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Laila Abu-Er-Rub, M.A.

Associate Member

Laila Abu-Er-Rub, M.A.


  • Coordinator of the Cluster's Research Areas "Governance and Administration”, “Public Spheres”, “Knowledge Systems” and “Historicities and Heritage”
  • Coordinator HERA Joint Research Programme "Cultural Encounters" No. 586 "Creating the 'New' Asian Woman: Entanglements of Urban Space, Cultural Encounters and Gendered Identities in Shanghai and Delhi"

Contact information

Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies
Voßstraße 2, Building 4400
Room 222
69115 Heidelberg


+49 (0) 6221 54 4323
+49 (0) 6221 54 3556

About Laila Abu-Er-Rub


Head of Administration

M.S. Merian – R.Tagore International Centre for Advanced Studies

 ‘Metamorphoses of the Political: Comparative Perspectives on the Long Twentieth Century’ (ICAS:MP)

Max Weber Stiftung India Branch Office

New Delhi

At the HCTS:

  • Dissertation in Visual & Media Anthropology ‘Goldene Zeiten: Mode und Körper im Neoliberalen Indien’ (‚Golden Times: Fashion and Body in Neoliberal India‘, defended in July 2015)


Selected publications

With Sebastian Gehrig & Jennifer Elisabeth Altehenger 2011. “The Transcultural Travels of Trends. An Introductory Essay”. In Transcultural Studies E-Journal, Vol 2/ 2011, p.140-163.

With Cathrine Bublatzky 2010. “Tagungsbericht Flows of Images and Media. Annual Conference 2009 of the Cluster of Excellence „Asia and Europe in a Global Context“. 07.10.2009-09.10.2009, Heidelberg, in: H-Soz-u-Kult 20.11.2009.


WS 2015/16: "Single in the City: Gender, Media, and Urban Space in Delhi and Shanghai" (M.A. Transcultural Studies)

SS 2012: "A Transcultural Approach to Beauty" (M.A. Transcultural Studies)

WS 2010: "Gender und Werbung- Frauenbilder in Indien" (B.A. Ethnologie)



"Fashion and Beauty in Neoliberal India". Introductory Lecture B.A. South Asian Studies. South Asia Institute Heidelberg, 17.12.2015.

"Western Wear & Indian Wear: Challenging Eurocentrism through a Transcultural Perspective on Indian Fashion", DAAD Summer School, Oxford University, 9.7.2015.

"Western Wear vs. Ethnic Chic: The Two Faces of Indian Fashion". Fashion Tales 2015, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, 20.6.2015.


"Schönheit, Körper, Kleidung und kulturelle Identität in Indien." Vortrag für die Einführungsvorlesung für den B.A. Südasienstudien, Südasieninstitut Heidelberg, 27.6.2013.


"Mode und kulturelle Identität oder: Wie machen Kleider Leute in Indien." SAI dabei! In 50 Fragen durch Südasien. Vortrag im Rahmen des 50jährigens Jubiläums des Heidelberger Südasieninstituts, Peterskirche Heidelberg, 28.6.2012.

Discussant for the panel "Delicate Materials: Embodying and Colouring Intimacy". Summer School "Seeing Matter(s): Materiality and Visuality", Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context", KJC Heidelberg, July 31st, 2012.


“Contemporary Visualisations of Foreign Women (the “Other”) in India’s and China’s Vogue and Elle.” Conference ‘Gender and Transcultural Production: Chinese Women’s Journals in their Global Context’, 1900-2000, SOAS London, May 13-15, 2011.

“Outdoor Advertising and the Making of Gendered and Racialised Urban Spaces in Delhi. ” AAS/ICAS Joint Conference  Honolulu, Hawaii , March 31-April 3, 2011.

“Striving for an International Look: the Trend of Travelling Beauties in Asia.” Conference ‘Transcultural Dimensions of Popular Flows”, Heidelberg, October 28-29, 2011.


“’Brazilians, they look like Indians’: Changing Beauty Ideals in Indian Women’s Magazines.” Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological  Association, New Orleans, November 21, 2011.