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Max Stille

Associate Member

Contact information

Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung (engl: Max-Planck-Institute for Human Development)
Forschungsbereich Geschichte der Gefühle (engl: Center for the History of Emotions)
Lentzeallee 94
14195 Berlin

+49 30 82406-378


Curriculum vitae


1991-2004: Scharmützelsee-Grundschule, Königin-Luise-Stiftung, Berlin.

2007/08: Arabic Studies in Syria and Yemen.

2010: Advanced Language Program Bengali, American Institute of Indian Studies, Kolkata.

2005-2012: M.A. Arabic Studies and South Asian History, University of Heidelberg

since 2012: PhD in South Asian Languages and Literatures, South Asia Institute, Heidelberg


2016: Seminar "Entangled Literatures", together with Faryaneh Fadaeiresketi, Maria Römer, Jan Scholz

2015: Seminar "Transcultural Reading Experience(s)" together with Susanne Enderwitz, Hans Harder, Jan Scholz

2013/14: Seminar on Islamic Education in Colonial India (History of South Asia)

2013: Seminar together with Hans Harder: Text, Literature and Interpretation (Modern South Asian Languages and Literatures)

2008/2009: Reading Circle: Close Reading of Foucault, 2008-2009 (Cluster Asia and Europe)


Visiting Researcher at the Max-Planck-Insitute for Human Development, Berlin, June 2014

Member of the Research Team EMOPOLIS (CNRS-EHESS), Paris

Research Languages:

Arabic, Bengali, Urdu

Selected publications

"Sufism in Bengali wa’z mahfils." In: Deepra Dandekar, Torsten Tschacher (eds.): Islam, Sufism and Everyday Politics of Belonging in South Asia. 294–313. Routledge, 2016.

"Conceptualizing Compassion in Communication for Communication: Emotional Experience in Islamic Sermons (Bengali waʿẓ maḥfils).” In: Contributions to the History of Concepts 11, no. 1, 2016.

"Śāh Muhammad Sagīrer Iusuph-Jolekha paẏār ebaṃ tripadī chander adal-badal." In: Bhabnagar International Journal of Bengal Studies, Vol. 2, No. 2. 2015 (online available).

"Islamic Non-Friday Sermons in Bangladesh." In: South Asia Chronicle - Südasien-Chronik, Focus: Mapping Bangladesh Studies. Vol. 4, 2014, pp. 94-114 (online publication).

Together with Jan Scholz: "The Open Ritual: Indeterminacy in a Modern Sufi Ceremony." In: Ines Weinrich (ed.): Performing Religion. (Beiruter Texte und Studien, forthcoming).

Together with Jan Scholz: "One Ceremony, Many Readings – Inayat Khan's ʿurs and its Participants." In: Christiane Brosius, Yousuf Saeed (eds.): South Asia's Islamic Shrines and Transcultural Visuality. 2014 (online publication).

"Metrik und Poetik der Josephsgeschichte Muhammad Sagirs." In: Hans Harder (ed.): Working Papers in Modern South Asian Languages and Literatures 1 (Heidelberg University), 2013 (online publication).

Translation "Die Geschichte des Freiheitskampfes für Kinder", Zafar Iqbal. In: Masala 3 (South Asia Institute, Heidelberg), 2012.

Together with Jan Scholz, Tobias Selge, Johannes Zimmermann: "Listening to More Than Islam: Approaching Identities Through the Auditory Dimension of Podcasts." In: Orient I, 2010, pp. 38-50.

Together with Jan Scholz, Tobias Selge, Johannes Zimmermann: "Listening Communities? Some Remarks on the Construction of Religious Authority in Islamic Podcasts." In: Die Welt des Islams 48, 2008, pp. 457-509.


Thomas K. Gugler: Mission Medina. Daʿwat-e Islāmī und Tablīġī Ǧamāʿat, Asien 127, 2013, pp. 106-107.

Monika Horstmann: Der Zusammenhalt der Welt. Religiöse Herrschaftslegitimation und Religionspolitik Maharaja Savai Jaisinghs (1700-1743), Jahrbuch für Europäische Überseegeschichte, Bd. 10, 2010, pp. 296-299.