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Sep 05, 2014

New Book on Shanghai Filmmaking

Shanghai filmmaking is the topic of a new book published by Dr. Xuelei Huang. She was group member of the project “Rethinking Trends” and is now fellow at the University of Edinburgh. read more

Sep 03, 2014

Summer School by Institute for World Literature

Emily Graf, GPTS student, Petra Thiel, associate member of the Cluster, and Eric Hodges, student at the Centre for East Asian Studies, have participated in the summer school by Institute for... read more

Sep 03, 2014

Images of Disasters: Artwork after the Earthquake

Kondô Shiun’s woodprint illustrates a train derailed by the “Great Kanto Earthquake” in Tokyo in 1923. The work is an example for artistic depictions of big earthquakes in Japan. Objects of this kind... read more

Aug 29, 2014

Horizons of Islamic Theology

The International Conference “Horizons of Islamic Theology” took place at the Goethe-University Frankfurt from September 1 to 5. During the conference, Jan Scholz and Max Stille from Project MC2.2... read more

Aug 29, 2014

Julia Poerting edits “Geographien Südasiens”

Julia Poerting, PhD student of Junior Research Group “Agrarian Alternatives”, is since this summer editor of the annual publication “Geographien Südasiens”, a series of the Study Group on South Asia... read more

Aug 18, 2014

International Dharmakīrti Conference in Heidelberg

The Fifth International Dharmakīrti Conference was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Heidelberg from August 26 to 30. It was organised by Prof. Birgit Kellner, chair of “Buddhist Studies”, Heidelberg... read more

Aug 16, 2014

Second Volume on Buddhist Stone Sutras in China

Prof. Lothar Ledderose and Hua Sun have edited the second volume "Sichuan Province 1" of the book series "Buddhist Stone Sutras in China" (中國佛教石經). The series is based on the... read more


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