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Egas Moniz-Bandeira, mag. iur., ass. iur.

Egas Moniz-Bandeira, mag. iur., ass. iur.


  • PhD Student

Contact information

Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies
Voßstraße 2, Building 4400
Room 007
69115 Heidelberg


About Egas Moniz-Bandeira

Egas Moniz-Bandeira studied Law and East Asian studies in Heidelberg, where he passed the First Juridical State Examination with distinction in 2010. After his legal clerkship (Referendariat), he passed the German bar exam (Second State Examination) in 2013.

Egas was a PhD candidate in Sinology at the Cluster between 2013 and 2018 (supervisor: Joachim Kurtz). Since 2015, he was concomitantly enrolled as a PhD candidate in the joint degree doctoral programme (CNDC) between Heidelberg University and Tohoku University (Japanese supervisor: Prof. Dr. Yusuke Anami). His PhD dissertation has examined the globalisation of the concept of "constitution" on the case of late Imperial China’s constitutional movement (1838-1911).

Since completion of his PhD dissertation, Egas is working as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre for East Asian Studies of the Autonomous University of Madrid, as a member of the international collaborative research project "East Asian Uses of the European Past." His research interests include the intellectual and political history of late Imperial China, Sino-Japanese and Sino-Russian relations, ancient Chinese manuscripts as well as theory of the state.

Curriculum vitae

Talks and conference papers

“Uses of Colonial India in Late Qing Political Debates (1890–1910).” Conference of the Association of Asian Studies in Asia, Bangkok, 1-4 July 2019.

“'Frail Like Piles of Eggs?' China and the Transition from Absolute to Representative Government in the Russian, Persian, and Ottoman Empires.” Workshop "Eurasian Parliamentary Practices and Political Mythologies: Imperial Legacies, Diversities, and Representations in the 20th and 21st Century," University of Heidelberg, 17–18 June 2019

“Mohan toshite no gaikoku to Shinmatsu no seiji kaikaku (Kenpō undō o chūshin toshite)” 模範としての外國と清末の政治改革——憲法運動を中心として (Foreign models and Political Reforms in the Late Qing Empire [Centering on the Constitutional Movement]). Invited Talk at Tohoku University, 7 March 2019

"Mongolia, Tibet, Xinjiang, and the Late Qing Parliaments, 1906-1911." Workshop "Parliaments and Political Transformations in Europe and Asia: Diversity and Representation in the 20th and 21st Century", University of Heidelberg, 12-13 February 2019

"Regional Cooperation and Global Perspectives: Kitaoni Saburō's and Zhang Bolie's constitutional drafts for the Qing Empire." The First Tohoku Conference on Global Japanese Studies, Tohoku University, 14-16 December 2018

"East Asian Uses of Indian Philosophy: Some Refractions of the Mahabharata in China and Japan." Workshop "The Mahabharata in Modern Intellectual History: Perspectives from South Asia, Europe, and East Asia," Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, 24 November 2018

"Constituições, imperialismo e relações internacionais: O caso da China, 1893-1911." Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de São Paulo, 16 May 2018

"Constitutions before Constitutionalism: Early Translations into Chinese (1838-1898)", Seminar "Pasts Entangled: Europe in East Asia and East Asia in Europe", Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 18 April 2018

"China und die Globalisierung des Verfassungsbegriffs, 1840-1910", Jahrestagung der China-AG, Trier, 3 March 2018

"Dynasty or Nation? East Asian Dialogues at the Turn of the 20th Century", The Modern Invention of 'Dynasty': A Global Intellectual History, 1500-2000, University of Birmingham (UK), 21-23 September 2017 

“Hayashi Gonsuke and the Chinese political reforms”, 15. International Conference of the European Association for Japanese Studies, Lisbon/Portugal, 30 August - 2 September 2017

“China, Russia, Turkey, Persia, Japan: Towards an Entangled History of Constitutionalism, 1905–1911”, 2017 Young Scholars’ Forum in Chinese Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 25-27 May 2017

“Chinese constitutionalism and the powers”, 2016 Sizihwan International Conference on Asia-Pacific Studies, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Kaohsiung/Taiwan, 10-12 November 2016 

“Japanese stances on Chinese constitutionalism, 1906-1909”, 2. Conference of the European Association for Japanese Studies in Japan, Kobe, 24-25 September 2016 

“Legitimacy, elitism and the building of a nation-state: China’s quest for a constitution (1893-1913)”, Dissertation report, Tohoku University, Sendai/Japan, 5 September 2016

“Legitimacy, elitism and the building of a nation-state: China’s quest for a constitution (1901-1911)”, Dissertation Report, Tohoku University, Sendai/Japan, 14 November 2015

“Die Verfassungsbewegung zu Ende der Qing-Dynastie”, Lecture at the Confucius Institute in Heidelberg/Germany, 14 April 2015

“A primeira constituição chinesa”, I Congresso Jurídico de Investigadores Lusófonos (Conjil), Universidade do Porto/Portugal, 13-14 March 2015


"Recht der ausländischen Investitionen in der VR China (外商投資法)", University of Trier, winter semester 2018/19

"Einführung in die chinesische Rechtsterminologie (中國法律術語)", University of Trier, summer semester 2018

"Theoretische und historische Grundlagen des chinesischen Rechts (中國法律之理論與淵源)", University of Trier, summer semester 2018

"Einführung in das chinesische Rechtssystem (中國法制入門)", University of Trier, winter semester 2017/2018

"Blockveranstaltung zum chinesischen Recht (中國法律雜俎)", University of Trier, winter semester 2017/2018

"Constitutions as a symbol of modern statehood: The globalisation of a legal and political instrument", University of Heidelberg, summer semester 2017

