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4. Workshop: Gender and Body in the Contemporary Arts (December 15-17, 2009 / DAI & IWH)

The last of the four workshops will be accompanied by a live performance by Tsuneka Taniuchi on Tuesday night and the concurrent parcours exhibition "Becoming Intense - Becoming Animal - Becoming..." (curated by Martina Koeppel-Yang) at various locations in downtown Heidelberg.

This workshop itself was uniquely designed to emphasize the aspect of ‘practices’ within the framework of our project. By inviting art historians with rich curatorial expertise and active artists, we want to explore the various approaches and experiences of curators in organising exhibitions as well as artists producing, advertising and selling works involving gender issues and/or concerns relating to the body. The broad regional backgrounds of the invitees shall foster a transcultural discussion highlighting the diverging or converging issues at stake. Since international exhibitions of contemporary arts in the guise of art biennials are abundant in Asian countries since the Kwangju Biennial opened in 1995, Asian perspectives on gender aspects in the arts become all the more pertinent to a transcultural debate. Questions of interest are the following:

  • What is the status quo of 'gender' and 'body' discourses in the contemporary arts of your (trans)regional field of expertise?
  • Which themes and concepts of gender and the body shape your curatorial or artistic work and your personal research, and to what extent would they be relevant for transcultural dimensions?
  • Which theories from cultures other than your own are important for your work? How did you transform them and how may indigenous ideas and phenomena have re-shaped other cultures’ perceptions of gender issues?
  • Which themes were of great (historical) import, but may have lost their relevance more recently?
  • To what extent do the current global as well as local art politics shape your way of addressing gender?

Keynote (Thursday, December 17, 7 pm at the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut/DAI):

 Linda Nochlin, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University

Talk: "Three Women artists, Three versions of the Body: Louise Bourgeois, Jenny Saville and Miwa Yanagi"

Speakers (Wednesday, December 16):

Adel Abdessemed, Paris/Berlin/New York  

Talk: "Anything can happen when an animal is your cameraman"  

 Oreet Ashery, AHRC creative fellow at Queen Mary University, London AHRC (in collaboration with Julia Austin, University of Warwick)

Talk: "Unorthodox characters - performing the Jew in London, Delhi, Israel and Istanbul"   

Julia Austin, University of Warwick

Online Talk: "Channeling Shabbtai: Ritual Acts and Exilic Performance"

  Sheba Chhachhi, New Delhi

Talk: "Inhabiting simultaneous bodies: reading back into 12 years of art practice"

 Kasahara Michiko, Museum of Photography, Tokyo

Talk: "Contemporay Japanese women's self-awareness in the works of Japanese contemporary art and photography"

Joan Kee, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Talk: "Art and the Martial Imperative"

 Martina Koeppel-Yang, independent art historian, curator for Chinese contemporary arts, Paris

Talk: "The Creative Body: Becoming Intense, Becoming Animal, Becoming Imperceptible; Body Politics Revisited"

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