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Friederike Werner, Dr.


Friederike Werner, Dr.

Contact information

About Friederike Werner

Cluster member and research project 2012–2015

MC 14.2 Materialising Memories: Aegyptiaca in early modern Europe and the phenomenon of Egyptomania.

Publication in 2016: Ägyptomanie in Preußen – Die Tafelskulptur zur Hochzeit im Königshaus 1804.

Head of the project: Prof. Dr. Joachim Friedrich Quack


Curriculum vitae


University Studies | University of Heidelberg | Art history, Archaeology, Egyptology

1988 | Magister Artium

1992/1994 | PhD thesis | Ägyptenrezeption in der europäischen Architektur des 19. Jahrhunderts, phil. Diss. Heidelberg 1994 (Prof. Dr. Peter Anselm Riedl / Prof. Dr. Jan Assmann).

1984-1991 | Research assistant at the Departement of Egyptology: excavation drawer on field campaigns in Egypt (Luxor, Tuna el-Gebel) in cooperation with the Universities of Cairo, Heidelberg, Munich. 1:1 drawings of originals: objects, reliefs, frescoes. Proofreading of publications: University of Munich (Prof. Dr. Dieter Kessler).

1994-1995 | Participation and presentations in conferences about the subject "Egyptomania"| Museum of Art History, Vienna and Technical University Munich.

Inventory projects | Company for restoration Clemens von Schoeler, Munich: Inventory of the collection of furniture and art objects of Count Toerring-Jettenbach, Castle of Winhöring.

Forthcoming projects

Considering the outcome of the project MC 14.2 and the mentioned publication there will be a number of activities in the Schlossmuseum Darmstadt: Presentation of the book, several speaking engagements about the table centrepiece and the strategy of an exhibition about Egyptomania in 2017/2018.

Likewise I am looking for additional challenges.

Dr. Friederike Werner | October 2016.

Selected publications


Ägyptomanie in Preußen – Die Tafelskulptur zur Hochzeit im Königshaus 1804
VDG Weimar 2016 | ISBN 978-3-89739-856-6

„Abgekupfert, durchgepaust und second hand. Ein Essay zur Authentizität in der Kunst“, in: Martin Fitzenreiter (Hrsg.), Authentizität. Artefakt und Versprechen in der Archäologie, IBAES, Internet-Beiträge zur Ägyptologie und Sudan-Archäologie, Bd. 15, London 2014, S. 13-18.