dacidian.

Jiaoyu dacidian 教育大辭典, 上海: 宏文館,
Source: Advertisement at the end of Bowu dacidian.

Shuxue dacidian 數學大辭典, 上海: 宏文館
Source: Advertisement at the end of Bowu dacidian.

Xiaoxue jiaocai dacidian 小學教材大辭典,上海: 宏文館
Source: Advertisement at the end of Bowu dacidian

Like dacidian 理科大辭典, 上海: 宏文館,
Source: Advertisement at the end of Bowu dacidian

Huaxue dacidian 化學大辭典, 上海: 宏文館
Source: Advertisement at the end of Bowu dacidian

Zhiwuxue da cidian 植物學大辭典,上海: 宏文館
Source: Advertisement at the end of Bowu dacidian

Shijie lishi dacidian 世界歷史大辭典,
Source: Advertisement at the end of Bowu dacidian

Dai Hongci 戴 鴻慈, (1853-1910), Ou Mei zhengzhi yaoyi 歐 美政治要義, np., 1907. 18 zhang 章 in 4 ce. Title calligraphy by Duan Fang 端方。 Memorial of submitting the work to throne and rescript in beginning.

Sekkyō hyakka zensho 説教百科全書, 京都:布教, a Buddhist popular encyclopedia collection, 1907-1912, 21 vols., such as 南無阿弥陀仏 or 阿弥陀経十勝談 (21). Japanese.

Also note:
Reprint of Xinyi Zhongguo jianghai xianyao tuzhi (1900)

Reprint of: Lie guo zhengzhi yitong kao 列國政治異同考(1906)

Reprint: Lieguo zhengyao Shanghai: Commercial Press.

Before 1908:

Tongxuezhai congshu 通學齋叢書. 46 vols. Between 1875 and 1908. Zou Tao 鄒韜 comp.
Ri mishi 日迷史 , Arai, Hakuseki, 1657-1725., 2j.
Chen, Ding, Dian Qian tu si hun liji
Edkins, Joseph, 1823-1905, Dongyou jilue 東遊紀略, 5j.
Edkins, Joseph, 1823-1905, Taixi he fang 泰西河防
Edkins, Joseph, 1823-1905 Zhina jiyou 支那紀遊
Gui, Lin,Lingfenguan zaming 靈芬官雜銘
Guo, Lin, 1767-1831,Huanqiu geguo shiwu huibiao 環球各國事物彚表
Huang, Benji, ju ren 1821, Pianzi qimeng 駢字啓蒙
Huang, Zunxian, 1848-1905, Riben guozhi xu 日本國志序
Huoyao menda 火藥門答
Kangxi jixia gewu bian 康熙幾暇格物編, 2 j.
Li, Wentian, 1834-1895, Shuofang beicheng zhaji 朔方備乘札記
Mao, Fengzhi. 陝西南山谷口考
Mengxue keben 蒙學課本 , 2 j.
Nanyang shuyu 南洋述遇
Ruiaier 瑞乃爾 (Schnell, Theodore H. – 1897) , Niqing Zhongguo yanzheng wubei shuo 擬請中國嚴整武備說
Ouzhou xinzhi 歐洲新志, Li Jiaju 李家駒tr.
Paogai menda 礟概門答
Sanzhou youji 三洲遊記
Shen, Yu, Hung Qing jingjie yuanyuan lu 皇清經解淵源原錄

Shu, Lu, Gezhi dawen huibian 格致答問彙編

Shu, Lu, Yuexue huibian, 悅學彙編

Shu, Lu, Zhong wai quanheng duliang shiyi he shubiao 中外權橫渡糧釋義合數表

Shu, Lu, Tongxue shuji kao 通學書籍考

Shu, Lu, Guochao zhanggu huibian 國朝掌故彙編

Sun, Fubao, Zhiwu jinli zhi 植物近利志

Taixi geguo bingzheng kao 泰西各國兵政考

Tianyan lun 天演輪, Yan Fu 嚴復 tr.

