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Ersin Mihci, M.A.


Ersin Mihci, M.A.


  • Ph.D. Candidate

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About Ersin Mihci

Ersin Mihci graduated from Heidelberg University with an M.A. in musicology and Spanish. In October 2012 he was accepted to the Graduate Programme in Transcultural Studies (GPTS) at the Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe in a Global Context. He is working on his Ph.D. thesis about “Forging national music on both sides of the Aegean in the 19th and 20th century”, which focuses on how eminent music genres in Greece and Turkey contributed to the construction of national identity. His main research interests center on music as an expression of national identity at the intersection of Asia and Europe. His recent work incorporates different approaches to concepts like culture, civilization and authenticity and reflects upon the boundaries they have created -- and how those can be overcome.

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