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Patrick McAllister



  • Postdoctoral researcher (in Heidelberg till July 2016)

Contact information

Institute for the Intellectual and Cultural History of Asia
Hollandstraße 11-13/2, 1020 Wien, Österreich


(+43 1) 515 81 / 6400

About Patrick McAllister

Patrick McAllister received his PhD from Vienna University in 2011,
having studied an eleventh century Indian text on a Buddhist theory of
concepts (also known as the apoha theory).

In Heidelberg from 2013 to 2016, he was investigating arguments that
were made about perception and inference in Indian Buddhist sources
from between the fifth and twelfth century. These sources generally
consider perception and inference to be the only valid ways by which
to attain knowledge, a claim that had to be defended against other
epistemological traditions. In July 2016, McAllister started working
as a researcher at the Institute for the Intellectual and Cultural
History of Asia (IKGA, www.ikga.oeaw.ac.at) of the Austrian
Academy of Sciences.

Patrick McAllister's research interests are: history of logic,
epistemology, and logic, especially in Sanskritic cultures.