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May 22, 2015

Lecture by Emiko Ochiai

Prof. Emiko Ochiai (Paris/Kyoto) gave a guest lecture on "Changing care diamonds in Europe and Asia: Is Europe becoming Asia?". The talk took place on Friday, May 22, 4 pm, at the Karl... read more

May 19, 2015

Discussion on Political Theory and Transculturality

Political discourse theory and poststructuralism were the topics of two events with Prof. David Howarth (University of Essex) held in May. The political theorist was invited by the working group... read more

May 19, 2015

HCTS Lecture by Faisal Devji

Dr. Faisal Devji (Oxford) gave a HCTS lecture with the title "Fatal Love: History, Violence and Vicarious Desire in Modern India" on May 21 at the Karl Jaspers Centre. The lecture was... read more

May 19, 2015

Jour Fixe on Cultural Mobility of Mercenaries

How medieval Christian mercenaries could reconcile their faith with serving Muslim masters was the topic of a Jour Fixe. Prof. Nikolas Jaspert (Heidelberg University) shed light on this issue in a... read more

May 13, 2015

Workshop on Transitional Justice

How narratives are created in transitional periods was discussed during a workshop this weekend at the Cluster "Asia and Europe". A number of historians and legal experts spoke at the event... read more

May 13, 2015

Inaugural Lecture by Roland Wenzlhuemer

Prof. Dr. Roland Wenzlhuemer gave his inaugural lecture at Heidelberg University. The Professor for Modern History at the History Department spoke about global history and the Great Moon Hoax. The... read more

May 12, 2015

Lecture on the Armenian Genocide by Geoffrey Robertson

"An Inconvenient Genocide: Who now remembers the Armenians?" is the title of a public lecture that will be delivered by Geoffrey Robertson Q.C., a leading human rights lawyer. The event... read more


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