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1. Workshop: Theorizing Gender in a Transcultural Art World

This workshop will set the stage for the ensuing discussions throughout the year. While focusing on the status quo of discourses regarding key concepts and terminologies that address gender/body/sexuality issues of relevance in the context of regional, religious or social communities from both historical and contemporary perspectives, the invited speakers are to choose concrete examples and/or empirical case studies as centre-pieces of their papers to highlight their main argument(s). Pertaining questions are the following:

  • Which themes and concepts of gender/body/sexuality shape your discipline/s, your regional/ transregional expertise and personal research?
  • Which theories from cultures other than your own were repudiated or adapted? How were they transformed and how may indigenous ideas have re-shaped other cultures’ perceptions of gender issues?
  • Which themes were of great (historical) import, but may have lost their relevance more recently (particularly in relation to sexuality and gender relations)?
  • To what extent do the current global as well as local histories and politics shape gender definitions?

The following speakers will address these questions:

Keynote (Monday evening, April 20):

Fedwa Malti-Douglas, Indiana University, Bloomington

Talk: "The Fine Art of Underwhere: Globalizing Unmentionables"  

View the Images to the Talk here


Speakers (Tuesday, April 21):

Ann Pellegrini, Tisch School of the Arts, New York

Talk: "(Dis)Enchantment: Fear, Anxiety, and Other Secular Feelings"

Gregory Pflugfelder, Columbia University, New York

Talk: "Women, Youths, and Men: Male-Male Eroticism and the Age/Gender System of Tokugawa Japan"  

Jyoti Puri, Simmons College, Boston, MA

Talk: "Sexuality/Governmentality: Decriminalizing Same-Sex Sexualities in India"  

Silke Tammen, University of Gießen 

Talk: "Gaze, Desire and Gender in Medieval Art and Medieval Art History" 


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