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C12 The Asian Sea (project completed)

The Asian Sea. A Transnational Maritime History of the Age of Imperialism, 1850-1918

Coordination: Harald Fuess


Most historical narratives of modern Asia trace the development of newly emerging nation-states. When scholars look at the region more broadly they often do so from the point of view of Western imperialism. What is missing is a comprehensive overview beyond the textbook level of the transnational similarities of Asia's modern history as it has been practiced in histories of the Mediterranean since Ferdinand Braudel's seminal tomes. This collaborative project uses the construct of an "Asian Sea" as its starting point to explore the transnational experiences and commonalities of countries adjacent to what has been called "the Japan Sea," the "Korean Sea", "Chinese Sea" or "the Indian Ocean" as one interdependent narrative connected or disjointed by their mutual maritime and coastal experiences. Country specialists will develop together common issues and comparative topics to be published in collective thematic volumes with an overarching emphasis on the "asymmetries in cultural flows." Project Duration 2009-2012.

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Upcoming Event

Conference - The Asia-Pacific Maritime World: Connected Histories in the Age of Empire

At this conference we will present and discuss the results of the Heidelberg Cluster “C12 Asian Sea” research project conducted at Heidelberg University in collaboration with historians elsewhere to to question the ways in which we tend to divide the maritime world into spatial blocs.
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When: 6-8 July 2012
Where: Heidelberg University, Karl Jaspers Centre.
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Prospective Members

Visiting Doctoral Students from 2010 - 2012

Lars Schladitz, M.A. (Erfurt)

Ph.D. Candidate, Erfurt University

Research Fellows from 2011

Luke Franks, Ph.D. (Berkeley)

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