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B20 Rethinking Art

Emerging artscapes in South Asia

Coordination: Christiane Brosius


Emerging artscapes in South Asia

This project approaches the entanglements of anthropology and art, in theory and practice, by using transculturality as a conceptual key in order to a) chal­lenge and push the discipline’s conceptual and methodological boundaries in the context of globalised fields of cultural production and to employ b) translocal ethnogra­phy to better understand highly mobile and yet deeply localised art circuits, institutions and agents. The focus is on South Asia since 2000 and several case studies are undertaken to generate a vibrant dis­cussion around inner-Asian art networks, the import of Western concepts into urban public art in India, the domain of Higher art education, the role of large art festivals in the context of urban fabrics of art production but also urban change. Case studies have been selected from Delhi (India), Kathmandu Valley (Nepal) and Dhaka (Bangladesh).