Tongxue huibian 通學彙編

Wang, Fuzhi, 1619-1692. Huangshu 黃書

Wei, Yuan, 1794-1857, Guweitan neiji 古微堂内集

Wu, Zhenchen,Ningguta jilue 寧古塔紀略

Xiguo yangfeng fa 西國養蜂法, Fryer tr.

Xili xuzhi 西禮須知 Fryer tr.

Xia, Jingguan, 1875-1953, Zhenxing Zhongguo mianye shuo, 振興中國棉業說2 j.

Xie, Xifu, Huanghua lanyao 皇華攔腰

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Xie Xifu, Deguo xinzhi jiyao 德國新志紀要

Yang, Mo, Geguo jinyin tong sanpin huobi biao 各國金銀銅三品貨幣表

Yao, Xiguang, Dongfang zingshi jilue 東方兵事紀略 5j

Yao, Yuanzhi, 1773-1852, Yang yu fa 養魚法

Ye, Han, Dixue gelue 地學歌略

Ye, Han, Tianwen gelue 天文歌略

Yixue huibian 藝學彙編

You Dongyang riji 遊東洋日記

Ysbrandldes, Evest, 17th cent, Pin Meng riji 聘盟日記

Zhang, Lüxiang, 1611-1674, Bunong shu 補農書

Zhang, Wenyi, Yangcan mijue 養蠶秘訣

Zhu, Wu, Weisheng huibian 衛生彙編

Zou, Lingyuan [=Tao], Zhong wai zhangcheng huibian 中外章程彙編

Zou, Tao, 19th cent, Lieguo biannian jiyao 列國編年紀 要


Shijie mingren zhuanlüe 《世界名人傳略》Chen Ding 陳鼎, Zhang Zaixin 張在新 and Guo Fenghan 郭鳳翰 trsl., Xu Jiaxing proofreading. 精裝1 部,上海山西大學堂 譯書院譯印, 光緒34年(1908 ),上海商務印書館代印。Translation of a selection from Chamber’s Biographical Dictionary: the great of all times and nations, edited by David Patrick and Franciks Hindes Groome, Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1900, 1002 pp. / 選譯而成。

Tō Chū daijiten 東中大辭典 1部精裝,Shanghai: Sakushinsha 做新社 編譯出版,光緒戊 申年( 1908). A Japanese-Chinese dictionary.

Falü mingci tongshi/《法侓名辭通釋》:10卷10 冊。 四川法政學堂紳班發 行。 光緒戊申年(1908)。 Preface by Liu Tianyou 劉天佑。

