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List of Project Activities



28-29 October
Final Conference: “Trends on the Move: Transcultural Dimensions of Popular Flows” Guests: Harald Fuess (Heidelberg), Karl Gerth (Oxford), Susan Ingram (York, Canada), Matthew Johnson (Grinnell College), Raminder Kaur Kahlon (University of Sussex), Rana Mitter (Oxford), Wang Jing (MIT) for conference report click here

9 June
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Michel Hockx (SOAS): “Chinese Writing and the Field of Electronic Literature: Spaces, Communities, Practices”, 14-16 h, Institute of Chinese Studies, organized by Prof. Dr. Barbara Mittler in conjunction with B12 Rethinking Trends


2-3 November
Lecture by and workshop with Prof. Youna Kim (Associate Professor of Global Communications), The American University, Paris. Lecture title: “Media, Gender, and Identity: A Non-Western Perspective”

11 October
Lecture by and workshop with Prof. Susan Ingram (Associate Professor, European Studies, York University, Toronto, Canada. Lecture title: “Cosmotrash as Trend: The Gl-urban Fashion Space of the New Europe”

7 October
Poster Prize for B 12 poster presentation “Trends on the Move” at the Cluster Annual Conference.

8 July
Workshop on consumer motivations and trend spotting with Dr. Sigrid Schmid, Division Director of the Gesellschaft für Innovative Markforschung, Heidelberg: “Trends for Brands: Trendmanagement als Markenführungstool”

8-10 January
Reading session on “desire”. Co-organized with B 2 Creative Dissonances at the RA B retreat in the Black Forest


17 December
Michel Hockx, Professor at the Department of the Languages and Cultures of China and Inner Asia, SOAS, London. (December 17) discussion of the first draft of our ejournal/published volume introduction.

20 November
Seminar with Prof. Dr. Chua Beng-Huat on popular culture and inner-Asian trends in popular culture

19 November
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Chua Beng-Huat: “East Asian Pop Culture: A Trend Report and Agenda for Research”

14 October
Seminar with Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Wasserstrom: “New Trends and New Challenges in Western Publishing about Asia: Thoughts after a Year as Editor of the Journal of Asian Studies and a Year-and-a-Half Working with the ‘China Beat’ Blog”, Prof. Dr. Barbara Mittler in conjunction with B12 Rethinking Trends

27-31 July
Panel on Trends at the International Meeting of the Popular Culture/American Culture Association in Turku (July 27-31), 5 members of the project (Frisch, Altehenger, Gehrig, Sun, Thiel) introduced the project outside the Cluster to an audience which is specialised in studies on popular culture.
At the event, two specialists on European popular culture (Susan Ingram and Markus Reisenleitner, Associate Professor and Head of Department of European Studies at York University, Toronto, Canada) offered their expertise to the project and acted subsequently as external advisors.

15 July
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Holger Rust: “Zukunftsillusionen. Kritische Auseinandersetzung mit der boulevardesken Trendforschung und wissenschaftliche Alternativen einer professionellen Zukunftsforschung “

Workshop with marketing professionals at the marketing agency Jung von Matt/Stuttgart


27-29 November
Conference “Rethinking Trends: Trancultural Flows in Global Popular Spheres”,Karl-Jaspers-Centre, Heidelberg (funded by independent conference grant of the Cluster)

27 November
Lecture by Prof. Stanley Rosen: “Internationalism, Nationalism and Pragmatism: Changing Values of Chinese Youth and the Rise of Materialism and the Middle Class in China”


Poster Prize for B 12 poster presentation “Trends on the Move” at the Cluster Annual Conference (October 2010)  

Completed PhDs since our application in 2008


  • May, Jennifer (2008). “Source of Authority: Quotational Practice in Chinese Communist Propaganda.”
  • Huang, Xuelei (2009). “Commercializing Ideologies. Intellectuals and cultural production at the Mingxing (Star) Motion Picture Company, 1922–1938.”
  • Frisch, Nora (2010). “Coca-Cola – ein chinesischer Mythos? – Über Erscheinungsformen und ideologische Aussagekraft politischer Mythen in kommerzieller Fernsehwerbung in China (1989–2009).”
  • Altehenger, Jennifer (2010, disputation in December). “Love, Law, and Legality: Marriage Law Campaigning in the Early People's Republic of China.”
  • Cora Jungbluth (2011). "走出去 Go out! Political, Economic and Intercultural Aspects in the Internationalisation Process of Chinese Enterprises” (defense of thesis: 07/2011)
  • Sebastian Gehrig (2011). “Coping with the Present. West German Elites and the Search for State, Society, and Self" (defense of thesis: 10/2011)

Since the beginning of the project, several project members have taken up positions outside of Heidelberg (Huang Xuelei at the Academia Sinica, Taiwan; Jennifer Altehenger at King’s College London; Jennifer May in a private sector digital humanities enterprise; Cora Jungbluth at the Bertelsmann Stiftung; Nora Frisch at Drachenhaus-Verlag; Lena Henningsen at the University of Freiburg; Sebastian Gehrig at University College London; Petra Thiel at the Konfuzius-Institut Heidelberg).