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Roos Gerritsen, PhD


Roos Gerritsen, PhD


  • Lecturer Institute of Anthropology, Heidelberg University

Contact information

About Roos Gerritsen

Roos joined the Institute of Anthropology of Heidelberg University in 2012. Her courses primarily address topics on media, visual and urban anthropology and anthropology of South Asia. Her PhD research dealt with Tamil fan clubs and the production, dissemination, and consumption of cinematic imagery of movie stars. This research looked into the role of such fan imagery in the formation of cinematic publics as well as individual fan careers by empirically investigating the ways in which visual technologies have been deployed at the level of grassroots or vernacular politics. Roos particularly investigated the interplay between cinema and the street level appropriation of celebrities into more direct and intimate networks of patronage, praise and social mobility via street imagery. Other important foci of her research situate these vernacular fan images into neoliberalism and neoliberal publics that seemed to have indicated a shift in the use of public space.


Roos is extending her research focus on visual culture by looking at ‘margins’ or ‘fringes’ of success. She is interested in the persons who work in the ‘margins’ of the movie industry as dancers and stand-ins, with the hope that one day they will succeed in the film industry. In addition, she is interested in the conceptualization of the popular or the vernacular in relation to the large field of art production or imagery that is produced in public spaces of Indian cities and town.


Curriculum vitae

2012 Lecturer Institute of Anthropology, Heidelberg University

2012 PhD, Institute Cultural Anthropology, Leiden University.
Title ‘Fandom on display: Intimate visualities and the politics of spectacle.’

2007-2012 PhD position institute of Cultural Anthropology, Leiden University.

2006- Catharina van Tussenbroek research grant for fieldwork India.

2005-2006 Teaching assistant, Institute of Cultural Anthropology, Leiden University.

2004-2005 Teaching assistant, Theater en Film studies, Leiden University.

2004 MA in Cultural Anthropology, Leiden University.

Selected publications

Edited Books

‘Introduction’ with Stephen Inglis. In edited volume Urban visualities: Sites and sights of street art DakshinaChitra Publications, Chennai. (Forthcoming)


‘Chennai beautiful: Shifting urban landscapes and the unanticipated city’. In: Houseful?:
Image essays on South Asian popular culture from Tasveer Ghar. New Delhi: Yoda Press.

‘Chennai beautiful: Shifting urban landscapes and the unanticipated city’.    2011
Published on Tasveer Ghar – House of images.

Beelen, Karl, Roos Gerritsen, and A. Srivathsan. ‘Climbing up the rank ladder: Imagining    2010
Chennai as a world class city’. In: Monu: Most valuable urbanism 13 (97-113).

‘The unanticipated city: Shifting urban landscapes and the politics of spectacle in Chennai’.    2010
Published on Material World Blog.

‘Photo essay. Some notes on cine-addictions: Image trails running from the intimate sphere    2008
 to the public eye’. In: South Asian Visual Culture Series 2.

‘Tamil wedding souvenirs of predictive love: Future memories in South India’.    2006
In: Etnofoor 19(2):5-22.