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Cathrine Bublatzky, Dr.

Academic Staff

Cathrine Bublatzky, Dr.


  • Assistant Professor to the Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology

Contact information

Karl Jaspers Centre
Voßstraße 2 Building 4400
Room 120
69115 Heidelberg

+49 (0) 6221 54 4330

About Cathrine Bublatzky

As a trained photographer Cathrine Bublatzky received her Magister degree in Anthropology with a focus on South-Asian and Visual Anthropology Studies at the South-Asia Institute, Heidelberg University in 2008. Since then she has been a member of the Cluster 'Asia and Europe in a global Context. The Dynamics of Transculturality' and is currently working as assistant professor to the Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology at the Cluster. In May 2014 Cathrine Bublatzky finished her dissertation project on contemporary art from India entitled "Along the 'Indian Highway': An Ethnography of an International Travelling Exhibition".

In 2016 Cathrine Bublatzky was awarded with a fellowship in the ELITE Postdoctoral Program by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung for her research project 'Contemporary photography as a cultural practice by diasporic Iranians in Europe' (2017 - 2020).

Since April 2016 Cathrine Bublatzky holds the position as co-speaker of the interdisciplinary working group 'Art Production and Art Theory in the Age of Global Migration' (2016 - 2018). Together with her colleagues Prof. Burcu Dogramaci (LMU, Munich) and Prof. Kerstin Pinther (LMU, Munich), Cathrine will guide the activities of the group (e.g. workshops, conferences and related publications) with a major responsibility for public relations and communication.

In her seminars on BA and MA level in Transcultural Studies, Anthropology and South Asian Studies, she has a main focus on theories and methods in Visual and Media Anthropology, Art Anthropology, Popular Culture, and Urban Studies with a regional focus on Europe, South Asia and the Middle East. Her seminars are often research based to support students to gain experiences and insights in applied anthropology. (click for further information this link)

Besides she has a strong interest in Digital Humanities and its role in Anthropological writing, and works in close cooperation with the Heidelberg Research Architecture at the Cluster of Excellence. She is a member of several projects and cooperations and received, together with Christiane Brosius, a funding by Heidelberg University  (WS 2013- SoSe 2015) to develop a concept of research based teaching with digital research environments. From 2013 to 2015, Cathrine Bublatzky taught four seminars, partly together with Christiane Brosius, all of which were funded by the "Welcome to Research" programme.


Curriculum vitae

Ph.D. Project (finalised in spring 2014) "Indian Contemporary Art in a Transnational Context – An Ethnography on Art with Focus on the Travelling Exhibition ‘Indian Highway’". (read more)

M.A. Thesis „Kulturen im Blick(wechsel). Ein interkulturelles Fotoprojekt aus ethnologischer Sicht“ [Cultures in changing foci. An intercultural photographic project from an anthropological perspective] (2008)

Professional Photographer Degree in Photography after professional education (1997 - 2000), Würzburg


Since 2017 PI of the project 'Contemporary photography as a cultural practice by diasporic Iranians in Europe' (2017 - 2020)

Since 2016 co-speaker of the interdisciplinary working group 'Art Production and Art Theory in the Age of Global Migration', together with  Prof. Burcu Dogramaci (LMU, Munich) and Prof. Kerstin Pinther (LMU, Munich).

She was co-coordinator of the Cluster networking project Net 1 entitled ‘Arts and the Transcultural’, which was financed by the Excellence Initiative of the DFG (German Research Foundation) (project closed).

2015-2016 Cathrine Bublatzky has been an active mentor in the University of Siegen’s programme FraMeS. She counsels female junior researchers on their scientific careers.

Member of the Editorial Board at "Heidelberg Ethnology" (since 03/2015)

Selected Presentations

May 2016

Talk about "Digital Research Platforms in Visual and Media Anthropology" at the "Digitial Humanities Workshop" at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

August 2015

Presentation on the "Socio-Political Role of Contemporary Art in India and Beyond" for the Colloquium Series 2015 at the CSSS, Jawaharlal Nehru University, 27. August 2015 in New Delhi.

June 2015

Presentation on "Die ‚(Un)möglichkeit’ einer geo-ästhetischen Kunstdefinition am Beispiel Indien/ Südasien und der Ausstellung Indian Highway" at the workshop "Transnationale Räume und Migration: Kunstwissenschaft und künstlerische Praxis", organized by the working group "Kunstproduktion und Kunsttheorie im Zeichen globaler Migration" (Ulmer Verein

Participation in the panel on "Visuelle Ethnologie- Praktisch gesehen" at the conference "Aktuelle Positionen der Visuellen Ethnologie", organised by the working group "Visuelle Anthropologie" of the German Anthropological Association (January 30th- 31st, University of Koblenz- Landau).

November 2014

Presentation at the workshop "Kunsttopographien globaler Migration" at the Jacobs University Bremen and the Hochschule für Künste Bremen, organized by the working group "Kunstproduktion und Kunsttheorie im Zeichen globaler Migration".

October 2014

"Moving Images – the Politicization of an Artistic Video in Indian-Chinese Context" at the Annual Conference "Cultural Mediation: Creativity, Performance, Display" at the HCTS (October 8th- 10th, 2014, Heidelberg).

July 2014

"What Can be Seen, be Read and be Listened to? Ethnographic Writing on Digital Platforms" at the Symposium "New Methods in Media Anthropology" by the Working Group "Media Anthropology" of the German Anthropological Association in Siegen (10-11 July 2014). (website)

April 2014

"Ethnography on Contemporary Art in South Asia" at the Wednesday Colloquium at the University of Basel (website)

Please find older presentations here.