 "Menschenwürde und Gewalt", seminar jointly organised by the University of Heidelberg and Bismarck-Gymnasium Karlsruhe (with Prof. Dr. Michael Anderheiden), 10/2008-08/2009

Language certificates

Classical: Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese

Modern: German (Standard, Rhine Frankish and High Alemannic/Swiss German), Portuguese, English, Chinese (Mandarin, some Hokkien and Cantonese, basic Wu/Shanghainese), Spanish, French, Japanese, intermediate Russian, basic Korean, basic Arabic

Professional memberships

Deutsche Vereinigung für Chinastudien (DVCS); European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS); União Brasileira de Escritores (UBE); Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos de China e Ásia-Pacífico (IBECAP)

Selected publications

Moniz Bandeira, Egas. “From absolutism to constitutionalism: Late Qing China and the Russian Empire at the beginning of the 20th century.” In Актуални проблеми в съвременната китаистика и изтокознание: Доклади от международна конференция, посветена на 25-годишнината от откриването на специалност "Китаистика" в СУ. “Св. Климент Охридски.” (Current Issues in Contemporary Chinese and Oriental Studies: Papers from the International Conference Dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Chinese Studies Program at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”), vol. 2., 23–29. Edited by Aleksandŭr Aleksiev, Antonii͡a T͡Sankova, Veselin Karastoĭchev et. al. 2 vols. Sofia: Universitetsko Izdatelstvo “St. Kliment Ohridski,” 2018.

Moniz Bandeira, Egas. A poesia de Marx e Engels: Epigramas e paisagens, in: Carta Maior, 23 May 2018 (slightly edited version of Engels e Marx poetas, published in Revista Continente, Recife, 01/2003, pp. 20-23)

Moniz Bandeira, Egas. China and the Political Upheavals in Russia, the Ottoman Empire, and Persia: Non-Western Influences on Constitutional Thinking in Late Imperial China, 1893-1911, in: Transcultural Studies, 2017 (2), pp. 40-78

Moniz Bandeira, Egas. O advento do Constitucionalismo na China, in: Tarso Domingues, Paulo de; Rovai, Armando Luiz; Veiga, Fábio da Silva: O Direito Lusófono - Atas do I Congresso Jurídico de Investigadores Lusófonos, Editora IBEROJUR, Porto 2017, pp. 341-353

Melo Bandeira, Gonçalo S. de; Moniz Bandeira, Egas. A Eutanásia e a "Morte Digna" em Portugal-UE, Brasil bem como na Ásia Oriental: Japão, China e Coreia do Sul - Direito Penal e Criminologia (Direitos Fundamentais), in: Revista Internacional Consinter de Direito, Ano III – n° 5 (2017/II), pp. 93-114

Moniz Bandeira, Egas. Do "domínio de fato" à "propriedade de fato", in: Proner, Carol; Cittadino, Gisele; Riccobom, Gisele; Dornelles, João Ricardo: Comentários a uma sentença anunciada: o processo Lula, Editora Praxis, Bauru 2017, pp. 139-142. First published in Carta Maior, 20/07/2017. Spanish translation as Del dominio de hecho a la propiedad de hecho, in Proner, Carol; Cittadino, Gisele; Riccobom, Gisele; Dornelles, João Ricardo: Comentarios a una sentencia anunciada: el proceso Lula, CLACSO (Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales), Buenos Aires 2018, pp. 179-184. Another Spanish translation as Egas Moniz Bandeira analiza la sentencia del juez Moro en el caso del ex presidente Lula da Silva, in La Onda Digital n° 827 and in AmerSur, 27/07/2017

Moniz Bandeira, Egas. Political reforms in a global context: Some foreign perspectives on constitutional thought in late Imperial China, in: Contemporary Chinese Political Economy and Strategic Relations: An International Journal (CCPS) Vol. 3, No. 1, April/May 2017, pp. 139-185

Melo Bandeira, Gonçalo S. de; Moniz Bandeira, Egas. Pena de Morte em Portugal-UE, Brasil, Angola, Moçambique, Guiné-Bissau, Cabo Verde, S. Tomé e Princípe, Timor Leste, bem como China, Japão e Coreia do Sul, in: Revista Internacional Consinter de Direito, Ano II – n° III (2016/II), pp. 527-552

Melo Bandeira, Gonçalo S. de; Moniz Bandeira, Egas. A Expulsão, Extradição e Direito de Asilo em Portugal Como Membro da União Europeia e o Direito dos Refugiados e de Asilo no Extremo Oriente: Os Casos do Japão e da China, in: Balera, Wagner: Direito e Justiça - N° II - Efetividade do Direito, Juruá Editorial, Vila Nova de Gaia/Porto 2016, pp. 37-52

Moniz Bandeira, Egas. O advento do Constitucionalismo na China, in: Revista Ballot (Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro), vol. 2/n° 1 (Jan-Apr 2016), pp. 81-94

Moniz Bandeira, Egas. A Coréia do Norte vis-à-vis dos EUA, Revista Continente, Recife, 03/2003, pp. 75-76

Moniz-Bandeira, Egas. Engels e Marx poetas, Revista Continente, Recife, 01/2003, pp. 20-23

Moniz Bandeira, Egas. Hong Kong: 5 anos de retorno à China, A Tarde, Salvador, Brazil, 03/07/2002

Moniz Bandeira, Egas. A opção nuclear, Jornal do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, 26/03/2002

Moniz Bandeira, Egas. Problema antigo: vôos de espionagem sobre a China, A Tarde, Salvador, Brazil, 21/4/2001

Moniz Bandeira, Egas. China acha que venceria EUA em guerra, Correio Braziliense, Brasília, 9/3/2000