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Mar 16, 2012

New Book about "Writing Across Borders"

“The Idea of Writing: Writing Across Borders” is the title of a new book which was co-edited by Prof. Joachim Friedrich Quack, Deputy Speaker of Research Area C “Health and Environment”. The articles... read more

Book Cover
Mar 16, 2012

New Book on Materiality and Social Practice

“Materiality and Social Practice: Transformative Capacities of Intercultural Encounters” is a new book edited by Prof. Joseph Maran and Dr. Philipp Stockhammer. In the book, scholars investigate... read more

Mar 09, 2012

New Book on Historical Disasters

Prof. Gerrit Jasper Schenk is one of the editors of the new book “Historical Disasters in Context.” The book takes a close look on the ways past societies dealt with threatening environments, how... read more

"Making News in India" by Somnath Batabyal
Jan 17, 2012

New Book on News in India

“Making News in India: Star News and Star Ananda” is the topic of a new book by Dr. Somnath Batabyal. In his latest work, the member of research project C13 “Environmental Activism” explores the... read more

Jan 14, 2012

Third Issue of the E-Journal "Transcultural Studies"

The new issue of the E-Journal "Transcultural Studies" is now available online. It is the second issue in 2011 and contains articles by Michael Falser, Vladimir Tikhonov, and Franziska... read more

Oct 14, 2011

New Book by Hans Harder on Bengali Satire

Prof. Hans Harder‘s new book “Verkehrte Welten: Bengalische Satiren aus dem Kolonialen Kalkutta“ has been released by Draupadi Verlag. The publication contains satirical texts from Bengal,... read more

Sep 26, 2011

New Book by Philipp Stockhammer on Hybridization

The historicity of transcultural flows and concepts of hybridization are the topic of a new book edited by Dr. Philipp W. Stockhammer. "Conceptualizing Cultural Hybridization" is the next... read more


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