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Selection of further Press Clippings

This is a small selection of further press clippings. Click on the name of the medium for further information or the reporting.

Weblog Postings on Symposium "Chineseness"

Rachel Marsden (Birmingham City University, UK) reports extensively on her blog about the symposium ""Chineseness" in Contemporary Art Discourse and Practice", hosted by Franziska Koch (Global Art History) and Rui Magone at Lisbon University in March 2015.

See the weblog postings on Days 1 and 2, Day 3, and Day 4

Mail Today reports on Sanskrit Courses

The Indian newspaper Mail Today reports on Sanskrit courses in Heidelberg and Germany, based on interviews with Prof. Dr. Axel Michaels and Prof. Dr. Hans Harder.

Mail Today, 15 April 2015

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung reports on Winter School

Regional newspaper Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung publishes an article on the "Santander International Winter School" that took place in Kyoto from March 9 to 18. The idea behind the Winter School had been developed by Prof. Hans Martin Krämer and Dr. Orion Klautau of the Cluster's research project MC7 "Political Legitimation".

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, March 24, 2015

Wenhui Bao interviews Rudolf Wagner

The Shanghai-based daily newspaper Wenhui Bao interviews Prof. Dr. Rudolf G. Wagner. Prof. Wagner, who is Senior Professor of Chinese Studies and former Director of the Cluster, had held a series of lectures at Peking University and talks about some of his research results in the interview.

文汇报 (Wenhui Daily), March 20, 2015

NZZ and ZEIT Online publish Articles by Thomas Maissen

The Swiss daily newspaper "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" publishes an article by former Cluster director Prof. Dr. Thomas Maissen on the historical realities behind Swiss founding mythologies such as the "Rütlischwur". In addition, the "Zeit Online" publishes an interview with him. Prof. Maissen has recently written a book on "Schweizer Heldengeschichten - Und was dahinter steckt" published by "Hier und Jetzt".

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, March 16, 2015
ZEIT Online, March 19, 2015

Indian Newspapers covered Conference in Kalimpong

A number of Indian newspapers, such as Himalayan Mirror and Sikkim Observer, report about the conference "Transcultural Encounters in the Himalayan Borderlands: Kalimpong as a 'Contact Zone'" in Kalimpong. On the front page of the Himalayan Mirror, an illustrated article has been published after the event. The conference was organised by Dr. Markus Viehbeck with project D19 "Kalimpong" in March 2015.

Himalayan Mirror, 7 March 2015

LSE Blog reports on the Workshop "Epistemologies of Water"

The London School of Economics publishes in its weblog "India at LSE" an article by Marielle Velander about the workshop "Epistemologies of Water" organized by Dr. Ravi Baghel at the Karl Jaspers Centre in December 2014.

Unispiegel reports about Santander Winter School and Database project

The journal of Heidelberg University, Unispiegel, reports about the Santander Winter School, co-conceptualised by Prof. Dr. Hans Martin Krämer and Dr. Orion Klautau from project MC7 "Political Legitimation" and about the digital humanities project "Himalayan Times" by Dr. Markus Viehbeck and Anna Sawerthal from project D19 "Kalimpong".

Unispiegel, Spring 2015

IIAS Newsletter published report by Anna Grasskamp

Dr. Anna Grasskamp, post-doctoral researcher with project MC4 "Frames" and Net 1 "Arts and Transcultural", published a report on British Museum's exhibition "Ming: 50 Years that Changed China" in the Newsletter of the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) at Leiden University.

IIAS The Newsletter, Spring 2015

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung announces Theatre Play

German newspaper Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung announced the theatre play "Der Mensch im Holozän", organised by research project D17 "Images of Disasters". It was part of the exhibition "Von Atlantis bis heute - Mensch. Natur. Katastrophe" in the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim, which was co-curated by Prof. Gerrit J. Schenk and Prof. Monica Juneja.

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, 21 February 2015

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung reports on Workshop in Delhi

The Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung reports about the workshop "New Approaches to Ageing in South Asia and Europe" in New Delhi, organised by research project B19 "Ageing in a Transcultural Context", which is coordinated by Prof. Christiane Brosius, Prof. Andreas Kruse and Prof. Axel Michaels.

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, 25 Februar 2015

Natur publishes Article by Ravi Baghel

The monthly Magazine "Natur" publishes an article by Dr. Ravi Baghel on large dams in South Asia.

Natur, February 2015