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B16 Parcours Exhibition in Heidelberg (project completed)

Parcours Exhibition in Heidelberg: “Becoming Intense – Becoming Animal – Becoming …”

Coordination: Melanie Trede


The proposed exhibition is part of the workshop, “Gender and Body in the Contemporary Arts” ( December 15-17) included in project B8 “Rethinking Gender, Sexuality and the Body in a Transcultural Art World.” Selected speakers include curators and artists, who will address experiences when organising or showing art works in exhibitions in Asia, Europe and the US. The exhibition will be shown in various locations throughout the city of Heidelberg and features works by renowned artists, some of whom will speak during the workshop. The aim is to render the cluster’s activities visible to the public, and raise awareness and provide spaces for discussing the pivotal categories of Gender, Sexuality and the Body within the realm of the visual arts. The show will be curated by Martina Koeppel-Yang, who provides a long history in curating contemporary art shows with a focus on Asian cultures. The show will be documented in an exhibition catalogue, authored by the curator.

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Melanie Trede

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