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Annika Jöst, M.A.


Contact information


Curriculum vitae

b. May 16, 1979, Flensburg

03/2009 - 6/2012 : Research Fellow, Cluster of Excellence «Asia and Europe in a Global Context», Heidelberg University, Research Project B 12 “Rethinking Trends: Transcultural Flows in Global Popular Spheres"

05/2011-10/2011: maternity leave, birth of daughter

07/2008-07/2011: Research assistant TransCoop project “A New Approach to the Popular Press in China: Gender and Cultural Production, 1904-1937”

04/2008 - 05/2011 : Continuing PhD: „Contemporary Chinese Women’s Magazines and Their Representations of the ‘New’ New Woman,“ (working title).

07/2007-03/2008: Maternity leave, birth of son

04/2007 - : PhD student, Institute of Chinese Studies, Heidelberg University

10/1999-12/2006: Chinese Studies (major), Anglistics (literature studies) and Public International Law (minor), Heidelberg University and Nankai University, Tianjin, PRC

Research Interests:

Chinese women’s magazines and popular magazines from 1900 to 2006

Gender studies in modern and contemporary China

The role and depiction of mothers and fathers in contemporary China, USA, Germany, Great Britain and India

Selected publications

Sauerzweig (Joest), Annika (2006). “Gesichtskonzept und Gesichtsverlust in China: Eine Betrachtung der kulturspezifischen und universellen Ansätze in der Literatur.“ MA Thesis, Heidelberg University.

Joest, Annika (2008). “辣妈, Hot Moms et al. – On Trendy Supermothers in the Popular Media.“
Paper presented at the conference Rethinking Trends – Transcultural Flows in the Global Popular Sphere, Heidelberg, November 27th and 28th, 2008.

Joest, Annika (2009). “ ‘Never underestimate the Power of a Woman’: Representations of the New Woman as Working Woman 职业女性 and Business Woman 女商人,财经女性 in Linglong, Zhongguo Funü and Elle China.” Paper presented at the Transcoop conference A New Approach to the Popular Press in China: Gender and Cultural Production, 1904-1937,
Heidelberg, December 17th-19th, 2009.

Joest, Annika (2011). "Contemporary Visualisations of Foreign Women (the 'Other') in India's and China's Vogue and Elle - Layers of Othering as a Trend of Consumer Markets." Paper presented at the conference Trends on the Move: Transcultural Dimensions of Popular Flows, Heidelberg, October 28th-30th, 2011.