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Projects in the first funding period

C1 Medical Systems (project completed)

Coordination: Stefan M. Maul, Joachim Friedrich Quack

Medical Systems in Transition: The Case of the Ancient Near East

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C2 Large Dams (project completed)

Coordination: Gita Dharampal-Frick, Marcus Nüsser

Large Dams: Contested Environments between Hydro-Power and Resistance

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C3 Mind and Body (project completed)

Coordination: William S. Sax

Asymmetrical Translations: Mind and Body in European and Indian Medicine

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C4 Making India a Global Healthcare Destination (project completed)

Coordination: Laurent Pordié

Making India a Global Healthcare Destination: A Social Study of High-Tech Hospitals and Neo-oriental Spas

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C5 Stress and Stress-Relief (project completed)

Coordination: William S. Sax, Wolfgang Eckart, Joachim Fischer

The Concept of Stress and Stress-Relief in a Transcultural Perspective: an Ethno-Epidemiological Study

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C6 Transnational Networks (project completed)


Historical Perspectives on Transnational Networks in Environment, Agriculture, Food and Health (Pilot Project)

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C7 How Universal is Depression? (project completed)


How Universal is Depression? Clinical Presentation, Migrant Experience and Cultural Concepts of Depression

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C8 Large Dams and ‘Clean Development’ (project completed)

Coordination: Marcus Nüsser

Large Dams and ‘Clean Development’: Transcultural Narratives about Global Environmental Change and their Asymmetric Impacts”

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C9 Global Muslim Responsibility (project completed)

Coordination: Udo Simon

Global Muslim Responsibility: The Formation of Islamic Environmentalism

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C10 Patterns of Exchange (project completed)

Coordination: Axel Michaels

Patterns of Exchange. India’s Natural Resources in European Travel Reports from the 16th to the 18th Century

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C11 Medicine and Religion (project completed)

Coordination: Harald Fuess, Joachim Kurtz

Medicine and Religion in Premodern East Asia

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C12 The Asian Sea (project completed)

Coordination: Harald Fuess

The Asian Sea. A Transnational Maritime History of the Age of Imperialism, 1850-1918

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C13 Environmental Activism (project completed)

Coordination: Madeleine Herren-Oesch

Environmental Activism: An Ontology of its Actors and their Politics

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