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Online News

Here you find various news about the Cluster "Asia and Europe": 

Jan 15, 2019

Ann-Sophie Schoepfel receives Jean-Baptise Duroselle Thesis Award

Cluster associate member Ann-Sophie Schoepfel was awarded the Jean-Baptiste Duroselle Thesis Award in History of International Relations for her dissertation on the Tokyo and Saigon Trials. The... read more

Jan 15, 2019

Prof. Reuven Amitai at HCTS as guest professor

Prof. Reuven Amitai, Eliyahu Elath Professor for Muslim History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, will be a guest professor at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies from January 17–28.... read more

Jan 14, 2019

New book on religious aesthetics by former Cluster members

The book “Religion and Aesthetic Experience: Drama – Sermons – Literature” was co-edited by Sabine Dorpmüller, Jan Scholz, Max Stille and Ines Weinrich. It explores the links between transculturality... read more

Jan 09, 2019

New issue of "The Journal of Transcultural Studies" online

The latest (double) issue of the Cluster's e-journal "The Journal of Transcultural Studies" continues the exploration of novel interdisciplinary formats. It features five essays, which... read more

Dec 19, 2018

New Scholarships in HCTS Graduate Programme

The Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies (GPTS) at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS) at Heidelberg University welcomes applications for up to four doctoral scholarships... read more

Dec 13, 2018

New article published by Monica Juneja

Prof. Monica Juneja, the HCTS professor of Global Art History, had a contribution published in the volume ”Zwischen Kulturen: Mittler und Grenzgänger vom 17. bis 19. Jahrhundert”, which was edited by... read more

Dec 13, 2018

Jadwiga Kamola publishes dissertation

Dr. Jadwiga Kamola, associate member of the HCTS, published her dissertation „Tumor im Blick“ with Böhlau Verlag. Her study examines a comprehensive image collection and establishes the phenomenon of... read more