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FoF3 Funding for Armin Volkmann

Jun 21, 2015

Dr. Armin Volkmann and Eric Decker have been successful with an application for their project on retro-digitalisation. They will preserve the excavation records of the roman fort in Heidelberg-Neuenheim. In the project funded by Heidelberg University's Field of Focus 3, Volkmann's Junior Research Group Digital Humanities cooperates with the Heidelberg Research Architecture and Heidelberg's Kurpfälzisches Museum.

The new project with the full title "Standardised work flows for retro-digitalisation: a case study of the excavation records of the roman fort of Heidelberg-Neuenheim" develops infrastructure and workflows for retro-digitalisation and academic analysis of paper-based documents. As a case study the present and so far unpublished documentation of the roman fort excavation in Heidelberg-Neuenheim in the 1970th were reprocessed digitally. The goal of the project is the analysis and extraction of the containing information. For a sustainable use in the field of digital humanities the information will be stored as a lasting, interoperable data type. Already developed digital tools will be used, modified and provided as an open-source solution. The results of the case study and the developed infrastructure will be designed for use in research and teaching.

The project "RetroDig" is a cooperation of the Junior Research Group Digital Humanities, led by Dr. Armin Volkmann, and the Heidelberg Research Architecture (HRA), headed by Eric Decker, at the Cluster "Asia and Europe" together with the Kurpfälzisches Museum of Heidelberg. Project members are Matthias Guth and Claudius Teodorescu. The project is financed by the "Field of Focus 3: Cultural Dynamics in Globalised Worlds" for one year and started in April 2015.

Fig. 1: A transcription of the hand-written text of the excavation diary is necessary in order to extract the structured information in a machine-readable format; work record editor of the HRA Tamboti ecosystem; source: see Fig. 2.

Fig. 2: Retro-digitalisation of the excavation diary; editors draft for annotation of text and image section with person name markings; source: excavation diary "Heukemes" of the excavation "Kastellweg 1975" Kurpfälzisches Museum Stadt Heidelberg ©.


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