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Jour Fixes 2011

Jour Fixe lectures organized by Research Area C in the year 2011.

November 24, Prof. Naomi Standen on "Negotiated Settlements"

Lecture Series 2011

For the winterterm of 2011/12, projects within Research Area C have organized three Lecture Series including members of the Cluster as well as renowned scholars from around the globe.

"Science, Technology and Transcultural Studies"  

"Transcultural Controversies in Global Health"

"Transcultural Asian Histroy"

Science, Technology and Transcultural Studies

Science and Technology Studies is a burgeoning area of social theory linking history, philosophy, anthropology and other disciplines. In this lecture series, a number of prominent intellectuals from around the world will take a new look at Science and Technology studies from a transcultural perspective.  

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Transcultural Controversies in Global Health

With accelerating globalization, scientific and therapeutic paradigms are transferred ever more quickly between cultures and nations. This means not only that they are adapted and transformed with increasing rapidity, but also that there are more frequent situations where paradigms and techniques from one milieu do not fit elsewhere. Controversies ensue for a number of reasons; for example when „imported“ paradigms and techniques are thought to be culturally inappropriate, scientifically unacceptable, or economically unfeasible. In this lecture series, prominent scientists from Heidelberg and abroad examine the role of globalization in creating – and solving – such controversies.

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Transcultural Asian History

The lectures in the Transcultural Asian History series explore socioeconomic regional interconnections from the premodern to the contemporary world in Asia influenced by Europe focusing on the changing role of business and the economy, commerce and trade, war and peace, state and society with an emphasis on the interrelated maritime dimensions of ships and ports as locations of transcultural encounters and the creation of creole cultural spaces.

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Lecture Series

organized by Research Area C

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