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Dikshya Karki

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About Dikshya Karki

Dikshya Karki is a researcher on Nepali arts. She holds a master's degree in Arts & Aesthetics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and was a reporter for the English daily Republica. She has helped to set up the retrospective on works by Birendra Pratap Singh (1971-2015) at the Nepal Arts Council in Kathmandu. In the context of this project, Dikshya conducts and translates interviews and researches literature and other secondary sources on topics related to art production, Higher art education and urbanisation.  She has also contributed to the research and community-based exhibition project “Patis in Patan” for the first International Photography Festival (photokathmandu) in November 2015. 


B20 Rethinking Art

Dikshya Karki at PhotoKathmandu Festival 2015