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Michael Falser, PD Dr.-Ing. Mag. (Interim Professor 2018-2019)

Associate Member

Michael Falser, PD Dr.-Ing. Mag. (Interim Professor 2018-2019)


  • October 2018 until March 2019: Interim Professor for Global Art History, Heidelberg University
  • since 9.2017: Associated Researcher
  • (2014-2017) Project Leader D18 "Picturesque Modernities"
  • (2009-2013) Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Project Coordinator of D12 "Heritage as a Transcultural Concept"

Contact information

Heidelberg Centre of Transcultural Studies (HCTS), Heidelberg University
Voßstraße 2, Building 4400
Room 105
69115 Heidelberg

+49 (0) 6221 54 4307

About Michael Falser

You can find the homepage of Michael Falser here.


Curriculum vitae

October 2018 - March 2019: Interim Professor for Global Art History, Heidelberg University (actual courses: Cultural Heritage/Introductory course; Global Architectural Histories/Seminar)

October 2018: Invited Scholar at Dhakira Centre of Cultural Heritage, NYU Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

January 2018-June 2018: Visiting Professor at the Department of Art and Archaeology (Art History), Centre André Chastel (Histoire de l'Art)/CREOPS (Extreme-Orient), Université Paris-Sorbonne

September-December 2017: Visiting Professor at the Centre Francois Georges Pariset (Art History), Université Bordeaux-Montaigne

May 2017: Visiting Scholar at the McDonald Institute of Archaeological Research (Cultural Heritage Studies), Cambridge University

February/March 2017: Visiting Professor at the School of Letters, Kyoto University

Summer Term 2016: Visiting Researcher at the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), Rome

Summer Term 2015: Visiting Professor at the Institute of Art History, Vienna University (for the Chair of Asian Art History)

June 2014: Habilitation at the Philosophical Faculty, Heidelberg University. Venia Legendi: Art and Architectural History.

Topic of the English Habilitation-Script: "Heritage as a Transcultural Concept. From Plaster Casts to Exhibition Pavilions: Translating Angkor Wat for the French Colonial métropole (1867–1937)"

Since 2014: Project Leader at the Cluster of Excellence „Asia and Europe in a Global Context“, Chair for Global Art History, Project D18 "Picturesque Modernities. A Transcultural Enquiry into the Formation of the 'Colonial Style' in Architecture between Europe and South/Southeast/East Asia."

August 2013 - December 2013: Associate Research Fellow at the Forum Transregionale Studien (Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin) within the Programme "Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices", co-ordinated by the Kunsthistorische Institut (KHI) at Max-Planck-Institute in Florence

November 2012 - July 2013: Fellow of the Gerda Henkel Foundation, Associated Research Fellow at the German Center for the History of Art, Paris

2009-2012: Research Fellow at the Cluster of Excellence „Asia and Europe in a Global Context“, Chair for Global Art History, Project D12 "Heritage as a Transcultural Concept"

2009: Research Assistant, Institute of Art History, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

2007-2009:  Research Assistant, Institute of Historic Building Research and Conservation, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

2007: Project Researcher at the Institute of Art History, Vienna University, Austria (Chair of Asian Art History) and at the Austrian UNESCO-Commission

2006: Work as Conservation Architect in San Francisco and Participant in the ‘Post-Hurricane Kathrina Rebuilding Programme’ in New Orleans, USA

2006: Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing.) in architecture at the Technical University Berlin, Germany

2002-2005: DFG-Fellowship (German Research Foundation) for the Graduate Programme „Historic Building Research – Historic Preservation – Art History“, Technical University Berlin, Germany

2002: MA-Degree (Mag. phil.) in Art History (Chair of Asian Art History), Vienna University, Austria

2001: MSc-Degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in Architecture, University of Technology Vienna, Austria and Ecole d'Architecture Paris-La Villette in Paris, France   

2001: Research Fellowships in Angkor, Cambodia and at the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in Paris, France

Selected publications


Books and (Co-)Editorials

Angkor Wat. From Jungle Find to Global Icon. A Transcultural History of Heritage. Volume 1: Angkor Wat in France - From Plaster Cast to Exhibition Pavilions. Volume 2: Angkor Wat in Cambodia - From Jungle Find to Global Icon. De Gruyter: Berlin, May 2019. (forthcoming, Info)

State Socialism, Heritage Experts and Internationalism in Heritage Protection after 1945. Themed issue in 'International Journal of Heritage Studies, edited with Nelly Bekus and Kate Cowcher (submitted for peer review, original conference homepage Exeter 11.2017)

Le Patrimoine Culturel de l’Europe @ 2018. Réexaminer un concept – redéfinir ses enjeux. The Cultural Heritage of Europe @ 2018. Re-assessing a Concept – Re-defining its Challenges. Themed issue in 'In Situ - Revue des Patrimoines' (in process, original conference homepage, Centre Chastel Sorbonne Université 6.2018)

Picturesque Modernities. Architectural Regionalism as a Global Process. Conference Proceedings (German Center of Art History Paris 12.2016). Presses Universitaires de Rennes (forthcoming)