Shinsen hyakka zensho 新撰百科全書 (Note: Encyclopedic series with same title in 1890). 東京:修学堂, 1908-1909. The items in this series are numbered. Altogether roughly a hundred volumes were produced.Japanese.
List of available titles on the Meiji website, in their sequential numbers within the series (Numbers in the beginning are meaningless):
64. 日本歴史 / 土屋詮教著,修学堂, 明41.4. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第1編)
59. 東洋歴史 / 土屋詮教著,修学堂, 明41.4. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第2編)
45. 西洋歴史 / 土屋詮教著,修学堂, 明41.4. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第3編)
63. 日本地理 / 筑紫五十吉著,修学堂書店, 明41.5. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第4編)
16. 外国地理 / 筑紫五十吉著,修学堂, 明41.5. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第5編)
19. 教育学 / 若木貞一著他,修学堂, 明41.4. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第6編)
31. 参考用器画法 / 須永輿平著,修学堂, 明42.2. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第7編)
8. 応用電気学 / 土田保五郎著,修学堂, 明41.6. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第8編)
40. 蒸汽機関学 / 坂本雄造編,修学堂, 明41.6. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第9編)
38. 実用機械学 / 土田保五郎著,修学堂, 明41.11. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第10編)
26. 建築学 / 坂本雄造著,修学堂, 明41.8. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第11編)
62. 土木学 / 佐伯順太郎著,修学堂, 明41.8. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第12編)
27. 鉱山学 / 坂本雄造著,修学堂, 明41.12. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第13編)
7. 応用製図法 / 佐伯順太郎編,修学堂, 明41.11. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第14編)
39. 実用裁縫全書 / 福田芳子著,修学堂, 明41.9. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第16編)
37. 実用編物全書 / 福田芳子著,修学堂, 明42.1. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第17編)
30. 最新女子書翰文 / 大畑裕著,修学堂, 明42.4. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第18編)
29. 最新女子記事文 / 大畑裕著,修学堂, 明42.1. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第19編)
70. 法学通論 / 福田庫文司他,修学堂, 明41.9. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第25編)
12. 改正民法釈義 / 林儀一郎著,修学堂, 明41.6. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第27編)
10. 改正商法註釈 / 林儀一郎著,修学堂, 明41.6. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第28編)
24. 刑法刑事監獄釈義 / 秋野〓著,修学堂, 明41.5. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第29編)
9. 改正市制町村制講義 / 秋野〓著,修学堂, 明41.5. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第31編)
53. 通俗養蚕法 / 原田東一郎著,修学堂, 明42.2. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第33編)
11. 改正民事訴訟法釈義 / 林儀一郎著,修学堂, 明41.6. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第34編)
25. 契約売買作成案内・諸願届申請書式 / 秋野〓著,修学堂, 明41.8. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第35編)
28. 最近七年間数学問題答案 / 須永輿平著,修学堂, 明42.1. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第45編)
17. 記事論説壱万題 / 大畑裕著,修学堂, 明41.7. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第50編)
3. 英和実用単語集 / 松本茂雄編,修学堂, 明41.12. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第58編)
2. 英和会話活法 / 松本茂雄編,修学堂, 明41.12. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第59編)
1. 英文和訳正解 / 松本茂雄編,修学堂, 明41.12. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第61編)
4. 英和熟語正解 / 松本茂雄編,修学堂, 明41.12. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第62編)
6. 英和難句詳解 / 松本茂雄編,修学堂, 明41.12. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第63編)
5. 英和俗語正解 / 松本茂雄編,修学堂, 明41.12. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第64編)
47. 前置詞正解 / 松本茂雄編,修学堂, 明41.12. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第65編)
33. 祝辞弔祭文一万題 / 大畑裕著,修学堂, 明41.10. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第67編)
44. 正則独逸文法講義 / 中村宗次郎著,修学堂, 明41.10. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第69編)
43. 正則独逸語独修 / 中村宗次郎著,修学堂, 明41.10. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第70編)
50. 中学校・幼年学校・高等女学校入学予習書 / 篠田真道著他,修学堂, 明41.11. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第71編)
14. 仮名遣辞彙 / 大畑徳太郎編,修学堂, 明42.3. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第72編)
15. 漢学捷径 / 松平桃蹊著,修学堂, 明41.12. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第73編)
52. 通俗養鶏法 / 原田東一郎著,修学堂, 明42.2. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第74編)
71. 方丈記読本 / 篠田真道著,修学堂, 明42.2. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第75編)
54. 徒然草読本 / 篠田真道註解,修学堂, 明42.4. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第76編)
67. 百人一首註解 / 津川米次郎著,修学堂, 明42.7. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第77編)
60. 土佐日記読本 / 篠田真道註解,修学堂, 明42.4. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第78編)
48. 竹取物語読本 / 篠田真道著,修学堂, 明42.7. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第79編)
76. 和歌独学 / 高橋毅堂編,修学堂, 明42.4. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第80編)
69. 仏蘭西語独学び / 秋野〓著,修学堂, 明42.9. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第82編)
68. 美文の錦 / 大畑裕著,修学堂, 明42.8. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第83編)
78. 和洋菓子製法案内 / 梅田矯菓著,修学堂, 明42.4. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第84編)
34. 小学卒業後最近官私男女就職成功法 / 堀口一羊著,修学堂, 明42.4. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第85編)
51. 通俗牧畜全書 / 原田東一郎他,修学堂, 明42.4. - (新撰百科全書 ; 第87編)
4. 十六夜日記読本 / 篠田真道著,修学堂, 明42.7. - (新註百科全書 ; 第91編)
(The second character in this congshu title is a misprint).

See also:
Reprint of: Riben fagui jiezi/ 《日本法規解字》 (1907). Third edition.


