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Markus Pauli, Dr.


Markus Pauli, Dr.


  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • Lecturer in Political Science, South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University

Contact information

Heidelberg University
South Asia Institute
Department of Political Science
Im Neuenheimer Feld 330
69120 Heidelberg


About Markus Pauli

Dr. Markus Pauli is a Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer at the Political Science Department of the South Asia Institute at Heidelberg University.

His doctoral research on "The Credibility of Microfinance Institutions - Clients´ Perception and Empowerment in Andhra Pradesh" was supervised by Professor Subrata K. Mitra and Professor Frank Pfetsch. He was awarded a scholarship from the Graduate Programme of Transcultural Studies (GPTS) at the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context".

Dr. Markus Pauli has studied Political Science at the Free University of Berlin (Germany) and the London School of Economics (United Kingdom). He was awarded a scholarship from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. With International Political Economy and International Relations as his study focus, he received his 'Diplom' with a thesis on the reform of the International Monetary Fund.

Thereafter he worked as a project coordinator for InWEnt - Capacity Building International (nowadays part of GIZ), a non-profit organisation dedicated to human resource development and commissioned by the German Federal Government.

He is Deputy Editor of Heidelberg Papers in South Asian and Comparative Politics.

Curriculum vitae


Doctor in Political Science, University of Heidelberg (2015)

Diplom in Political Science, Free University Berlin (2005)

General Course in International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) (2003)

Academic Work Experience

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (Postdoctoral Research Fellow) at the Department of Political Science, South Asia Institute, University of Heidelberg (since 2014)

Lecturer at the Department of Political Science, South Asia Institute, University of Heidelberg (since 2010)

Assistant at the Computing Centre, University of Heidelberg (2009-2010) 


Seminar on “Method Competency: Introduction to Survey Data Analysis – Using Data on the Political, Economic and Social Development of India”, (2015) Heidelberg University.

Seminar on “Introduction into the International Political Economy of India”, (2014/15) Heidelberg University.

Seminar on “Introduction to Qualitative Methods of Political Science - Using examples of current research on India” (2014) Heidelberg University.

Seminar on “Umfrageforschung: Vom Fragebogen-Design über die Datenerhebung bis zur statistischen Datenanalyse” ( = ”Survey Methods: Desigining Surveys, Data Collection and Statistical Data Analysis”) (2013/14) Heidelberg University.

Seminar on “Off the Mainstream - Evaluating Alternative Approaches to the Study of South Asian Politics” (2013/14) Heidelberg University.

Seminar on “Social Science Theories, Concepts and Measurements” (2012/13), Heidelberg University.

Seminar on the “Economic and Social Development of India since Independence” (2011/ 12), Heidelberg University.

Seminar on “Empirical Methods in Social Science – Survey Design, Data Collection and Data Analysis with SAS” (2009), Heidelberg University.

Selected publications

Politics in South Asia: Culture, Rationality and Conceptual Flow, (co-edited with) Wolf, Siegfried O. and Jivanta Schöttli, Dominik Frommherz, Kai Fürstenberg, Marian Gallenkamp, Lion König (2015), Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London: Springer. 

India as a Global Security Actor’, (co-authored with Jivanta Schöttli), in: Kaldor, Mary and Iavor Rangelov (eds.) (2014), Handbook of Global Security Policy, London: Wiley-Blackwell.

Politics and the Room to Manoeuvre: Democracy, social opportunity and poverty in India’, (co-authored with Subrata K. Mitra and Jivanta Schöttli), in: Dulal, Hari (ed.) (2013), Poverty Reduction in a Changing Climate, Lexington Books.

Conference Presentations (Selected)

International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention 2015 “Global IR and Regional Worlds: A New Agenda for International Studies”; Paper on “Financial Inclusion In India: The Role Of State, Market & International Actors?“ in the Panel „Liberal And Capitalist? India As a Rising Power And The Global Economy“, February 18th - 21st, 2015, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

International Conference on “India in the Contemporary World” at Heidelberg University, Presentation on “Microfinance and Financial Inclusion in South India.”, August 4th 2014.

International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention 2014 “Spaces and Places – Geopolitics in an Era of Globalization”; Paper on “The International Political Economy of Microfinance: The case of the ‘Andhra Crisis’” in the Panel “Global Rules and Local Practices” and Discussant in the Panel “Geo-Economics in Evolving Global Spaces”, March 26th - 29th, 2014, Toronto, Canada.

Auto Uni of Volkswagen, Wolfsburg, 2010 Oktober 29th – Presentation on the Economic Development of India.

Forum Scientiarum, University of Tübingen, 2010 June 21st  till 25th – Summer School on The Capabilities Approach on Social Order with Martha Nussbaum (Chicago), paper presentation.

American Association for Asian Studies, Annual Conference 2010, Philadelphia, USA, 2010 March 25th till 29th – Paper on Economic Citizenship, Individual Capabilities and the Assessment of Poverty-oriented Microfinance in India.

Third European South Asia PhD Workshop 2009, University of Edinburg, September 4th to 5th, Paper on Economic Citizenship, Capabilities and the Assessment of Microfinance in India.