Organization of Workshops, Panels, Conferences

January 2016

organization of the workshop “Border Crossings: Migration Arts and Arts of Migration” (together with Christiane Brosius), from January 14-16, Heidelberg Center for Transcultural Studies.

July 2015

co-organiser of the Summer School 2015 "Walking the line – Art of border zones in times of crisis", together with Isabel Ching and Franziska Koch, in collaboration with the Chairs of Visual and Media Anthropology and Global Art History.

May 2015

Workshop „Writing with/about visual material- an introduction to result-oriented forms of presentations” for the post graduate programme "Locating Media" at the University of Siegen (29th May 2015).

October 2014

Panel "Migrating Images as Transcultural Mediators" at the Annual Conference "Cultural Mediation: Creativity, Performance, Display" at the HCTS (October 8th- 10th, 2014, Heidelberg).

October 2013

together with Christiane Brosius & Kerstin Pinther (FU Berlin) and Tobias Wendl (FU Berlin). Panel "Locating art anthropology and art history". Biannual Conference of the German Anthropological Association (GAA/DGV), entitled Locations. Anthropology in the Academy, the workplace and the public sphere (October 2nd - 5th, 2013) at Mainz University (website

June 2013

ZKM Summer Academy "Global Studies - Methods and Concepts in the Global Studies"  (June 13th - 14th, 2013), Karslruhe (website)

January 2013

Photography Workshop with World Press Photo Award winner (2011) Amit Madheshiya and Shirley Abraham, together with Roos Gerritsen (January 16th, 2013) at Heidelberg University, (website)

July/August, 2012

co-organiser of the Summer School "Seeing Matter(s): Visuality and Materiality" (July 29th - August 4th, 2012) at Heidelberg University, Germany (website)

October, 2011

ZKM Fall Academy 2011 "Global Studies - The Question of an Art Concept: Global Institutionalization of Art'" (October 19th – 20th,  2011) in Karlsruhe, Germany. (website)

December, 2010

Workshop "Anthropology of Art in a Global Context – a Critical Approach to Cultural Art -Production in India, China and Angola" (December 2nd – 4th, 2010) in Heidelberg, Germany. (website)

May, 2010

Together with Roos Gerritsen Panel "Sites and Sights of Public Culutre" at the Nordic Association of South Asian Studies Conference and PhD workshop 'Globalizing South Asia'(May 27th - 29th, 2010) in Helsinki, Finland. (website).

March 2009

Coordination workshop "Archiving Practices: Reading Walter Benjamin and Aby Warburg in relation to the Cluster’s agenda – the innovative exploration of flows and asymmetries between Asia and Europe" by the project B4 "Transcultural Visuality".

Teaching courses

Please find all the courses here.

Selected publications

Articles and other writings

2016. "You Can't Please all! Some observations on the controversy about that the Bhupen Khakhar exhibition at Tate Modern, London". In Geismar, Haidy and Daniel Miller. Blog. Material World. A Global Hub for Thinking about Things. (London, Nov 4, 2016).

2015. "Bewegte Bilder. Die Politisierung des Kunst-Videos I love my India von Tejal Shah im Kontext der Wanderausstellung Indian Highway". In: Mersmann B., Dogramaci B., Minta A., Schieren M. (Hg.) Kunsttopographien globaler Migration. Themenheft der kritischen berichte, Zeitschrift für Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaften 43/3. Marburg.

2011. "The Display of Indian Contemporary Art in Western Museums and the Question of "Othering"" In Belting, Hans; Birken, Jacob; Buddensieg, Andrea and Peter Weibel (eds.) Global Studies: Mapping Contemporary Art and Culture. Karlsruhe: Hantje-Cantz, pp. 298-313.

2011. Zeitgenössische Kunst aus Indien - Ein Blick in die Kunstwelt Indiens. in: Masala: Newsletter Virtual Library South Asia 6(3). (weblink)

2009. with Laila Abu-Er-Rub. ‘Tagungsbericht Flows of Images and Media. Annual Conference 2009 of the Cluster of Excellence „Asia and Europe in a Global Context“. 07.10.2009-09.10.2009, Heidelberg, in: H-Soz-u-Kult 20.11.2009.

2009. ‘Indian highway – an ethnography of Indian contemporary art in a transnational context’. SAI Report, p. 11.

2006. with Eva Funk. “Es muss nicht immer Diaspora sein. Sichtweisen eines tamilischen Migranten“, In Brosius, Christiane und Urmila Goel (eds.) Menschen aus Südasien in Deutschland. Heidelberg: Draupadi, 51-69.

2003. „Review: Ohm, Britta. 2001. Ist dies eine Invasion?: Transnationale Sender und Nationales Fernsehen in Indien“. In Internationales Asienforum. International Quarterly for Asian Studies 34 (1-2): 159-161.



Exhibition at the Heidelberger Kunstverein with student photographs produced in the seminar "Ethnographische Fotografie in Asien und Europa"


exhibition "At a tent near you" with photgraphs by Amit Madheshiya and Shirley Abraham, co-curated with Christiane Brosius, Roos Gerritsen (Institute of Ethnology) and Martin Gieselmann (South Asia Institute), Heidelberg University (website)


online exhibition „Archiving Mothers and Fathers of the Nation in Europe and Asia. Developing a Digitized Prototype of Braided Pictorial Histories“, co-curated with Christiane Brosius, Barbara Mittler, Sumathi Ramaswamy and Thomas Maissen, HRA 2 Pilot Project, Cluster of Excellence 'Asia and Europe in a Global Context', University of Heidelberg. [access restricted]