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Jessica Karagöl, M.A.


Jessica Karagöl, M.A.

Contact information

About Jessica Karagöl

Jessica Karagöl studied European Cultural Studies at Chemnitz University of Technology (Germany) and Aarhus Universitet (Denmark), and subsequently did her Master in British Studies at Humboldt University, Berlin (Germany). In 2009 she graduated with her thesis Information – Communication Power: Great Britain in the Global Telegraph Network of the Nineteenth Century. She joined the Cluster's Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies in 2009 and defended her doctoral thesis  Girdling the Globe, Networking the World - The Media Discourse on Global Transport and Communication Technologies in Victorian Britain, ca. 1835 - 1875 in July 2014. 

Curriculum vitae


2009-2012 Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies, Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context"

2007 - 2009 Master in British Studies, Humboldt University Berlin 

2005 / 2006 Term abroad at Aarhus University, Denmark

2003 - 2006 European Studies, BA, Chemnitz University of Technology

Conference and Workshop Papers

2012 "'An ever-growing guarantee for harmony and peace': The Notion of Transport and Communication Technologies as Global Peacemakers"; Conference Britain and the World, 21 - 23 June, Edinburgh, UK

2011 "'A pleasant thought that we are able to annihilate distance' - The Electric Telegraph and Changing Perceptions of Time, Space and Distance'"; Conference Britain and the World, 31 March - 2 April, Austin, Texas

2010  "Doing Transcultural and / or Transnational History?" Nordic Summer School, 8 - 12 August, Aarhus, Denmark

2010 "Globale Informationsflüsse im 19. Jahrhundert. Der Einfluss des Telegrafen auf Tageszeitungen und Berichterstattung in Großbritannien", Conference Medien und Globaler Wandel seit dem 19. Jahrhundert / Media and Global Change since the 19th Century", 5 - 6 June, Leipzig, Germany