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RSS Feeds

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Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format which allows users to receive frequently updated content published by a website directly and in real time on the computer without having to visit the website. RSS-Feeds can be managed by "news reader" applications, e-mail programmes like Outlook and Thunderbird, web portals like Netvibes or Pageflakes and by many browsers by themselves.

We currently offer feeds for our events and news pages as well as our press releases and job offers. Click on the orange feed icon in the respective sections in order to access the RSS feed or on one of the following hyperlinks:

iCal Feeds

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iCalendar (iCal, .ics) is a popular calendar data exchange format which allows you to subscribe to a calendar and receive updates as calendar data changes.

How to access iCal feeds

Click on the ICAL icon on any event indicated in the events section of our website. Various popular calendar applications on Mac and PC platforms support iCalendar (.ics) feeds. These include "iCal" on the Mac and "Outlook" on the PC. Google Calendar and other online calendar applications also support iCal.

In case you encounter problems subscribing to RSS or iCal feeds, please contact our Webmaster.