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Xin Yuan, M.A.


Xin Yuan, M.A.


  • Ph.D. Candidate, Junior Research Group Member (B10) until October 2010

Contact information


Curriculum vitae


Cluster of Excellence: Asia and Europe in a Global Context, Heidelberg University

• Ph.D Candidate: “The Tale of Two Chinese Cities (Harbin and Shanghai) A Contrastive Study on the Cultural Connotation of Chinese Pidgin English and Chinese Pidgin Russian”



Beijing Foreign Studies University, M.A. of Applied Linguistics

National Research Center of Foreign Language Education

• Specialization: English Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, English Education

• Thesis: “An Associative Study between Music Aptitude and English Phonetics Proficiency for Beginners who study English as a Foreign Language – a Comparative Study between Chinese and German Beginners”.

Sichuan University, B.A of English Language and Literature 

English Dept., Institute of Foreign Languages and Culture

• Specialization: English/American Literature, Comparative Culture Studies, European History, General Linguistics

• Thesis: “On Education of Chinese Ideographic-phonetic Characters in Teaching Chinese As a Second Language”

Selected publications


AILA 08/2011

English Education in China: Sociolinguistic History  

Kentucky Foreign Language Conference 04/2011

An Associative Study between Music Aptitude and English Phonetics Proficiency.

Traveling Languages: Culture, Communication 12/2010

and Translation in a Mobile World  

(10th Annual Conference of the International Association 

of Languages and Intercultural Communication)

Chinese Pidgin English in Shanghai: An Analysis on the Flow of Culture and Language

全球挑战与区域应对-20 世纪早期哈尔滨及中国 06/2009


Intercultural speakers in Harbin: The Sociolinguistic Profile of Chinese Pidgin Russian