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Projects in the first funding period

B1 Satire (project completed)

Coordination: Hans Harder, Michael Ursinus, Judit Árokay, Gita Dharampal-Frick, Susanne Enderwitz, Barbara Mittler

Gauging Cultural Asymmetries: Asian Satire and the Search for Identity in the Era of Colonialism and Imperialism

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B2 Creative Dissonances (project completed)

Coordination: Oliver Seibt, Barbara Mittler, Dorothea Redepenning

Creative Dissonances: Music in a Global Context

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B3 Urban Sensories (project completed)

Coordination: Christiane Brosius, Marcus Nüsser

Transcultural Topographies of Urban Sensoriums and Events (pilot project)

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B4 Transcultural Visuality (project completed)

Coordination: Sumathi Ramaswamy, Barbara Mittler, Christiane Brosius

Transcultural Visuality Learning Group

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B5 Rise of dan Actors (project completed)

Coordination: Catherine Vance Yeh

The Stuff Stars are made of: International Politics, Mass Media and the Rise of dan Actors in the Republican Era (1910s–1930s)

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B6 Harbin (project completed)

Coordination: Frank Grüner, Ines Prodöhl

Transgressing Spaces and Identities in Urban Arenas – the Case of Harbin (pilot project)

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B7 Staging Religion (project completed)

Coordination: Axel Michaels

Traditional Performances in New Public Spheres and Media (pilot project)

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B8 Rethinking Gender (project completed)

Coordination: Susanne Enderwitz, Barbara Mittler, Christiane Brosius, Gita Dharampal-Frick, Inken Prohl, Melanie Trede

Rethinking Gender, Sexuality and the Body in a Transcultural Art World

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B9 Information Flows (project completed)

Coordination: Roland Wenzlhuemer

Asymmetries in Cultural Information Flows: Europe and South Asia in the Global Information Network since the Nineteenth Century

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B10 Harbin (project completed)

Coordination: Frank Grüner

Transgressing Spaces and Identities in Urban Arenas – the Case of Harbin

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B11 New Urban Imaginaries (project completed)

Coordination: Christiane Brosius, Tina Schilbach

Difference, Danger and New Urban Imaginaries of the Public in Asia and Europe

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B12 Rethinking Trends (project completed)

Coordination: Laila Abu-Er-Rub, Sebastian Gehrig

Rethinking Trends - Transcultural Flows in Popular Spheres

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B13 Tamil-Speaking Muslims (project completed)

Coordination: Hans Harder

Engaging with Transcultural Public Spheres: The Case of Tamil-Speaking Muslims in Colonial Singapore

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B14 Religion on Stage (project completed)

Coordination: Axel Michaels, William S. Sax

Religion on Stage: Traditional South Asian Performances in New Public Spheres and Media

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B15 The Elusive Greekness (project completed)

Coordination: Eftychia Stavrianopoulou

The Elusive Greekness: Intertwined social imaginaries and practices in Greece and the Near East in the Hellenistic Period

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B16 Parcours Exhibition in Heidelberg (project completed)

Coordination: Melanie Trede

Parcours Exhibition in Heidelberg: “Becoming Intense – Becoming Animal – Becoming …”

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B17 The Nation State & Beyond (project completed)

Coordination: Roland Wenzlhuemer

The Nation State & Beyond: Governing Globalization Processes in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century

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B18 Beaming Romantic Love (project completed)

Coordination: Christiane Brosius

Beaming Romantic Love Across the Globe: Images and Media Flows in a Transcultural Context

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