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Constance von Rüden, Dr.


Constance von Rüden, Dr.


  • Post-doc
  • MC14 Materialising Memories
  • Project: Contrasting Biographies. Tracing the 'second life' of Aegyptiaca in the Bronze Age Aegean

Contact information


About Constance von Rüden

Curriculum vitae

Current Academic Position

January 2013 – present: Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Heidelberg working within the Excellence Cluster, Asia and Europe in a Global Context

Academic Employment

June 2010 - 2012: Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Bochum working within the Centre for Mediterranean Studies

March 2007 – 2010: Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the German Archaeological Institute in Athens

September 2005 – 2006: Research Assistant at the Archaeological Institute of the University of Freiburg


2003 – 2007: PhD, University of Freiburg/University of Tübingen, Fellow of the graduate school 'Anatolien und seine Nachbahrn' at the University of Tübingen

2002: Magister Degree University of Freiburg

1997 - 2002: Undergraduate Studies at the University of Freiburg and the University of Cyprus


2007 - 2010: Foreign Fellowship at the German Archaeological Institute in Athens

2004 - 2006: Scholarship of the 'German National Academic Foundation' (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes)

2004: Scholarship of the 'LandesgraduiertenFörderung Baden-Württemberg'

2003: Scholarship at the graduate school 'Anatolien und seine Nachbahrn' at the University of Tübingen

Collaboration in Archaeological Field Projects

2007 - 2013 Avaris/Tell el Dab'a in Egypt (Austrian Archaeological Institute)

2008-2010 Palaepaphos/Koulia in Cyprus

2009 Sirkeli-Höyük in Turkey (University of Bern)

2003-2006 Qatna/Tall Mishrife in Syria (University of Tübingen)

2005 "Bois des gantes" in Southern France (University of Freiburg)

2001 Kamid-el Loz in Libanon (University of Freiburg)

2001+2008 Kerameikos/Athens in Greece (German Archaeological Institute

2000 Amathus in Cyprus (École Francaise d'Athène)

1998-1999 Dougga in Tunisia (University of Freiburg)

Selected publications


Die Wandmalereien von Tall Mishrife/Qatna im Kontext einer ägäisch-syrischen Kommunikation, Qatna-Studien II, Harrasowitzverlag, Berlin, 2011.


(together with Walter Gauß and Gudrun Klebinder-Gauß), The Distribution of Technical Knowledge in the Production of Ancient Mediterranean Pottery. Proceedings of the International Conference at the Austrian Archaeological Institute at Athens, 23th-25th November 2012, in preparation (in print).

(together with Achim Lichtenberger) ‘Multiple Mediterranean Realities. Spaces, Resources and Connectivity’. Proceedings of the International Conference held 26th- 28th April 2012 at the University Bochum (in print).

Selection of Articles

Making the Way through the sea in Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean, in: Constance von Rüden and Achim Lichtenberger (eds.), 'Multiple Mediterranean Realities' (in print).

Producing Aegeaness – An Innovation and its Impact in Middle and Late Bronze Age Syria/northern Levant, in: Stefan Burmeister and Reinhard Bernbeck, The Dialectics of Innovations, TOPOI (in print).

Beyond and East-West Dichotomy in Syrian and Levantine Wall Paintings. In Critical Approaches to Near Eastern Art, eds. Brian Brown and Marian Feldman (Berlin: DeGruyter, 2013).

Der Tigersprung ins Vergangene – ein Plädoyer für eine Kritische Archäologie, in Forum für kritische Archäologie, 2012 www.kritischearchaeologie.de/fka/article/view/9/9

Leben in der Planstadt- Enkomi, in: Zeit der Helden. Die „dunklen Jahrhunderte“ Griechenlands 1200-700 v. Chr. Katalogue des Badischen Landesmuseums Karlsruhe (2008).