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Dimitry Okropiridze, M.A.


Dimitry Okropiridze, M.A.


  • GPTS-6
  • Lecturer at the Department for the Study of Religion (Heidelberg University)

Contact information

Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies
Voßstraße 2, Building 4400
Room 021
69115 Heidelberg



About Dimitry Okropiridze

I joined the Cluster's Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies (GPTS) in October 2014, supervised by Prof. Dr. Inken Prohl (Department for the Study of Religion)

Academic Fields of Interest


– Religious/Cultural History of South Asia since 1800

– Orientalism from the late 19th Century to the Present

– The Transcultural History of Yoga

– The History of Religion and Science

– The Religio-Therapeutic Discourse in the 20th Century


– Religious Discourse in Motion Pictures and Documentaries

– The Functioning of Collective (religious) Identities

– The Post-Secular Religioscape

– Psychology of Religion

– Carl Jung's Analytic Psychology


– Poststructuralism 

– Ernesto Laclau's Postfoundationalism

– New/Speculative Realism

– Semiotics

– Psychoanalysis 


– Qualitative Methods

– Discourse Analysis

– Hermeneutics

Curriculum vitae

In 2011, I graduated from Heidelberg University with a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies, and was awarded my Master of Arts in Religious Studies, with a special focus on Transcultural Studies, poststructuralist theory, and material religion in 2014, from the University of Heidelberg. The Masters Thesis was entitled: "Was ist Yoga? Eine religions- und kulturwissenschaftliche Herleitung" (What is Yoga? An Approximation from the Study of Religion and Culture).

Selected publications

Okropiridze, Dimitry. 2017. "'East' and 'West' in the Kaleidoscope of Transculturality – The Discursive Production of the Kuṇḍalinī as a New Ontological Object Within and Beyond Orientalist Dichotomies." In Eastspirit – Transnational Spirituality and Religious Circulation in East and West, edited by Jørn; Qvortrup Fibiger Borup, Marianne, 120-145. Leiden; Boston: Brill.

Okropiridze, Dimitry. 2017. "Religion und Psychologie in symbolischer Interaktion. Eine kulturwissenschaftliche Deutung yogischer Kundalini-Energie und jungianischer Individuation." Wege zum Menschen 69 (4):341-354.

Okropiridze, Dimitry. 2016 [2014]. "Was ist Yoga? Eine religions- und kulturwissenschaftliche Herleitung." Masterarbeit, Heidelberg: UB-Heidelberg:

Okropiridze, Dimitry. 2016 [2011]. "'Religion' und 'Gewalt' als leere Signifikanten. Religionswissenschaftliche Überlegungen zur Diskurslogik der Hegemonietheorie." Bachelorarbeit, Heidelberg: UB-Heidelberg:

Okropiridze, Dimitry. 2015. "Was ist Yoga? Eine religionshistorische Aktualisierung." In: Handbuch der Religionen, Udo Tworuschka (Hg.), Kapitel VIII, 1.3: 1-22. München: OLZOG-Verlag.