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Media Coverage

Numerous media have already reported about the Cluster and its members. Here are some of the reportings reviewed:

Interviews with Hasan Ashraf

The German daily newspaper "Braunschweiger Zeitung" interviewed the Cluster’s PhD student Hasan Ashraf about the working conditions in garment factories in Bangladesh and the responsibilities of companies and consumers.  read more

Interview with Axel Michaels

The German newspaper Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung interviews Prof. Axel Michaels, Acting Director of the Cluster "Asia and Europe". He talks about the Cluster's past developments, its present state and its future prospects. read more

Several Media interview Hasan Ashraf

Several German media interviewed PhD Candidate Hasan Ashraf on the occasion of a fire in a garment factory in Bangladesh. The Cluster's PhD Candidate analyses the stress amongst female workers in Bangladesh's textile industry. read more

Various Media report on Trends Conference

Various media reported about the conference "Trends on the Move". Beside regional newspapers, "Deutschlandfunk" interviewed participants of the conference. A detailed report was published on academic platforms such "H-Soz-u-Kult". An illustrated version is available on "Page 2" as well as in an electronic magazine. read more

Japanese Media report on Niels Gutschow

Various Japanese media reported on the Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize and his first awardee from Germany, Prof. Niels Gutschow. The Cluster member was honoured for his outstanding achievements in interdisciplinary restoration. read more

TV Interview with Susan Richter

Dr. Susan Richter, Junior Research Group Leader, has been interviewed about her book "Thronverzicht". The Interview has been broadcasted on TV in Germany (RTL) and Switzerland (SF1).  read more

Various Media report on Summer School

Various media have reported on the Cluster's Summer School "Cultures of Consumption" including the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit" and several academic magazines. In addition, the German public radio station "Deutschlandfunk" broadcasted interviews with Harald Fuess (Cultural Economic History) and  Sheldon Garon (Princeton) on the topic of the Summer School.   read more