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Interview with Monica Juneja

Prof. Monica Juneja is professor for Global Art History at the Cluster "Asia and Europe". In the interview she defines her understanding of Global Art History. She examines globalisation and looks especially on how art is experienced in today's world. Furthermore she speaks about the research approach of transculturality.The interview has been conducted by Mariachiara Gasparini, PhD student in the Cluster's Graduate Programme. It has been published by the Italian art journal GeaArt in autumn 2013. The interview has been shortened, but you can also access the full text (PDF).

Portrait of Ronald Chung-Yam Po

Ronald Chung-Yam Po comes from Hong Kong and pursued his PhD at the Cluster "Asia and Europe" from 2010 to 2013. He participated in various exchange programmes and researched at the Universities of Cambridge (UK), Kyoto (Japan), and Chicago (USA). His research deals with maritime history focusing on the history of Late Imperial China.

Illustrated Report of the Annual Conference 2012

More than 150 scholars from Heidelberg and around the world participated at the Annual Conference 2012. From October 10 to 12, they discussed the theme “Things that connect – pathways of materiality and practice”. In the following report, Zara Barlas, Richard Fox, Sabine Neumann and Markus Viehbeck review the lectures by Neil MacGregor, Ian Hodder and others as well as the discussions during the workshops.