Xin wanguo yaofang/ 《新萬國葯方» 1本。 Onda Shigenobu 日本 恩田 重 信,Ding Fubao trsl. 丁福保譯述。宣統元年(1909 )。Shanghai, Yixue shuju 上海醫學書局出版. ( Onda Shigenobu is best known as the author of German-Japanese dictionaries of medical terminology. Vollständigstes deutsch-japanisches Fremdwörterbuch, nebst dem Anhang der lateinischen Grammatik, Tokyo, 1900, copy in National Diet Library.).

Wuzhou dili zhilüe 五洲地利志略, Wang, Xianqian 王先謙, 1842-1918.: 36 juan, shou 1 juan ,
Reprint of Xuantong 2, 1909 edition from Hunan Xue wu gong suo 湖南學務公所. In Siku weishou shuji, vol 8, 4-5. Beijing: Beijing chubanshe 2000.

Chen Zhenge 陳珍閣, Yiwang zongshu 毉網縂樞, 1909.

See also:
Reprint of: Falü jingji cidian, 法律經濟辭典 (1907).


Sida fadian falü guwen 《四大法典法侓顧問》:1本, [Shimizu Tetsutarō 日本清水鉄太郎 著,Liu Jixue 劉積學,Lin Wenzhao 林文昭 translated together 合譯,Tokyo: 博通書局,宣統 2 年(1910)8月。Based on Shimizu Tetsutarō 清水鐵太郎, Hōritsu komon:kaisei yondai hōten 法侓顧問, 改正四大法典,Tokyo: Tsujimoto sueyoshi 辻本末吉, 1907.A copy of a Tokyo, Shugakudo, 1901, Japanese edition is in Waseda Library, Tokyo.

Wuzhou dili zhilüe 五洲地理志略 Wang Xianqian 王先謙(1842-1918): 36卷, 首 : 1卷 / Hunan xuewu gongsuo 湖南學務公所, Xuantong 2: 1910.
Reprint in: Peking: Beijing chubanshe, Siku weishou shu ji kan Di 8 ji,


Putong baike xin dacidian 普通百科新大辭典, Huang Ren 黃人 (Huang Moxi 黃摩西, 1866-1913) comp. Shanghai: Zhongduo cidian gongsi 中國詞典公司, 1911 (宣統 3年5月), 15ce in 2 han, printed on commission for 國學扶輪社. The sequence of the entries follows the purely formal criterion of stroke number with a serial number within each stroke (such as 13 strokes, number 312) for easy retrieval. Below the name of the entry is the category under which it is grouped, such as shi 史 (history) or wen 文 (writing). There are 14 such categories.A separate index groups all entries according to these categories.

Guoxue fu lun she 國學扶輪社 ed., Wenke dacidian 文科大詞典 (Conceptual dictionary of the Humanities), Shanghai, Zhongguo ci dian gong si 中國詞典公司 ,1911. 12 vols., 2224 pp. Metal font printing. Preface by Lin 林xx xx.Reprints in 2 vols Taipei: Xinwenfeng, 1974, and Taipei: Longji tushu gongsi 龍記圖書公司, 1976. Huang Moxi refers to this work in his preface to the Putong baike xin dacidian, which came out in the same publishing house and the same year. According to this preface, the editor is Shen Cuifen 沈粹芬. Shen is also listed as th editor of other works coming out in this publishing house, such as the Qing wenhui 清文匯, 1910, repr. In 3 vols. Beijing: Beijing chubanshe, 1996, and the Guochao wenhui 國朝文匯, 1909, which he compiled together with Huang Moxi (Huang Ren) and which has been included into the Xuxiu siku quanshu. However, Shen is not explicitly mentioned as the compiler or editor in the book itself.
In the header of the Fanli 凡例 the title of the work is given with a subtitle, 文科大詞典. 修詞學之部. The ci 詞 here is a new term used to translate ‘concept.’ The Fanli explicitly states that “the new concepts will not be included” (p.7). Obviously there was a division of labor with Huang Ren’s Putong baike xin dacidian 普通百科新大辭典, which came out in the same year from the same publisher. The work shares some organizational features with Huang Ren’s work. Words are grouped according to the stroke number of the first character, but in addition, each word is marked as belonging to one of five word classes, 名 (by far the most frequent), 動,靜, (both with roughly equal frequency, but far below the first), 狀 (with modest frequency), and 歎 (rare). And each concept is assigned to one of 40 classes such as 人事類, 動物類, 儀容類, 體制類, 農業類 or 服飾類.

