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Feng He, M.A.

Graduate Student

Feng He, M.A.


  • Ph.D. Candidate, GPTS-7

Contact information

Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies
Voßstraße 2, Building 4400
Room 021
69115 Heidelberg


About Feng He

Feng HE is PhD candidate in the Institute of East Asian Art History and Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies at Heidelberg University. Feng works on Chinese art and material culture with broader interests in European antiquarianism and material culture, historical sociology, and anthropology of arts. His dissertation project, provisionally titled The Dragoon Vases: Chinese Porcelain, Monumentality, and Transcultural Antiquarianism in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Dresden, explores how socio-cultural actors in early modern Saxony integrated Chinese ceramics in trans-local cultural practice while reconfiguring antiquarianism into modern disciplines. Before coming to Heidelberg, Feng served as Assistant Curator at the Museum of Shanghai University. page

Curriculum vitae

Winter semester 2018/2019 Teaching Assistant, Institute of East Asian Art History, Heidelberg University.

Since 09/2016 PhD candidate, Institute of East Asian Art History, Heidelberg University. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Sarah E. Fraser

Since 10/2015 PhD candidate, Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies, Heidelberg University. Advisor: Prof. Dr. Monica Juneja

2015–2018 Graduate Certificate, Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies, Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context," Heidelberg University.

2013–2014 Assistant Curator, Museum of Shanghai University, China. 

2010–2013 MA, Department of Art History, Shanghai University, China. 

2006–2010 BA, Department of Art Theory, Southeast University, China. 

Selected publications


(2014) TAO Feiya, GUO Ji, LI Xinzhi, and HE Feng, eds. 上海大学博物馆艺术邀请展作品集 [Catalogue for the invitational art exhibition at the Museum of Shanghai University]. Shanghai University Press, 2014. 


(Forthcoming) He, Feng. “Theatricality and Trans-Media Motif of Early Qing Narrative Porcelain.” In Women Cross Media: East Asian Photography, Prints and Porcelain from the Dresden State Art Collection, edited by Sarah E. Fraser, Mio Wakita, and Lianming Wang. Heidelberg: (Open Access)

(2018) He, Feng. “Ming Dramas as Sources for the Dancing Scene on Coromandel Lacquer Screens and Kangxi Porcelains.” Oriental Ceramic Society Newsletter 26 (May 2018): 3–6.

(2017) He, Feng. “Embodied Beauty: Feminising Chinese Ceramics in Eighteenth-Century China and Europe.” In Wechselblicke: Zwischen China und Europa 1669–1907, edited by Matthias Weiß, Eva-Maria Troelenberg and Joachim Brand, 98–114. Berlin and Petersberg: Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and Michael Imhof Verlag, 2017.​

(2017) He, Feng. “The Global Lives of a Female Dancer: Transcultural Identities of a Chinese Painting Motif.” Aziatische Kunst 47, no.2 (2017): 5–12.

(2016) He, Feng and LIANG Shixin. “德语国家艺术史研究动态 (2010–2015) [History of Art in German Speaking Countries (2010–2015)].” 艺术学界 [Arts Study] 16/2 (2016):166–192.

(2012) He, Feng. “文交所如何走出困境: 艺术品金融化新解和艺术市场三级体系的建立 [A Solution to the Dilemma of Cultural Property Exchange: Financialization of Artwork and Triangle System of Art Market].” 艺术市场 [Art Market] 2012 (08): 38–41.

Catalogue entries

(2017) He, Feng and Sarah E. Fraser. Entries 14, 26, and 34. In Dresden · Europa · Welt, edited by Jan Hüsgen and Romy Kraut. Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, 2017. 

Conference Presentations

The Dragoon Vases and the Locality of Global Monuments. The 11th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS 11). Organizer of two panels "Global Localities of Chinese Ceramics" I and II. Leiden University, 16–19/07/2019. 

The Dragoon Vases and Monumentality at the Global Turn of Ceramic Studies. College Art Association (CAA) 107th Annual Conference. New York City, 13–16/02/2019.

From Theatrical to Monumental: Social Spaces and Porcelain Display in Eighteenth-Century Dresden. Reframing Chinese Objects: Collecting and Displaying Practices in Europe and the Islamic World, ca. 1400–1800. Heidelberg University, 07–08/12/2018.

The Erotic Teapots: The Female Body and the Materiality of Chinese Ceramics in High Qing Literati Writings. Representing Sex: A Transcultural Conversation. Heidelberg University, 30/11–01/12/2018.

Reflexive Surfaces and Monumental Engagement: East Asian Porcelain in the Reshaping of European Antiquarianism. Engaging China: Perspectives from the Margins. University of Oxford, 10–11/01/2018. The 27th Annual Columbia Graduate Student Conference on East Asia. Columbia University, 23–24/02/2018.

Trans-Media Display and Everyday Encounter: The Transcultural Agency of a Chinese Painting Motif. The Second Conference of the European Association for Asian Art and Archaeology (EAAA). University of Zurich, 24–27/08/2017.

Extraordinary Display and Everyday Encounter: The Agency and Transcultural Appropriation of a Chinese Painting Motif. (Extra)ordinary China: Practices of the Everyday. University of Oxford, 11–12/01/2017.

The Global Lives of a Female Dancer: Transcultural and Trans-Media Appropriation of a Chinese Motif. VVAK (Asian Art Society in the Netherlands) Symposium, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 26/11/2016. The Tenth International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS 10). Chiang Mai, 20–23/07/2017.

Female Representation and Ceramic Metaphor: Cross-Media Visualisation of Female Body on Qing Dynasty Porcelain. The Tenth Annual Conference on Asian Studies: Connecting the Old with the New. Palacký University Olomouc, 04/11/2016.

The Shoulder of Beauty and the Girding Flower: Ceramic Vessel as a Metaphor for Female Body. Porzellansammlung, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden. Dresden, 08/07/2016.

Gazing at Earthly Paradise: Private Theatre, Garden and Female Representation on Early Qing Narrative Porcelain. Cross-Media Porcelain Symposium, Heidelberg University, 31 March–1 April 2016. 5. Forum Ostasiatische Kunstgeschichte, University of Bonn, 27–28/05/2016.

Workshops and Summer School

The University of Chicago/Getty Dissertation Workshop in Chinese Art History. Chicago, 20/08–01/09/2018.

European Association for Chinese Studies Summer School. Hidden in Plain Sight: Materiality, Meaning and Accessibility of Chinese Objects in Local Collections. University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lampeter Campus, UK. 04–08/09/2017.

中央研究院歷史語言研究所第二十六屆歷史研習營“世界史視野中的匯流: 思想、文化、人群、工藝與制度” [The 26th History Workshop, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica]. 20–23/01/2017.

Joint Graduate Student Workshop, Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe at Heidelberg University, and URPP Asia and Europe at Zurich University. Heidelberg, Germany. 27–28/10/2016.


Assistant Curator. Jewel on the Crown: Polish Poster Art Exhibition. Museum of Shanghai University. December 16–29, 2014.

Assistant Curator. Invitational Art Exhibition of Shanghai University Museum. Xuhui Art Museum, Shanghai. May 15–28, 2014.

Assistant Curator. Poetic Jiangnan—Landscape Oil Paintings by Prof. Shen Xing-gong. Shanghai Degas Art Space. December 3–30, 2011.

Service to the Field

(2018) Academic committee, Transcultural Studies Student Conference, Heidelberg University.

(2013–2014) Editorial board. 博物馆新科技 [Museum and New Technology], journal published by the Museum of Shanghai University.