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Barend Noordam, M.A.


Barend Noordam, M.A.


  • Ph.D. Candidate until June 2011

Contact information


Curriculum vitae

Education / Academic Career

PhD Research in History (Eurasian military history focus) (July 2009-now)University of Heidelberg (Germany), Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context”. Dissertation Title: “Early Modern Military Encounters: the Ming Dynasty and the Europeans 1500-1644. Crosscultural Perceptions and Transfers in the Military Field.”

Bachelor Degree Sinology (2005-2009). University of Leiden (The Netherlands), including one year spent at the Beijing Languages and Cultures University (BLCU) in the People's Republic of China (2007-2008). Dissertation Title: “Qin & Macedonië. De weg naar hegemonie in antieke statensystemen (Qin and Macedonia. The Road towards Hegemony in Ancient Systems of States).”

Master Degree History (1999-2007). University of Utrecht (The Netherlands) 1999-2002 and University of Leiden (The Netherlands) 2001-2007. Dissertation Title: “Mandarijnen & magazijngeweren. Chinese militaire modernisering in de negentiende eeuw en de Sino-Franse strijd in Tonkin, 1884-1885 (Mandarins and Magazine-rifles. Chinese Military Modernization in the Nineteenth Century and the Sino-French Conflict in Tonkin, 1884-1885).”

Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs (VWO) Diploma (Dutch High School Diploma). Revius Lyceum, Doorn, The Netherlands.

Scholarships and Awards

Scholarship for Ph.D. Research (2009) granted by the Deutsche Forschungs Gemeinschaft (DFG).

Scholarship for a Year Intensive Language Study in the People's Republic of China (2007) grantedby the Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education (NUFFIC).

Conference and Workshop Papers

"Diplomatic Gift Exchange as a Channel for Technological Transfer in the Military Field", delivered at the workshop Image – Object – Performance: Mediality and Communication in Early Modern Contact Zones of Latin America and Asia (Hamburg University, May 30-June 1, 2011).

"Weapon diplomacy: Jesuit-Dutch Rivalry in the Transfer of Military Expertise during the Ming-Qing Conflict", delivered at the Third European Congress on World and Global History (London School of Economics, April 14-17, 2011).

“Introduction”, delivered at the workshop Global Experience in European Texts (Heidelberg University, November 11-13, 2010).

“Military Intelligence Gathering and Dissemination: the Case of the Dutch VOC in the Chinese Strategic Context of the 17th Century”, delivered at the conference Transformations of Knowledge in Dutch Expansion (München University, October 14-15, 2010)

“Military Intelligence Gathering and Early Modern Warfare: the VOC and China in the Early 17th Century”, delivered at the Annual Conference of the Cluster “The Flow of Concepts and Institutions” (Heidelberg University, October 6-8, 2010).

“Sino-European Encounters: Mutual Perceptions of Military Capabilities in the Seventeenth Century”, delivered at the conference Migrating Ideas of Governance and Emerging Bureaucracies between Europe and Asia since the Early Modern Era (Beijing University (Beida), September 20-22, 2010).

“The Transfer of Military Technology and Ideas between Early Modern Europe and Asia: Hybridization of the Military in the Cases of Manchu China and Mughal India”, delivered at the conference Early Modern State (Building) in Asia and Europe – Comparison, Transfer and Entanglement (Heidelberg University, October 26-28, 2009).

Research Interests

Global military history (with a special focus on Europe and China), political and military aspects of early modern European interaction with Asia, cross-cultural perception, cultural history of science and technology, knowledge transfer and circulation.

Selected publications

 "Military Intelligence Gathering and Early Modern Warfare: the VOC and China in the early 17th Century", in: Antje Flüchter and Jivanta Schöttli (eda), Flow of Concepts and Institutions (2012)(in preparation).

“Shifting Military Culture in Early Modern Europe and Ming Military Organization through the Lens of the Portuguese: A Study in the History of Cross-Cultural Perceptions”, in: Susan Richter (ed), Migrating Ideas of Governance and Emerging Bureaucracies between Europe and Asia since the Early Modern Era (2011)(forthcoming).

“Technology, Tactics, and Military Transfer in the Nineteenth Century: Qing Armies in Tonkin, 1884-1885”, in: Antje Flüchter & Susan Richter (eds), Structures on the Move. Technologies of Governance in Transcultural Encounters (2011)(forthcoming).

“Qin and Macedon: the Road to Hegemony in Antique Systems of States”, in: Shilin: Leiden Journal of Young Sinology 1 (2010), pp. 21-29.

Conference report “Early Modern State (Building) in Asia and Europe”, in: H-Soz-u-Kult, 30.01.2010, hsozkult.geschichte.hu-berlin.de/tagungsberichte/id=2978.