Lieguo zhengyao xubian, Duan Fang, Dai Hongci, Shanghai: Commercial Press, 94 j.32 冊. This is the sequel to the Lieguo zhengyao (1905)

See also:
Reprint of Wanguo yaofang/ 《萬國葯方》(1886).

After 1911:

Zuixin huitu Wanbao quanshu 最新繪圖萬寳全書. Shanghai: Qixin shuju 啓新書局 , n.d.


Geguo jinshi zhengkuang 各國近時政況, [喜平次] Onozuka, Kiheiji 小野塚 [1871-1944],trsl by Lin Juemin 林覺民, 1912, Shanghai: Commercial Press. Reference material about the political structure of various states for the impending reform of the Chinese polity. Source: advertisement by Commercial Press, last page of Riben fagui jiezi, 17th ed.

Meiguo xianzheng dagang,美國憲政大綱, Baibuer (美) 白布爾 (American author teaching at Jiang xuexhai in Hangzhou) comp.,,English with Chinese glossary 華文語彙。Compiled as basis for constitution of Republic. Shanghai Commercial Press, Shanghai, 1912. Source: : advertisement by Commercial Press, last page of Riben fagui jiezi, 17th ed. Book in English with Chinese glossary.

Meiguo gonghe zhengjian 美國共和政鑑 Teweisi (Teiwes??) (美) 特韋斯 , , Qian Zhixiu trsl. 錢智修, 88 pp. Systematical exposition of US system of governance with many of the key English terms inserted after translation. Shanghai: Commercial Press, 1912. source: advertisement by Commercial Press, last page of Riben fagui jiezi, 17th ed.

Shijie zhengzhijia liezhuan, series from Guangxuehui.

In there:
Bi chadan zhuan / Life of Lord Chatham. Chinese, Halixun.
Hu, Yigu. Publication: Shanghai : Guang xue hui, Year: 1912 Description: 2, 118 p. ; 22 cm. Language: Chinese. Series: Shi jie zheng zhi jia lie zhuan; Named Person: Pitt, William, Earl of Chatham, 1708-1778. Translation of: Life of Lord Chatham.

Yingguo Biweilian Life of William Pitt (Pitt Junior). Chinese Author(s): Luosiboli.
Ren, Baoluo. Publication: Shanghai : Guang xue hui, Year: 1912 Description: 2, 110 p. ; 22 cm. Language: Chinese. Series: Shi jie zheng zhi jia lie zhuan ;; ti 2; SUBJECT(S) Named Person: Pitt, William, 1759-1806. Note(s): Translation of: Life of William Pitt (Pitt Junior).

Meiguo di er zong tong Yadanshi Yuehan zhuan / Uniform Title: Life of John Adams. Chinese Author(s): Mu'erci.
Parker, A. P. Publication: Shanghai : Guang xue hui, Year: 1912 Description: 2, 50 p. ; 22 cm. Language: Chinese. Series: Shi jie zheng zhi jia lie zhuan; SUBJECT(S) Named Person: Adams, John, 1735-1826. Note(s): Translation of: Life of John Adams, second President of the United States. Class Descriptors: LC: Responsibility: Pan Shenwen [i.e. Paike] kou yi ; Cao Zhuoren bi shu.

Russell, George William Erskine, Title: Yingguo Gelansidun / Uniform Title: Life of W.E. Gladstone. Chinese Author(s): Russell, George William Erskine, 1853-1919.
Zhang, Weijiu. Publication: Shanghai : [s.n.], Year: 1912 Description: 144 p. ; 23 cm. Language: Chinese. SUBJECT(S) Named Person: Gladstone, W. E. (William Ewart), 1809-1898. Note(s): On verso of t.p.: Life of W.E. Gladstone / translated by Chang Wei- chin. Class Descriptors: Other Titles: At head of title:; Shi jie zheng zhi jia lie zhuan Responsibility: [Leshe'er yuan zhu ; Zhang Weijiu yi], Shanghai guang xue hui yi.
Also contains a Biography of George Washington, translated 1914.

