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Project Activities

Autumn 2011

Maya Okuda and Takashi Saikawa will give a lecture about project A3, trans-cultural history, the League of Nations and LONSEA, at the Waseda University, Tokyo

March 2011

Takashi Saikawa presented a paper “National Culture, Region, and the World: Japan and China in the International Committee on Intellectual Co-operation in the 1930s”, at the 2011 Annual Conference of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS), Honolulu, U.S.A..

November 2010 

Maya Okuda presented a paper “International ‘Romanization’? Trans-cultural formation of cultural identity in Japan during the inter-war period” at the international Asia Conference "Asian Diversity in a Global Context" in Copenhagen (11.-13.11.2010).

Takashi Saikawa presented a paper “1937年知的協力国内委員会総会における日本と中国:国民文化、地域、国際的文脈” (Japan and China in the Second Conference of National Committees on Intellectual Co-operation in 1937: National Culture, Region and the International Context) at the International Conference of the Forum of the Study of East Asian History, Northeast Asian History Foundation, Seoul, Korea.

October 2010

Project A3 organised the international Conference "Networks in Times of Transition. Toward a Transcultural History of International Organisations". On the occasion of this event, LONSEA was officially launched.

Christiane Sibille presented a paper on "Musik und Internationale Organisationen" at the workshop "Transfers –empirische und theoretische Perspektiven" organized by the Graduate School of History Basel.

July 2010

Christiane Sibille was elected as Vice-President of the Swiss Association for History and Computing.

June 2010

Christiane Sibille introduced historical databases as part of the Archival Summer Seminar organized by the German Historical Institute, Washington DC, and led by Ines Prodöhl (Weimar, Herzogin Anna Amalia Library 25.06.2010)., cooperation partner of lonsea, is available as a new part of Europeana.

March 2010

Internal project workshop with students of the history department: "lonsea as a tool for the history of International Organisations" (Heidelberg 15.-18.03.2010).

February 2010

Cornelia Knab, Maya Okuda and Christiane Sibille attended the conference "Lives Beyond Borders. Toward a Social History of Cosmopolitans and Globalization, 1880-1960", organised by Project A10 and the German Historical Insitute, Washington DC. (Heidelberg 12.-13.02.2010).
Cornelia Knab spoke about "William T. Stead and Imperialist Cosmopolitanism, or: How to Become a Global Player?" and Christiane Sibille (together with Ines Prodöhl and Rudolph Ng) about "A Forgotten Internationalist: Li Shizeng, 1881–1973".

Activities in 2009

December 2009
Cornelia Knab
, Maya Okuda and Christiane Sibille attended the symposium "The Development of Citizenship in a transcultural context" (Athens, 07-12.12.2009), organised by Project A11.

Tomoko Akami and Sacha Zala gave a lecture in the KJC (Thursday, December 3, 10–12 am, Room 212).
Sacha Zala gave a talk on "Reflections on the Cult of the Nation and Early Fascism: D'Annunzio at Fiume". Tomoko Akami spoke about "Empire and the League of Nations: Opposition and Cooperation in Norm Setting". 
For an abstract of the lectures, please see here.

November 2009
Sacha Zala
organized the international conference "L’estetica del discorso nazionalista in Italia e Polonia, 1919-1939" in Rome. Within the research seminar on "Materializing Fascism: The Fascist Architecture of Rome and the «Triumph Over Nature» in the Pontine Marshes" project members attended an excursion to the fascist cities in the Agro Pontino.

October–December 2009
This semester, Tomoko Akami (Australian National University) and Sacha Zala (University of Bern and Director of the Edition of the Swiss Diplomatic Documents) are research fellows with project A3. Sacha Zala also offered a research seminar and a field trip related to the topic of "Materializing Fascism: The Fascist Architecture of Rome and the «Triumph Over Nature» in the Pontine Marshes".

October 2009
The Project Bibliography with more than 1000 entries is available online. Please follow the link.

September 2009
Christiane Sibille
presented her PhD-Project at the international conference "Wissensgeschichte als transnationale Geschichte: theoretische Ansätze und empirische Perspektiven" (University of Basel, 11.-12.09.2009) and at the international Summer School "Memory culture in transcultural and transnational perspective" (Graduiertenzentrum Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften der Research Academy Leipzig 28.09–01.10.2009 )

Maya Okuda presented her PhD-Projekt at the Joint East Asian Studies Conference in Sheffield. (08.-10.09.2009). 

August 2009
Maya Okuda
presented her PhD-Projekt at the conference "Globale und transnationale Konfigurationen der Zwischenkriegszeit" (Jacobs University Bremen, 27.-28.08.2009)

July 2009
Cornelia Knab presented a paper about " Historische Krisensituationen und die Beeinflussung des Risikobewusstseins in der Seuchenbekämpfung im 20. Jahrhundert / Historical crises and influences on risk perceptions in the control of epidemic diseases in the 20th century" (Interdisciplinary Conference at Karl Jaspers Centre Heidelberg: Krisengeschichte(n). Krise’ als Leitbegriff und Erzählmuster in kulturwissenschaftlicher Perspektive, 23-25.07.2009.)

June 2009
Cornelia Knab
organized the Conference "Historical Perspectives on Transnational Networks in Agriculture, Food, Environment and Health" (University of Oxford, 06.06.2009) in Cooperation with Project C6 "Transnational networks

Maya Okuda presented her Project at the "Humanities Conference 2009" in Beijing (02.–05.06.2009)

March 2009
Project Members Cornelia Knab, Maya Okuda and Christiane Sibille in collaboration with Ines Prodöhl (GHI Washington) will present a panel about "The challenge of border-crossings: transnational co-operation in the interwar period" at the World History conference "Out of Bounds: Exploring Global Connections" at Northeastern University. In addition, they will present their PhD-Projects at the GHI in Washington.