Eine Zukunft für unsere Vergangenheit. Zum 40. Jubiläum des Europäischen Denkmalschutzjahres (1975-2015). A Future for Our Past. The 40th anniversary of European Architectural Heritage Year (1975-2015). Un Avenir pour Notre Passé. 40e Anniversaire de l'Année Européenne du Patrimoine Architectural (1975-2015). ICOMOS Österreich/Austria/Autriche, edited together with Wilfried Lipp. Bäßler: Berlin, 2015. FREE DOWNLOAD. More Information, ToC

Cultural Heritage as Civilizing Mission. From Decay to Recovery. Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Cultural Heritage and the Temples of Angkor, 8-10 May 2011, Heidelberg University. Springer: Heidelberg, 2015. More information

"Archaeologizing" Heritage? Transcultural Entanglements between Local Social Practices and Global Virtual Realities. Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Cultural Heritage and the Temples of Angkor, 2-4 May 2010, Heidelberg University. Springer: Heidelberg 2013 (edited together with Monica Juneja) Read more about the book and the TOC. Full free download is here.

Kulturerbe – Denkmalpflege: transkulturell. Grenzgänge zwischen Theorie und Praxis. Transcript: Bielefeld 2013. Edited together with Monica Juneja (ISBN 978-3-8376-2091-7). More information

Denkmalpflege statt Attrappenkult. Gegen die Rekonstruktion von Baudenkmälern - eine Anthologie. Bauweltfundamente 146, Basel 2010. Edited together with Adrian von Buttlar, Gabi Dolff-Bonekämper, Achim Hubel, Georg Mörsch (Series editors: Ulrich Conrads, Peter Neitzke, ISBN 978-3-0346-0705-6). More information

Theory and Practice of Conservation and Preservation – a Mutual Process. In Memoriam Alois Riegl (1858 – 1905). Proceedings of the Vienna Conference 2007. Florence 2010. Edited together with Wilfried Lipp, Andrzej Tomaszewski, (ISBN 978-88-596-0746-5). More information 

Die Österreichische Eisenstraße als UNESCO-Weltkultur- und Naturerbe? Ergebnisse einer Machbarkeitsstudie. In: Schriftenreihe des Nationalpark Kalkalpen, vol. 9, Linz 2009 (ISBN 978-3-9501577-5-8). Download

Zwischen Identität und Authentizität. Zur politischen Geschichte der Denkmalpflege in Deutschland. Dresden 2008 (ISBN 97-3-939888-41-3). More information

The Pre-Angkorian Temple of Preah Ko. A Sourcebook of the History, Construction and Ornamentation of the Preah Ko Style. Bangkok 2006 (ISBN 974-48000-85-2). More information

Industrie – Landschaft – Kunst. Die Industrielandschaft Erzberg. Entstehungsgeschichte, Inventarisation und Umnutzung in einen Ausstellungsbezirk für LandArt, Objektkunst und Multimedia.In: Industriearchäologie Vol. 5, Chemnitz 2006 (ISBN 978-3-934512-15-3). More information


Le style gréco-bouddhique du Gandhara – Une storia ideologica? De l’orientalisme vers une histoire de l’art mondiale et transculturelle (forthcoming in: Histoire de l’art 82:2018/1)

Cultural Heritage and Global Architectural History between Appropriation, substitution and Translation. In: Panagiotopoulos, Diamantis; Brosius, Christiane (eds.): Engaging Transculturality. London: Routledge, 2018, 247-263.

Between Khmer-Buddhist Socialism and Diplomatic Internationalism: The Role of Cultural Heritage in Cambodia’s Transformative Years of the 1950s and 1960s [article submitted 12.2018 to 'International Journal for Cultural Heritage Studies')

Picturesque Modernities in Eurasian Contact Zones: Negotiating Architectural Regionalisms in Universal and Colonial Exhibitions (Paris 1931 and 1937). In: Entangled Histories, Multiple Geographies. Papers from the International Scientific Thematic Conference EAHN 2015 Belgrade/Serbia. Belgrade 2017, 221-227.

Zwischen Identität und Authentizität. Das Humboldt Forum und Rekonstruktion in Deutschland. In: der architekt (Bund Deutscher Architekten BDA), 4.2017, 29-33.

Colonial appropriation, physical substitution, and the metonymics of translation: Plaster casts of Angkor Wat for museum collections in Paris and Berlin. In: Forberg, Corinna and Stockhammer, Philipp (eds.): The transformative power of the copy. A transcultural and interdisciplinary approach. Heidelberg University Publishing: Heidelberg 2017, 289-305. Online download

Alpine landscapes of defence – On modern-vernacular avalanche protection systems in the Swiss Alps. In: Historical Disaster Experiences. Towards a Comparative and Transcultural History of Disasters Across Asia and Europe, ed. Gerrit Jasper Schenk (Transcultural Research – Heidelberg Studies on Asia and Europe in a Global Context). Heidelberg (Springer) 2017, 399-422. Info

Angkor Wat (Kambodscha) - Transkulturelle Verflechtungen von der 'Welt': Welt-Architekturgeschichte, Weltausstellungen und UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe. In: Weltgeschichten der Architektur. Urpsprünge, Narrative, Bilder 1700-2016, ed. Matteo Burioni. Passau (Klinger) 2016, 270-273.

