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Research Based Learning

Madeleine Herren, Internationale Organisationen seit 1865. Eine Globalgeschichte der internationalen Ordnung, Darmstadt 2009 (Geschichte kompakt, Band 40).  


Research Based Learning on International Organisations

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This site provides useful material for research based learning on the history of international organisations (IO). The material (sources, images, bibliographies, links, powerpoint presentations) is related to a German textbook for history students and at the same time linked to a research project on global networks within the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context - Shifting Asymmetries in Cultural  Flows” (Heidelberg University). Why a bilingual presentation of material? International organisations are especially qualified for a bilingual approach, since they have almost all a French or/and English official title. In addition, one aspect of the history of international organisations tells the story of a search for a global language shared by all members. In the nineteenth century, this was French - English became dominant since the period of the League of Nations and the United Nations. What is research based learning? Apart from the institutional histories of particular international organisations, this site gives the opportunity of taking part in ongoing debates on the relevance of international organisations in modern approaches on global history. Situated in a research program on Asia and Europe in a global context, the history of international organisations is seen as a development of transcultural contact zones and as an indicator for connected and entangled histories.  


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