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Cluster/HCTS join Institute for World Literature

Feb 27, 2014

The Cluster “Asia and Europe”/HCTS will become an institutional member of the Institute for World Literature (IWL) of Harvard University. The IWL is an annual four-week programme aiming to explore the study of literature in a globalising world.

Each year, the programme “Institute for World Literature” takes place in a different academic centre of world literature. In 2014 it will be held at City University of Hong Kong. The IWL seeks to offer training in world literature from a global perspective, thus providing the basis for ongoing community and exchange after the sessions. The programme includes regular seminars led by the institute’s faculty, lectures by faculty and guest scholars as well as affinity groups for discussion and panels on professional issues such as programme development, publishing and the job market.

The first participants of the programme will be Emily Graf from the Graduate Programme (GPTS),  Petra Thiel from Research Area B “Public Spheres” and Eric Hodges from the Centre for East Asian Studies.

The Institute of World Literature of Harvard University is headed by Prof. Dr. David Damrosch (Harvard University) who is an associate fellow of the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS).