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Joachim Kurtz co-edits anniversary volume for Michael Lackner

Jun 21, 2018

Prof. Joachim Kurtz, Professor of Intellectual History at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies, co-edited the volume “Reading the Signs: Philology, History, Prognostication. Festschrift for Michael Lackner” with Prof. Iwo Amelung. It was published with Iudicium in June and honors the 65th birthday of sinologist Prof. Michael Lackner.

For over 40 years, the sinologist Michael Lackner has studied a broad range of issues in China’s past and present. On the occasion of his 65th birthday, this volume brings together essays from friends, collaborators, colleagues, and students dedicated to the three fields of research in which he has made his most lasting contributions: philology, the histories of science and thought, and the study of prognostication. Michael Lackner’s work in all these areas is connected by an intense engagement with “signs”― not only texts and images but also objects, dreams, portents and omens―and the semiotic, epistemic and political contexts in which they become meaningful.

The 25 contributions presented here highlight the fertility of such a transdisciplinary approach. Reading signs in material, textual, and visual sources dating from 2000 BCE to the present, scholars from four continents address themes as diverse as early Chinese ritual and cosmology; imperial and modern Chinese poetry, prose and drama; Chinese alchemy, astronomy, and mathematics; the theory and practice of divination and prognosis; as well as exegetical traditions, political rhetoric, and problems of translation. Many articles examine entanglements between China and the West and offer comparative perspectives on developments in Europe and the Islamic world.

Prof. Joachim Kurtz is Professor of Intellectual History at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies and Head of the Department for Chinese Studies at Heidelberg University. His main research areas are intellectual history of late imperial China, scientific and cultural exchanges between Europe, China and Japan, Chinese political thought, philosophy and logic, the history of the book, and translation studies.

The volume was published with Iudicium. You will find more information here.