See also
Reprint: Riben fagui jiezi/ 《日本法規解字》 (1907) 7th edition.


See also:

Reprint of: Riben fagui jiezi/ 《日本法規解字》 at UCLA.


See also:

Reprint of Waiguo diming renming cidian/ 《外國地名人名辭典》 (1903), corrected sixth edition.

Reprint of: Falü jingji cidian, 法律經濟辭典 (1907)


Reprint of Wanguo yaofang/ 《萬國葯方》 (1886).


Chen Duo 陳鐸,Zhou Yueran 周越然,Liu Dashen 劉大紳,Wang Yanlun 王言綸 (responsible editor), Zhuang Shi 莊適,Ping Hailan 平海瀾,Tang Jinggao 唐敬杲, Riyong baike quanshu 日用百科全書, English title: Everyday Cyclopedia, Shanghai: Commercial Press, 1919, 2 vols. Many editions, 13th edition in 1925. Only change is elimination of traditional calendar upon government intervention. See also: Supplement volume in 1925, xiudingben 1934.

See also:
Reprint of: Xishi leibian/ 西事類編 (1887).

Zhong Xi suanxue heding / 《中西算學合订》:3卷
9冊。Yan Liankui ed., 晏聯奎編。 知不足轩刻印 , supplement in 1 juan.
Also in Siku weishou ji kan. Date not clear.

(Qingmo) Shishi caixin huixuan (清末)時事采新匯選 / Peking: Guojia tushuguan, 2003, 20 vols. Clips from Chinese and Western papers, 1902-1907, classified in this way:國民 新聞. Selections. -- 外交 時報. Selections. -- 東邦 協會 報. Selections. -- 太陽 報. Selections. -- 泰晤士 報. Selections. -- 斯忒梯司 報. Selections. -- 諾挺威 報. Selections. -- 翻連蘇 報. Selections. -- 顯屈烈 報. Selections. -- 萬國 公報. Selections. -- 大公報. Selections. -- 時報. Selections. -- 申報. Selections. -- 蘇報. Selection. --北洋 官報. Selections. -- 北洋 學報. Selections. -- 北洋 商報. Selections. -- 北洋 法政 學報. Selections. -- 南洋 官報. Selections. -- 日日 新聞. Selections. -- 外交 報. Selections. -- 中外 日報. Selections. -- 匯報. Selections. -- 新聞 報. Selections. -- 北方 日報. Selections. -- 濟南 報. Selections. -- 津報. Selections. -- 晉報. Selections. -- 漢口 日報. Selections. -- 順天 時報. Selections

Shiwu fenlei wenbian 時務分類文編, a Huang qing jing wen bian compilation, source: Amelung paper at leishu workshop.

Sun, Yuxiu 孫毓修 1874-1915?´, Shao nian cong shu 少年叢書, Shanghai : Shang wu yin shu guan, Minguo 8-9 [1919-1920] 4 v. ; 19 cm., Childrens literature, biographies of Wen Tianxiang -- Ban Chao -- Xinlingjun -- Su Qin. Zhu Xi, Wang Yangming, Xuanzang, Sima Guang.


Xin wenhua cishu 新文化辭書, Tang Jinggao 唐敬杲 comp., Shanghai: Commercial Press, 上海 : 商務印書館 ,

Baike xin cidian. Wenyi zhi bu 百科新辭典 : 文藝之部, Hao Xianghui 郝祥輝 ed., Shanghai: Shijie shuju, 1923 3rd ed.

Baike xiao congshu 百科小叢書 1923-1948, Shanghai: Commercial Press. List of titles that have appeared until 1934 in Chongding riyong baike quanshu, vol 3, end. This list is grouped 總論,哲學, 宗教,社會學 統計學, 經濟-商業-交通, 政治-法律,行政, 教育,習俗,語文學,科學概論,數學,天文地球,地質-氣象,物理學,化學,植物學-動物學,生物學,應用技術,藝術,文學,史地。 It contains about 250 titles. Most books are below 200, and very many below 100 pages. It is an encyclopedic series of the type published in Japan and the West.