Die Berliner Gipsabgüsse von Angkor Wat. Ihre kulturpolitischen Zusammenhänge um 1900 und ihre aktuelle Bedeutung als transkulturelles Erbe. In: Casting. Ein analoger Weg ins Zeitalter der Digitalisierung? Ein Symposium zur Gipsformerei der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin/A way to embrace the digital age in analogue fashion? Online publication Berlin 2016, 132-145, see direct link here.

Cultural Heritage as Performance – Re-Enacting Angkorian Grandeur in Postcolonial Cambodia (1953-1970). In: Ruth Craggs and Claire Wintle (eds.): Cultures of Decolonisation. Transnational Productions and Practices, 1945-70. Manchester (Manchester University Press) 2016, 126-155.

The Graeco-Buddhist Style of Gandhara – a ‘Storia ideologica’, or: How a Discourse Makes a Global History of Art. In: Journal of Art Historiography (2015/2 issue), online

Schwellen des Denkmalbewusstseins im Spiegel des europäischen Denkmalschutzjahres 1975. Eine Einleitung/Thresholds of Monument Awareness in the Mirror of the European Architectural Heritage Year 1975. An Introduction [mit/together with Wilfried Lipp]. In: Eine Zukunft für unsere Vergangenheit. Zum 40. Jubiläum des Europäischen Denkmalschutzjahres (1975-2015). A Future for Our Past. The 40th anniversary of European Architectural Heritage Year (1975-2015). Un Avenir pour Notre Passé. 40e Anniversaire de l'Année Européenne du Patrimoine Architectural (1975-2015). ICOMOS Österreich/Austria/Autriche, edited Michael Falser and Wilfried Lipp. Berlin (Bäßler) 2015, 21-60. Download

Die Ausstellungskopie als materielle Substitution und koloniale Aneignung. Gipsabgüsse von Angkor Wat für museale Räume in Paris und Berlin. In: Die Ausstellungskopie: Mediales Konstrukt, materielle Rekonstruktion, historische Dekonstruktion. Hg. Annette Tietenberg. Köln (Böhlau) 2015: 59-73.

Theory-Scapes transkulturell – oder: Zur Karriere des Begriffs der Authentizität in der globalen Denkmalpflege. In: Österreichische Zeitschrift für Kunst und Denkmalpflege (themed volume on the 50th anniversary of the Venice Charter 1964) LXIX,1/2 (2015): 33-40. Download

Gipsabgüsse von Angkor Wat für das Völkerkundemuseum in Berlin – eine sammlungsgeschichtliche Anekdote, Part II. In: Indo-Asiatische Zeitschrift, Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft für Indo-Asiatische Kunst Berlin 18/2014, 43-55. PDF here (including Part I)

From a Colonial Reinvention to a Postcolonial Heritage and Global Commodity. Performing and Re-enacting Angkor Wat and the ‘Royal Khmer Ballet’. In: International Journal of Heritage Studies (special issue on 'Reenacting the Past', 20/7-8, September-November 2014), 702-723. link to the article

The first Plaster Casts of Angkor for the French métropole: From the Mekong Mission 1866-68, and the Universal Exhibition of 1867, to the Musée Khmer of 1874. In: Bulletin de l'Ecole francaise d'Extreme-Orient, 99 (2012-13) [2014], 49-92. link to the article

Colonial Appropriation, Physical Substitution and the Metonymics of Translation. Plaster Casts of Angkor Wat for the Museum Collections in Paris and Berlin. In: The Challenge of the Object / Die Herausforderung des Objekts, CIHA Congress Proceedings, T. 1-3. Eds. G. Ulrich Großmann/Petra Krutisch. Nuremberg 2013, 528-532.

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(with Monica Juneja): Kulturerbe – Denkmalpflege: transkulturell. Eine Einleitung. In: Kulturerbe – Denkmalpflege: transkulturell. Grenzgänge zwischen Theorie und Praxis. Transcript: Bielefeld 2013 (edited together with Monica Juneja), 17-34. More information

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"Ausweitung der Kampfzone" - Neue Ansprüche an die Denkmalpflege 1960-1980. In: von Buttlar, Adrian; Dolff-Bonekämper, Gabi; Falser, Michael; Hubel, Achim; Mörsch, Georg (eds.): Denkmalpflege statt Attrappenkult. Gegen die Rekonstruktion von Baudenkmälern - eine Anthologie. Bauweltfundamente 146, Basel-Berlin 2010: 88-133. Download

Die Erfindung einer Tradition namens Rekonstruktion oder Die Polemik der Zwischenzeilen (exhibition review). (Download, aus der Publikation "Denkmalpflege statt Attrappenkult" siehe unter "Editorials", mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Verlages) 

Die Buddhas von Bamiyan, performativer Ikonoklasmus und das „Image“ von Kulturerbe. In: Kultur und Terror: Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaft, vol. 1/2010: 82-93.  

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