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Past Workshops and Events


B11 Coordinator Tina Schilbach presented a paper entitled Emotional geographies of class and cosmopolitanism in global Shanghai at the 4th International Conference Rising Asia, Anxious Europe, 2-3 May 2012 in Copenhagen. The conference was organised by the Asian Dynamics Initiative at the University of Copenhagen.


B11 Annual Workshop

Growing up and growing old in Shanghai, Delhi and Tokyo. Inter-generational stories from Asia’s global cities.

Date: 7-10 September 2011
Venue: Abteilung Kultur und Bildung, Deutsches Generalkonsulat Shanghai (Goethe-Institut Shanghai)

EXPO poster promoting Better City Better Life in Shanghai

Lecture on Delhi's public art festival "48°C Public. Art.Ecology"


Prof Dr Brosius, B11 Project Coordinator and Cluster Chair for Visual and Media Anthropology, gave a lecture on Delhi’s public art festival “48°C Public.Art.Ecology” at the conference “South Asian Festivals on the Move”, which took place in Oslo, 23-25 June 2011. The conference was jointly organised by the Cluster project group B7 “Staging religion” (coordinator: Axel Michaels) and the project “Perspectives on Festivity” at the Department for Culture Studies and Oriental Languages at Oslo University (Ute Hüsken).

The full conference programme is available here.


Conference Panel at ASI/ICAS conference in Honolulu, 31 March-3 April 2011: New Urban Imaginaries of Public Space in Delhi and Shanghai

B11 Members Melissa Butcher and Tina Schilbach convened a panel at the joint conference of the Association for Asian Studies and the International Convention of Asia Scholars (ASI/ ICAS) in Honolulu in 2011. Under the theme of New Urban Imaginaries of Public Space in Delhi and Shanghai, panelists discussed contested new sites of gender, class and religion as they are emerging as part of the two cities’ globalisation process. The panel explored the bounded, regulated, disciplined and exclusive nature of these spaces and inquired into their transformative and creative capacity as meaningful public sphere. Participants also included Cluster scholar and India-specialist Laila Abu-Er-Rub.

Melissa Butcher
Distinctly Delhi: Affect and Exclusion in a Crowded City

Tina Schilbach
Consuming distinction? Middle-class suburbia in global Shanghai

Laila Abu-Er-Rub
Outdoor Advertising as Gendered and Racialised Public Spaces in New Delhi


Annual Workshop

Spaces in-between: from non-place to shared space in developmental cities

Date: 19-23 October 2010 (New Delhi) 

Inside Red Fort in Old Delhi