Among them:

Fan Shoukang 范壽康, Xuexiao ju 學校劇 , Shanghai: Commercial Press, 1923.

Aoki Masaru 青木正兒, 1887-1964,
Zhongguo wenxue sixiang shi 中國文學思想史 , Wang Fuquan 汪馥泉 transl.,Shanghai:Commercial Press, 1936.

Shao Mingjiu 邵鳴九, Guoyin yange liu jiang 國音沿革六講 , Shanghai: Commercial Press, 1937

Yue Hansheng 約翰生 (Johnson, Obed Simon, 1881-), Zhongguo liandanshu kao 中國鍊丹術考 / Huang Sufeng 黃素封 trsl., (Ms.) Wu Huisheng 午惠生 comm. Shanghai: Commercial Press, 1937. A translation of his Univ. of California PhD A Study of Chinese Alchemy, that had been published in English by the Commercial Press in Shanghai in 1928.


Wang Xiulu 王岫盧 et al. ed., Rirong baike quanshu bubian 日用百科全書補遍, Shanghai: Commercial Press, 1925, 1 vol.


Fan Bingqing 樊炳清 (1876-1931), Zhexue cidian 哲學辭典, Shanghai: Commercial Press, 1926, 3 vols. With appendix 附: 西文人名檢查表 - 西文名詞檢查表


Gu Xieguang 顧爕光, Yishu jingyan lu 譯書經眼錄 ,8卷。


Encyclopaedia of religion and ethics. Chinese. Lunli zongjiao baike quanshu.倫理宗教百科全書. Shanghai : Guang xue hui, Min guo 17 [1928]上海 : 廣學會, 民國17 [1928]
Harvard-Yenching1706 3517
2 v.: Hastings, James, 1852-1922.
Probably translation of excerpts from
Encyclopaedia of religion and ethics, edited by James Hastings. With the assistance of John A. Selbie and other scholars. Edinburgh, T. & T. Clark; New York, Scribner, 1908-1927, 1928.


Chen Shousun 陳綬蓀 [編纂], Shehui wenti cidian 社會問題辭典 , Parallel Title:Dictionary of Social Problems, 上海 : 民智書局, 1929:4, 2, 36, 938, 62, 50, 46 p.:chi.


Tang Yue 唐鉞 (1891-1987), Zhu Jingnong (1887-1951) 朱經農, Gao Juefu 高覺敷eds., Jiaoyu da cishu 教育大辭書 ,上海 : 商務印書館, 民國 22 [1933], Description:35, 1692, 1, 26, 31 p. : ill., diagrs., tables. ; 22 cm Language:chi.

Shaonian baike quanshu 少年百科全書, 20 ce 冊 Shanghai: Commercial Press。 Source: Advertisement in the 1925 print of the Riyong baike quanshu, before the Preface.


Huang Shaoxu 黃紹緒 et al. eds., Chongbian Riyong baike quanshu 重編 日用百科全書,Shanghai: Shanghai Commercial Press, 1934, 3 vols. Many later editions.


Yang Jialuo 楊 家駱ed., Zhongguo wenxue baike quanshu, 中國文學百科全書, Nanjing: Zhongguo cidian guan, 1936-. This is Zhongguo xueshu baike quanshu cao chuang ben 中國學術百科全書草創本. 第1組 ; 第4種


Zhou Xianwen 周憲文 (1907-), Jingjixue cidian 經濟學辭典 /上海 : 中華書局, 1937, Description:4, 4, 76, 981, 176, 86 pp..


K. Hemeling, English-Chinese dictionary of the standard Chinese spoken language (官話) and handbook for translators : including scientific, technical, modern and documentary terms, Shanghai : Statistical Department of the Inspectorate General of Customs, 1917, 2 vols.

Sôgô Masaaki 鄉正明, Hida Yoshifumi 飛田良文, Meiji no kotoba jiten 明治のことば辭典, Tokyo : Tôkyôdô shuppan, 1989.