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Gauri Parasher, M.A.


Gauri Parasher, M.A.

Contact information


Curriculum vitae


PhD Candidate in History (since July 2009) at the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context”, University of Heidelberg, Germany. Doctoral Dissertation title: “Transculturality in Early Modern State-Building: The Case of French Territories in India during the 18th Century”

Masters in European Humanities (2007-2008) from University of St Andrews, United Kingdom (Winter semester 07/08) and University of Perpignan, France (Summer semester 2008). Master’s dissertation title: “Perception of India in Twentieth Century French Language Travel Writing based on the Works of Henri Michaux, Nicolas Bouvier and Muriel Cerf.”

Masters in French (2005- 2007) from Central Institute of English and foreign Languages, Hyderabad, India. Master’s dissertation title: “Literary Translation: between creativity and technicality.”

Bachelors in Political Science (2001-2004) from Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondicherry, India


Won the national first prize in the contest ‘Séjour en France 2006’. It is an annual contest conducted by the French government in India to test students’ knowledge of French language and culture.

Qualified the National Eligibility Test (Dec 2006) in French. NET is a national level examination for candidates who wish to qualify for university level teaching jobs in India, conducted by University Grants Commission (UGC), Government of India’s apex body for higher education in India.

Won the Erasmus Mundus “Crossways in European Humanities” Scholarship for the academic year 2007/08 awarded by the European Union to pursue a joint Master’s degree in selected European universities.  

Secured a doctoral position and scholarship offered by the DFG funded Cluster of Excellence: Asia and Europe in a Global Context, University of Heidelberg

Papers presented at conferences and workshops 

            “The Dubash Institution: Mediators and the Early French Colonial State, circa 1730-1770” presented at the conference “Early Modern State (Building) in Asia and Europe – Comparison, Transfer and Entanglement,” University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, October 2009.

            “Between State and Social Groups: Mediating Justice in a Transcultural Context” presented at the conference “Migrating Ideas of Governance and Bureaucracy in Asia and Europe since the Early Modern Era,” Tsinghua University, Beijing, September 2010.

            “Perception of Governance in French Territories in India During the Early Eighteenth Century” presented at the workshop “Global Experience in European Texts,”  University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg November 2010

            “L’Affaire Naniapa: L’état et la justice dans les territoires françaises en Inde au 18eme siècle” presented at the conference « Colloque international en études françaises et francophones : voyages, découvertes, rencontres. Aire privilégiée : Océan Indien, » New Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, February 2011.

            “The Malabar Rites: Transcultural Reality and Cultural Identity in Pondicherry ca. 1700-1750” presented at the conference “Image-Object-Performance. Mediality and Communication in Early modern Contact Zones of Latin America and Asia” University of Hamburg, Hamburg, May 2011


Selected publications

“State-building in a Transcultural Context: the Case of French Territories in India during the Early 18th Century” in Antje Flüchter/Susan Richter ed., Structures on the Move: Appropriating Technologies of Governance in Transcultural Encounters(Springer: Heidelberg, 2011). Forthcoming