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Jennifer May, Dr.


Contact information


Curriculum vitae

12/2007 - 3/2011: Development of the QuotationFinder, project financed by the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context”

09/2004 - 3/2009: PhD student, Institute of Chinese Studies, Heidelberg University

07/2006: Postgraduate Research Summer School China in the World, Nanjing, 2006

11/2006 - 10/2008: Karl-Steinbuch scholarship financing the project: „Reverse Linguistic Engineering”

10/2004 - 02/2008: Teaching experience (various tutorials; seminar on rhetoric and presentation;seminar on reading strategies for the People’s Daily)

10/2004 - 09/2006: Graduate assistant at Institute of Chinese (Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Ost- und Südostasien)

06/1999 - 10/2004: Student assistant at Institute of Chinese (Institute’s homepage, EVOCS, DACHS) 
10/1997 - 07/2004: M.A. in Modern Chinese Studies (major), Computational Linguistics (major), Heidelberg University and Donghai University, Taizhong, Taiwan

Selected publications

MAY (GROSS), Jennifer (2004): Maos hundert Treibhausblumen: Über die Kontrolle der chinesischen Presse im Sommer 1957, Heidelberg. (master thesis)

MAY, Jennifer (2005): “Von der Speerspitze zum alten Eisen – Über die Funktion von Mao Zitaten von der Kulturrevolution bis zur Tiananmen-Bewegung,“ talk given at the Ostasienkolloquium, Zentrum für Ostasienwissenschaften, Heidelberg.

MAY, Jennifer (July 2006): "Quotation in Modern Propaganda Texts," talk given at the 2006 Postgraduate Research Summer School China in the World, Nanjing.

MAY, Jennifer (Sept. 2006): "Lifecycle of Quotes," talk given at the 16th EACS conference (European Association for Chinese Studies), Ljubljana.

MAY, Jennifer (Aug. 2008): “Seeking Authority in Canonical Sources,” talk given at the 17th EACS conference (European Association of Chinese Studies), Lund.

MAY, Jennifer (Nov. 2008), Converging Trends: the Celebration of Appropriation, conference paper, “Rethinking Trends”, Nov. 27-29, KJC, Heidelberg.

MAY, Jennifer (2008): Sources of Authority. Quotational Practice in Chinese Communist Propaganda, PhD thesiss, University of Heidelberg.

Further Information